The Cannon Fodder and Her Mr. Right

Chapter 207 - Chapter 207: I’ll Protect Your Smile

Chapter 207: I’ll Protect Your Smile

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After dinner, MO Yangyang cut the nails of the spicy sticks. ” That means you could have gone home when you came out of the cellar. Why did you go to the killer again? How dangerous was that? ”

The Spicy Strip raised its other hand. ” Mom, your brain capacity is limited, so I don’t blame you. However, you can’t think of the problem so simply. Think about it. I finally managed to fool that uncle, but he’s still in the stable stage. As a Saint, of course, I have to take it upon myself to save others. What if I told him that I wanted to go home to find my mother? What if he realized that I was fooling him? Wouldn’t that put me in even more danger?”

He puffed out his chest. ” Besides, I’m completely confident. I can be sure that nothing will happen to me! ”

“Oh, I really don’t know how you came up with that idea.”

‘ Sigh! ” Spicy Strip sighed. ” Your son shouldn’t have to endure wisdom and handsomeness at his age. There’s nothing we can do! ”

MO Yangyang lowered her head and kissed him on the cheek. “”Yes, my son is the best.”

” Mom, I’m going to criticize you, ” Spicy Strip said seriously. ” It’s fine if you kiss me, but it’s really dangerous for other men. Do you understand? ” Suddenly, MO Yangyang’s phone vibrated.

Spicy Strips quickly snatched it over to take a look.

Xie Xize,”Little pillow, don’t forget to come over tonight!”

Spicy Strip snorted and replied with a voice message, “Your little pillow is my big pillow today!

MO Yangyang blushed…

Next door, Xie Xize frowned as he held his phone!

He thought of his only married friend abroad and sent him a WeChat message.When you were chasing after your wife, you were blocked by someone. What did you do?

Yue Guanshan: Whoever stands in my way of pursuing my wife is my irreconcilable enemy. Don’t say anything, just kill them!

Xavier: What if it’s a son?

Yue Guanshan: ” Pretend I didn’t say that. I will raise my own son even if I have to kneel! ‘

Latiao crossed her arms. ” Mom, we agreed. Old Xie is going to be a scumbag. You can’t be bewitched by him! ”

“I didn’t!”

The Spicy Strip rolled its eyes. No, who is it? Every night .

The next second, MO Yangyang covered her mouth.

MO Yangyang smiled. ” Alright, alright. It’s time to sleep. Mommy will accompany you tonight! ‘

The Spicy Strip pouted and thought, Forget it, I’ll forgive you since you’re smiling so beautifully.

“Baby, sleep!” MO Yangyang lay down with her spicy sticks in her arms.

The Spicy Strip burrowed into her arms.

In fact, he had many ways to make He Xinyue die in an accident without leaving any trace. He could just throw a live bee into her car and distract her while driving. It was easy for her to get into a car accident!

However, the Spicy Strips did not do so.

In his previous life, his hands were stained with a lot of blood. In this life, he wanted to live a clean and pure life with his mother. He did not want his hands to be stained with blood!

Therefore, he deliberately said those words to He Xinyue so that she could kill him herself.

It was a pity that this time, that woman still got away.

It didn’t matter, there was still a chance!

The spicy stick called out, “Mommy…”

MO Yangyang gently patted his back. Who isn’t?”

“I think you’ll always smile so happily,” said the Spicy Strip.

MO Yangyang lowered her head and kissed his soft cheek. “”Alright!”

Spicy Strip raised Wuxie’s little face and said seriously, “”Mom, leave your smile to me to protect!”

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