The Cannon Fodder and Her Mr. Right

Chapter 472 - Chapter 472: You’re Right, I’m Really Not a Good Person

Chapter 472: You’re Right, I’m Really Not a Good Person

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The other young man nodded repeatedly.”Me too. I don’t need respect. I don’t need any self-esteem or pride. Doctor, please, just give me a little charity. I don’t ask for much…

Jiang Niancheng pointed at them and said indignantly, “All of you are too shameless. After all, you graduated from a famous university. Can’t you care about the face of your alma mater? Can’t you have some self-esteem…Like me…

He changed his tone. ” I don’t need to worry. I have no feelings for my alma mater, and I don’t need any self-esteem. So, Old Xie, please give me some charity. I don’t want much. Just give me one of your research patents. ‘

“Same as above!” Gu Fei nodded.

“Get lost,” Xavier looked at them.


However, the originally tense atmosphere was no longer serious after what they did.

Especially Dong Zi Nuo. He had wanted to take his pride and dignity and act pitiful, but in the end…He couldn’t say anything now.

Jiang Niancheng: ” Old Xie, how could you do this? You were so blind before. You don’t mind being blind a few more times. Anyway, you have a big family and business. You can do whatever you want..

The Crown Prince had a sorrowful expression as he said, “Doctor…” You probably don’t know this, but my family was poor since I was young. My mother is going to sell her blood, I …”

“Shut up, all of you.”

He looked at Dong Zi Nuo. ” You can go out. The police are already waiting outside. I believe you will have a good chat.

Dong Zi Nuo’s face was pale. Doctor, I beg you, since you have already helped me so many times, why can’t you help me one more time? As long as you don’t let me go to jail, I can tell you everything I know. Don’t you want to know who has been messing with you behind your back?”

Xie Xize didn’t say anything. He looked at him coldly.

Dong Zinuo thought that Xie Xize was considering, so he continued, “Doctor…l can tell you, Doctor … I know a lot of things. As long as you let me go and give me 5 million, I promise to tell you everything and get lost.”

Jiang Niancheng and the others shook their heads in unison. Wasn’t this too naive?

“You’re already married, son,” Xie Xize said calmly. She doesn’t seem to be even a year old, right?”

Dong Zi Nuo was stunned for a moment before she panicked and asked sternly, “What do you want?”

“Didn’t you just say that I’m not a good person? You’re right. I’m really not a good person, so…” Xie Xize mocked. If I wanted to know, why would I need you to negotiate with me?”

Dong Zinuo…

He still didn’t know. The fact that he was still alive meant that Xie Xize already knew everything he knew, so…The person behind him has no reason to kill you!

Otherwise, how could he still be alive?

Xie Xize shook his head. This person was really stupid. No wonder he still hadn’t improved after so many years.

He really needed to reflect on himself. How could he have helped such an idiot eight years ago?

Xie Xize rubbed his head.

Oh, it seems … He remembered.

What happened back then was another small secret that was hidden in his heart and could not be told to others.

Xie Xize looked at Dong Zinuo and said, “When I helped you back then, it really wasn’t because I was kind. It was just because…” You’re basking in someone else’s light.”

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