The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting

Chapter 425 - Why Are You Refusing To Remarry?

Chapter 425: Why Are You Refusing To Remarry?

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Chu Ningyi played with him several times until little darling grew weary. He turned around and squinted, looking for his mommy. At the same time, he gave a little yawn.

 Even though she was frustrated with her son, he was still her son. Shui Anluo reluctantly took him in her arms and carried him back. She then placed him on the bed and gently patted his tiny body.

 The little darling babbled a few sentences before closing his eyes, pursing his little lips and falling asleep.

 Shui Anluo reached out and tucked him under his special quilt. Before she could turn around, someone held her from behind. She did not need to guess who this person was.

 “Let me go.” Shui Anluo frowned.

 She was still angry. She had not managed to hear her son’s first ‘mama’ but he had actually heard their son say ‘baba’ for the first time. It was not fair at all.

 “Shui Anluo, thank you for giving birth to him for me,” Chu Ningyi murmured softly into her ear. If she had not given birth to their son, he would never have known that one person’s existence would cause him to want to cherish growth.

 Shui Anluo’s heart was moved when he mentioned their child.

 Even though she had intended to raise the child alone with her mother, once she returned to Chu Ningyi’s side, she knew that there were some things that a mother could not give the baby. For example, fatherly love.

 For example, the surprise that person felt when their child said ‘papa’ for the first time and the love he feels for him. These were things that she could not give her son.

 “It certainly wasn’t for you,” Shui Anluo scoffed and tried to push him away from their embrace. The sensation caused her to feel very hot.

 Chu Ningyi tightened his grip and stopped her from struggling as he said, “Why are you refusing to remarry?”

 His voice was normal and held a sense of elegance.

 Shui Anluo pursed her lips and stopped struggling. Instead, she lowered her head and thought about her answer.

 “I mean what I say. Shui Anluo, since I’ve decided to bring you back, I’ll give you a future,” Chu Ningyi murmured softly into her ear.

 Shui Anluo shrank back as if trying to avoid his hot breath.

 “People usually have courtship before getting married. We got married then divorced,” Shui Anluo scoffed, feeling the person above her tense up.

 Chu Ningyi frowned. It might be due to what she said or perhaps there was another reason.

 Shui Anluo remembered what had happened at the beach in the daytime and felt that it was best to not to reject him in such a straightforward way. She said, “You’re always so fierce to me. You keep scolding me and call me an idiot at every turn. Furthermore, each time you use your venomous tongue, people want to strangle you.” Shui Anluo gritted her teeth as she explained, listing out his crimes.

 Chu Ningyi gaped and was unable to retort. Finally, he tightened his grip around her and planted a kiss on her cheek before he dazedly said, “Get an early night.” After that, he immediately released her and left.

 There were many times when he would say these things outright to Shui Anluo because he did not need to think too much when he was with her.

 She had no idea that the venom used on her was not the same as the one used on everyone else.

 “Chu Ningyi…” Shui Anluo reached out and grabbed his wrist. She pursed her lips and asked, “Chu Ningyi, are you angry?”

 Chu Ningyi looked down at the woman who was staring innocently up at him as she sat on the bed. She was clearly the one who had provoked him each time yet she would always look so innocent. As a result, he has no idea what to do with her.

 Chu Ningyi lowered his head until his forehead touched hers and said, “Shui Anluo, I’ll give you time to think about remarrying me but this time is limited. By then, I won’t ask for your opinion. As for what you owed me for this afternoon, I’ll collect the payment from you sooner or later.”


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