The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting

Chapter 567 - Senior Brother

Chapter 567: Senior Brother

Wei Yuanyuan shuddered but did not say anything in the end. Shui Anluo stared at the bodyguards who were still beating Qiao Yaruan up even though she was already on the ground. Her heart was now filled with such anxiety that she wanted to scream.

Just as Qiao Yaruan was thinking of a countermeasure, the two men were pulled away. Several kicks followed and soon, the two bodyguards were groaning on the ground.

Shui Anluo’s gaze narrowed. She looked at the man who was helping the dazed Qiao Yaruan to her feet and the corner of her lips moved.

“Senior Brother?” She softly exclaimed.

Mo Lusu, who was wearing a black windbreaker again today, looked much better than he had looked last night though his face was still pale.

At that moment, Qiao Yaruan felt as though the bruises on her body no longer hurt.

Senior Brother looks so cool!

“Luoluo, let her go.” Mo Lusu’s deep voice suddenly rang out.

Shui Anluo was shaken and remembered that she was still pinching onto Wei Yuanyuan’s pressure point. She promptly let go and saw Wei Yuanyuan collapse to the floor like dirt that had lost resistance.

Qiao Yaruan gazed at her senior brother adoringly as the earlier scene echoed in her mind.

Mo Lusu stared at the mess on the floor and frowned. “I’ll take you both home.”

Shui Anluo had initially wanted to tell him that there was no need but Qiao Yaruan was even faster and replied, “Sure, sure. We shall have to trouble you, Senior Brother.”

Shui Anluo rolled her eyes to the heavens. Qiao Yaruan, was your moral integrity only worth three dimes?

Mo Lusu noticed the look on Shui Anluo’s face and a hint of disappointment flashed across his face. However, this expression quickly disappeared.

Qiao Yaruan’s gaze flashed between the two. Poor Senior Brother, he probably does not know that Shui Anluo and Chu Ningyi had already declared their feelings for each other and have decided to remarry.

However, that was good too. This would mean that she has a chance now and it could also be said that she had not snatched her best friend’s man away.

Shui Anluo soothed the little darling who had stopped crying and looked down at Wei Yuanyuan on the floor. “What about her?”

“This is her territory, why should we care about what she wants to do? Let’s go, shopping here would bring bad omens. I’ll just consider the money that I’ve used as a gift to her so it can be used for her medical treatment.” Qiao Yaruan sneered, dearly wishing that she could kick her.

Shui Anluo thought that it made sense so she circled around the mess and left.

“Are you alright?” Shui Anluo asked worriedly.

“I’m fine, it looks like Taekwondo isn’t all that useful. Next time, I’ll switch to military boxing,” Qiao Yaruan replied as she rubbed her shoulder.

“Military… Boxing?” Shui Anluo frowned.

Qiao Yaruan paused and finally chuckled. “It’s nothing, I’m kidding.”

“Oh…” Shui Anluo shrugged and replied, following Mo Lusu out.

She had not managed to purchase the clothes that she wanted for Chu Ningyi and had even run into an irritating person like Wei Yuanyuan.

After Mo Lusu escorted them out, he turned back to Shui Anluo. “Where to?”

“Senior Brother, why don’t you send the Empress Dowager back to school? I-I’ll head home on my own,” Shui Anluo awkwardly replied.

Mo Lusu’s hand, which was holding his car key, paused. A sore taste lingered on the tips of his fingers.

“Luoluo, has our relationship deteriorated to such a degree?” Mo Lusu asked in dismay.

Shui Anluo shuddered and looked down, concealing the helplessness in her eyes.

Chu Ningyi had said that her lack of rejection gave him hope. She did not want her senior brother to sink any deeper.

Qiao Yaruan stood between the pair and sighed. Senior Brother was really fated to get hurt.

“Senior Brother, this place isn’t too far from Luoluo’s home. Why don’t you bring me back?” Qiao Yaruan quickly chimed in.

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