The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 102: Demon Night Dream, Double Dream (2)

Chapter 102: Demon Night Dream, Double Dream (2)

“This is……” Xia Guanghan’s body suddenly stiffened, and he looked around, shocked, as his surroundings started to change bizarrely!

What changed first was the corpse of Chu Mu that laid not far from him. The blood on Chu Mu’s body slowly disappeared. Replacing it were dense heavenly vines. These heavenly vines were still wrapped tightly around Chu Mu, butt he vine wood sword hadn’t pierced through Chu Mu’s throat. It was still floating in front of Chu Mu, who was slowly burning up in white devil fire.

When Xia Guanghan told his Earth Fiend Dream Demon to set up a Dream Trap, he told his soul pet Heavenly Vine Demon to bundle Chu Mu up, and he then used Chu Mu’s life as threat to tell Mo Xie not to resist. Additionally, he binded Mo Xie and slowly let his Earth Fiend Dream Demon create a dreamland that made Chu Mu rescind his soul pact with Mo Xie.

However, Xia Guanghan remembered that he had already commanded his Heavenly Vine Demon to kill Chu Mu, and he even saw Chu Mu’s neck get pierced and become a corpse. Yet, how come, in the blink of an eye, Chu Mu was still bound by the Heavenly Vine Demon, unkilled?

Xia Guanghan immediately turned around, and he looked at the Secret Killer Attendants to see if they were also killed by him.

What made Xia Guanghan stare in shock was that the six Secret Killer Attendants were still very much alive, and they were all backing off, looking panickedly towards him.

The six Secret Killer Attendants who hadn’t died backed up a certain distance, and they all summoned their own soul pets. As if they already knew Xia Guanghan had killing intent for them, they each left the region swiftly.

“How is this possible?!” Seeing these people that should’ve died revive again, Xia Guanghan’s eyes were filled with disbelief.

The pale white devil fire still burned calmly, and the bound Chu Mu stared at Xia Guanghan’s face and smiled devilishly.

“Xia Guanghan, think again, which soul pact did you read out.” Chu Mu, who also hadn’t died, opened his mouth lightly.

Chu Mu’s words abruptly woke up the soul wounded Xia Guanghan, and he turned around to look, shocked, at his Earth Fiend Dream Demon!

His seventh soul pact was still there! However, Xia Guanghan couldn’t for the life of him detect his main soul pet- the Earth Fiend Dream Demon!!

Tenth soul pact!! Xia Guanghan was completely stunned. He definitely remembered that the soul pact he rescinded was the Ice Winged Tiger’s seventh soul pact, why did it strangely become the Earth Fiend Dream Demon’s tenth soul pact?!!

Earth Fiend Dream Demon: Demon World – Demon type – Dream Demon species – Earth Fiend Dream Demon – middle class monarch rank!

The monarch ranked Earth Fiend Dream Demon was something Xia Guanghan had spent an entire year in the ninth misleading world to capture. Xia Guanghan almost paid the price of his life for it.

Yet, in the end, Xia Guanghan still succeeded in capturing this demon type high talent Earth Fiend Dream Demon. Whether a spirit master owned a monarch rank soul pet was a huge difference. Many soul masters didn’t have a single monarch rank soul pet.

Xia Guanghan’s high quality monarch rank Earth Fiend Dream Demon was probably one of the key reasons as to why Xia Guanghan could rise up so quickly within Nightmare Palace. Now that it was at the eighth phase, its mental controlling capabilities were absolutely terrifying. How else would it be able to dig up a memory from the deepest corner of Chu Mu’s heart and create a dreamland that made him rescind his soul pact with Mo Xie?

Yet, Xia Guanghan never would’ve thought that what should’ve been his seventh soul pact being rescinded had become this main demon soul pet of his. Losing the Earth Fiend Dream Demon was just like cutting one of Xia Guanghan’s arms off!!


Resentment could make the White Nightmare’s power grow frantically. Currently, the White Nightmare was feeding on Chu Mu’s enormous resentment, causing the white flames on Chu Mu’s body to burn even stronger!

The Heavenly Vine Demon’s vines had been trained by Xia Guanghan so that it had some resistance against fire already. Mo Xie’s double royal flame couldn’t cause any substantial damage. Yet, the White Nightmare’s pale white devil fire had a very strong soul burning effect. When the white devil fire on Chu Mu’s body grew more intense, the Heavenly Vine Demon could no longer take the soul burning, and it frantically retracted its vines.

“If you didn’t use such ruthless methods to fight me, you wouldn’t have fallen into such an end. You are only suffering the consequences of your own actions!” Chu Mu’s eyes coldly glared at the pale Xia Guanghan!

“Dream……heng heng heng, dream……actually a dream……” Xia Guanghan opened his mouth and smiled in a very strange way. This smile made people’s hairs rise on their ends……

At this point, Xia Guanghan had finally woken up completely, and he finally understood why Chu Mu, who should’ve been dead, was fine, and why his seventh soul pact rescindment became his tenth soul pact rescindment.

The air was still filled with the smell of sleeping powder. This sleeping powder, once concentrated, would cause even a monarch rank soul pet to fall asleep.

Xia Guanghan’s remembrance was very strong. With only the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s mental wisdom, there was no way that it could create a dream for Xia Guanghan. Yet, at this point, the sleeping powder served to dull Xia Guanghan’s consciousness. Though it didn’t make Xia Guanghan fall completely asleep, it made him unknowingly fall into the double Night Dream Traps that Chu Mu and his Night Thunder Dream Beast had set up.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s dream wasn’t as strong as the Dream Demon’s. It needed to use a person’s urgent desire and fear, and it expanded that using the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s mental abilities to display it in the victim’s mental world.

When Xia Guanghan was setting up a trap for Chu Mu, Chu Mu, in reality, was also setting something up. Along the way he scattered sleeping powder in the air to slowly increase the density. It’s only that Chu Mu didn’t expect Xia Guanghan to also set up dream traps, and that his traps would appear even earlier than his own.

Xia Guanghan’s Earth Fiend Dream Demon’s power caused his dream trap to appear, and Xia Guanghan had indeed successfully controlled Chu Mu and utilized the Earth Fiend Dream Demon’s technique to cause Chu Mu to accidentally rescind his soul pact with Mo Xie.

The moment his soul pact was rescinded, Chu Mu woke up from the Earth Fiend Dream Demon’s dream and was impacted heavily by Mo Xie’s soul pact rescindment……

However, when Xia Guanghan saw Chu Mu and Mo Xie’s soul pacts get rescinded and the thing that he desired so close in front of him, his emotions were distinctly excited. At this time, the Dream Traps set down by Chu Mu and the Night Thunder Dream Beast started up……

Xia Guanghan, affected by the sleeping powder, was slightly dulked. Adding on the emotional swings that were slowly magnified by the Night Thunder Dream Beast, he finally entered into a delusional state.

In his delusions, Xia Guanghan commanded his Heavenly Vine Demons to kill Chu Mu and also commanded his Heavenly Vine Demon to clear out the Hidden Killer Attendants that may have leaked information……

After dealing with everyone, when he looked at the continuously mutating soul pet, his ambition and the obsession with obtaining the soul pet became even harder to resist, and he actually started switching soul pacts right there and then.

Emotions wavered even more and thus the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s dream was even more complete. Chu Mu’s Chong Mei technique, the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s own casting, and Mo Xie’s Evil Pupils Scare all combined to not only create a fake dream, but even mimic the effects of the Earth Fiend Dream Demon’s real dreamland!

Chu Mu originally just wanted Xia Guanghan to release him, giving him and Mo Xie back their freedom, but they didn’t think Xia Guanghan would be this hurried, ultimately causing him to suffer the same tragedy of rescinding the wrong soul pact!


The soul pact was completely removed, but Mo Xie still had her own thoughts. At this point, her anger towards Xia Guanghan was still there. Though she no longer could listen to Chu Mu’s command, she would still definitely fight with Chu Mu!

The rescindment of a soul pact made that soul pact unable to contract another soul pet within a year, but under the cost of depleting the soul, Chu Mu could still summon another soul pet to battle!

After rescinding his soul pact with Mo Xie, Chu Mu’s inner resentment was at its peak. The White Nightmare, who absorbed negative emotions, immediately experienced a terrifying growth. Even when Chu Mu didn’t specifically try to use the White Nightmare’s powers, the terrifying White Nightmare was about to break through the soul pet space’s limits!!

“Nie!!!!!!! Nie!!!!!!!!!!”

White Nightmare’s shrieking suddenly sounded out, and a scary evil aura crazily swept out with Chu Mu in the center!!

The Heavenly Vine Demon had a certain resistance to Mo Xie’s flames, but it was most scared of the flames of the White Nightmare that could burn the soul. When the aura of the soul devil flames swept by, the Heavenly Vine Demon immediately let out a pained cry, and it frantically retracted all of its vines.

Xia Guanghan’s Heavenly Vine Demon was a seventh phase fourth phase commander rank. Its power could match some monarch rank soul pets. Feeling the restriction of the deep blue sky forest’s master, Xia Guanghan could only summon his Earth Fiend Dream Demon that could completely retract its aura, and he didn’t dare to summon anything else.

As for the Earth Fiend Dream Demon, it hadn’t been with Xia Guanghan for long, so its emotions weren’t very deep. After just being cursed at by Xia Guanghan, since the soul pact had already been rescinded, it just turned and left. Why would it still care about its emotionless master’s battle?

Xia Guanghan’s face became unbelievably gloomy, and he grinded his teeth as he ate the Soul Healing Stamen. He quickly chanted an incantation to summon his other soul pets.

Chu Mu similarly started casting an incantation. Though he was still a ninth remembrance spirit teacher, even though the white nightmare may abandon him, Chu Mu could no longer have any consideration for consequences, and he had to summon his White Nightmare to battle!!

“Nie!!!!!!! Nie!!!!!!!!!!!”

After the devil within Chu Mu’s heart had absorbed Chu Mu’s massive resentment, it could no longer restrain the malevolence and bloodthirst that a devil had!!

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