The Cannon Fodder and Her Mr. Right

Chapter 669 - Chapter 669 She Is The Greatest Prize In My Life

Chapter 669 She Is The Greatest Prize In My Life

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Xie Xize looked at himself in the photo and said, “”You didn’t tell me in advance. My hair and my mental state don’t look too good…”

Mo Yangyang: ” What’s not good about it? Isn’t he handsome? How good do you want him to be? ”

Xie Xize felt a little resentful. He wanted to prepare well.

Even though it was a pleasant surprise, no, it was a special surprise.

This had completely exceeded his expectations…

Walking out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Mo Yangyang turned to face Xie Xize and said seriously, “”Mr. Xie, you’re my husband from now on. I’ll work hard to make you happy after marriage and raise you to be fair and fat.”

Xie Xize gripped the marriage certificate tightly. ” Thank you, Madam. I’ll be counting on you from now on. I’ll work hard to gain weight. ”

Spicy Strip pouted and walked out. ” Let’s go, let’s go. Stop showing off…”

Xie Xize bent down and picked up the Spicy Strip.”I’ll send you home.”

Mo Yangyang waved her hand. ” You don’t have to send us. We’re going to the mall to buy something…”

“Then I’ll send you guys off.”

” No need. You can go ahead with your work. We’ll go by ourselves. ”

Xavier …

She had just registered her marriage, but why did she feel that she was immediately despised?

“Then I…”

Mo Yangyang waved her phone. ” You can go. I’ve already called a taxi. It’ll be here soon. Don’t delay our shopping. ”

Xavier was speechless.

It seemed that she was being despised too quickly.


Mo Yangyang’s phone rang. It was the driver she had called!

After hanging up, Mo Yangyang waved at Xie Xize. “”Our car is here. Let’s go. You go by yourself. Drive safely.”


Before she could finish, Mo Yangyang held the spicy stick and helped the old lady down the stairs.

He was left alone, standing there in the cold wind.

She had just gotten her marriage certificate. Shouldn’t she be nice to him?

Seeing Mo Yangyang and the others get into the car and leave, Xie Xize slowly said, “”Alright, I’ll go…Work.”

He turned around and glanced at the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Why did it feel like the marriage registration this time was different from what he had imagined?

Xie Xize wanted to get married with a special sense of ceremony.

But … This was too casual.

He took out the marriage certificate from his pocket.

Seeing the photo of her and Mo Yangyang, as well as the still warm stamp, she heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it was real.

Otherwise, he would really suspect that he had obtained a fake certificate!

After getting into the car, Xie Xize took out his phone and took a photo of the marriage certificate.

Then, he took out another photo. It was a photo of his family.

Xie Xize caressed the person in the photo and laughed out loud…

He leaned against the car seat, raised his hand to block his eyes, and laughed for a long time.

Even though she was muddle-headed and had been dragged to register her marriage today.

However, this was the highlight of his life.

Xie Xize had never thought that he would be able to get this certificate one day.

As soon as Xie Xize entered the laboratory, Jiang Niancheng realized that something was wrong with him.

The smile on his face could be said to be…It was like a spring breeze!

It was impossible to ignore.

It was rare for Xie Xize to smile like this.

“Old Xie, why are you so happy that you won the lottery?” Jiang Niancheng asked.

“It’s not a lottery ticket…” Xie Xize laughed.

“What is it?”

“It’s the biggest prize in my life,” Xavier thought for a moment.

That certificate was worth all the certificates and awards he had received in his life.

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