The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

Chapter 147 - Breaking Up (2)

 Ch.147 Breaking Up (2)

Xing Yichen had always been troubled by this question. Although he has not figured it out yet, he at least has confirmed that Qiao Moyu was not wrong. He really needed to find an opportunity to  go and ask!

Now, as he stared at Qiao Ruohuan’s twisted face, he suddenly thought of the time that they were together, of her gentleness and understanding.

Its turns out that some things can only be seen clearly after tearing off the veil.

He suddenly became downhearted. His tone was very weak: “Qiao Ruohuan, let’s break up!”

“What do you mean?” Qiao Ruohuan raised her head in shock.

“I said, let’s break up.” Xing Yichen had already regained his calm demeanor. “The cooperation between the Xing and the Qiao Family has nothing to do with the termination of our relationship. I will hold a meeting with your father. This matter is not something you can decide on.”

Qiao Ruohuan bursted into tears: “You say breakup so we breakup? You say feelings are terminator and then they are? Xing Yichen, do you even have a heart? No matter who had truly saved you at that time, these years, the person who accompanied you was me! I gave you all of my first times! Why are you doing this to me?”

“Ruohuan. Originally, I had wanted to be with you.” Xing Yichen said. He got up and took out a file, blandly stating: “Take a look!”

Qiao Ruohuan felt a chill in her heart. She received the file and opened it, finding a stack of photos inside.

There was a photo of her during high school. She was in a bar and kissing a man.

Her heart trembled and the photos slipped from her fingers. More photos could be seen. There were scenes of a cuddling couple and scenes of two people being intimate in a rental house scattered all over the balck carpet.

Xing Yichen slipped a hand into his pocket. “These photos were all saved by him. You probably didn’t think that after you paid him to keep his mouth shut, I would be able to pry open his mouth anyways.”

Saying that, he turned to Qiao Ruohuan and waved his hand: “You can leave now.”

Qiao Ruohuan’s face was white. She knew that everything was over.

When Qiao Ruohuan left Xing Yichen’s house, another Weibo post got propelled into the hot search.

Xing Yichen (V): I am sad to announce that I have peacefully broken up with Ms. Qiao Ruohuan. In the future, we will only be ordinary friends. I hope that the media will understand that. My personal feelings in relation to Ms. Qiao Ruohuan and Ms. Qiao Moyu have nothing to do with each other. I hope that people will understand. This Weibo post will end here. Please do not generate any wild guesses based off of our emotional problems.”

This message caused an uproar. Although everyone had guessed that Xing Yichen’s action of going to Qiao Moyu’s house would definitely affect his relationship with Qiao Ruohuan, they didn’t expect that he would directly break up!

Below, the post, the comments section had already exploded—-

“Ah, what a scum man. When he was found out, he immediately broke up, even acting as if he was in the clear!

“Doesn’t he just have a bit of money? Very powerful, huh?”

“He doesn’t only have money, he has good looks too! You guys probably don’t know, after he breaks up, there is still a huge crowd of people waiting to call on him!”

“He actually broke up? It seems like he really fell in love with Qiao Moyu!”

Qiao Ruohuan’s comments section was also bursting.

“Goddess, don’t be sad, he’s just a scum guy. You still have me!”

“Miss Ruohuan, don’t forget, we will always love you, so be sure to stay happy! Looking forward to your new work!”

Of course, there were also people scolding her: “Oh, after pretending to be aloof and virtuous for so long, you are finally thrown aside?  Perhaps CEO Xing had finally found out about some matter of yours. You should leave quickly to prevent even more serious losses!”

“Qiao Ruohuan, your endorsement from the Xing Group will probably be terminated now! Haha, my goddess has a chance now!”

“Before getting married, you already started sleeping at CEO Xing’s house whenever you wanted. Serves you right! People who don’t know shame are not worthy of happiness!”

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