The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

Chapter 205 - Only One Room (1)

Ch.205 Only One Room (1)

When she heard Ye Peicheng’s words, Qiao Moyu’s feet could not help but tremble. She smiled, “Ha Ha, no need. I will just pick a simple one, this one is too gorgeous. It doesn’t suit me! ”

“I wanted to organise one for you but there really are no spare rooms left.” Ye Peicheng answered honestly.

Qiao Moyu did not believe it, “Last time I saw there were plenty of spare rooms!”

Ye Peicheng threw up his hands, “Little Moyu, you can go have a look yourself.”

When Qiao Moyu heard this, she quickly went to see the other rooms. Sure enough, the rooms apart from Aunty Yu’s room were full of other stuff and most importantly the bed from before had gone!

She turned her head, “Where is the bed?”

Ye Peicheng pointed at his own bedroom, “There is only one here.”

Before Qiao Moyu could say anything, Luo Luo happily ran over when he heard their conversation and grabbed on to her hand, “Mama, you can’t find the room? Luo Luo will bring mama over!”

He then led Qiao Moyu in the direction of the master bedroom.

Previously, daddy already told him which room was mummy’s so Luo Luo remembered.

He pulled Qiao Moyu to the bed, “Mama, tonight you sleep here!”

He then pointed at the dressing table, “Mama, you can look in the mirror and comb your hair!”

Finally, he stood on tiptoes and opened the wardrobe door with great difficulty, “Mama’s clothes can go in the right and daddy’s clothes can go in the left!”

At the door, Ye Peicheng dumbstrukenly stared at Qia Moyu and smirked. He was satisfied because his son had already said everything he wanted!

However, this was only the start. When Luo Luo saw that Qiao Moyu’s suitcase had still not been sorted, he bent down and took the clothes out then went to get a clothes hanger.

He could not reach it on his tiptoes so he started to jump but the balance was off and he landed on his butt. It didn’t hurt but was a bit stupid.

Qiao Moyu hurried over and picked Luo Luo up, “Baby, did you hurt yourself?”

The little fella shook his head and still wanted to put Qiao Moyu’s clothes away but she said there was no need and hung the clothes beside Ye Peicheng’s clothes in defeat.

She had accepted to move here before was because Luo Luo would have more happiness with both his parents and there wouldn’t be an issue since Ye Peicheng had many rooms in his house.

Who knew that guy would remove the bed!

At this moment, a long arm extended over to help her hang the clothes and quietly said, “Little Moyu, so happy that you found your room!”

Luo Luo heard this and clapped his head. His voice was soft and sticky, “Happy happy!”

Qiao Moyu, “…”

She plopped onto the bed in defeat and pretended to be dead as she buried her face.

Ye Peicheng laughed above her head, “Little Moyu, want to sleep now?”

Qiao Moyu ignored him and continued to bury her head in the duvet. Her breaths were soft and she could feel Ye Peicheng’s breath in the sunshine which made her recall the scene in the cave.

Suddenly, her face and ears both turned red.

Ye Peicheng saw her shyness and did not continue to tease her so, he picked up Luo Luo and went into the kitchen. He wanted to reward his son’s awesome performance today!

Ye Peicheng scooped out half a basin of flour and said to Luo Luo, “Luo Luo and daddy will make dumplings together. Okay?”

The little guy had seen Aunty Yu make them before and wanted to try it but was not allowed yet he kept thinking about it!

When he heard Ye Peicheng would let him help, his eyes brightened and reached for the flour.

Ye Peicheng quickly stopped Luo Luo’s hands. He added water then kneaded the flour before handing a part of the dough to Luo Luo, “”This is for Luo Luo!”

After that, he started to show the little guy how to roll dumpling skins.

When Qiao Moyu walked out of the bedroom, she saw that Luo Luo was learning how to roll dumpling skins from Ye Peicheng. The little fella’s face was covered in flour but he was completely unaware of it and continued to roll with vigor with the small wooden rolling pin in his chubby hands.

On the other side, Aunty Yu was currently preparing three fresh filling while the sunshine illuminated through the window and filled the room with warmth.

When Luo Luo saw her, he quickly raised the dumpling skin in his hand, “Mama, Luo Luo made this!”

“Luo Luo is so clever!” Qiao Moyu praised him while she washed her hands then sat down and joined them to wrap dumplings.

After lunch, Luo Luo played for a bit then went for a nap while Qiao Moyu examined the script her manager had sent her.

They were both in the study, he looked at Ye Group documents and she looked at the script.

When he had a break, she would bring the script over to ask Ye Peicheng on the parts she was not confident in.

Ye Peicheng always had a serious outlook towards work so he immediately gave her many professional advice which made Qiao Moyu feel more confident about her audition.

In the afternoon, the house was noisy again once Luo Luo woke up. So Qiao Moyu and Aunty Yu took him downstairs to play in the gym while Ye Peicheng continued to look at the Ye Group documents.

He still had many things to understand because according to his plan, he will be officially entering the Ye Group very soon. Therefore, he needed to be fully prepared beforehand so he would not be at a disadvantage under Ye Peiqing.

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