The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting

Chapter 228 - She Holds The Most Powerful Talisman

Chapter 228: She Holds The Most Powerful Talisman

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“It isn’t real, it isn’t real,” Lin Qianchen cried out.

“Not real? That’s Luoluo’s name and the date on it was two weeks before you had handed in your report. Are you claiming that it isn’t Luoluo’s or do you not have the guts to admit that you’ve plagiarized her?” Chu Ningyi’s voice was cold but carried a sense of derision and mockery.

How could the usually arrogant Lin Qianchen bear his mockery? She lost her final shred of rationality in an instant.

“That’s not real, I made sure that the report had long been…”

Lin Qianchen cried loud but she suddenly stopped.

Chu Ningyi smirked as if he had been waiting for her to say these words. No matter how many types of evidence they produced, they would be unable to hold up to the shock factor caused by her personal confession.

Besides, what would make one feel more regretful than personally confession to one’s crime?

Lin Qianchen’s confession caused an uproar.

Qiao Huihe glared at her irritably before she turned around angrily and left.

The other doctors smiled awkwardly as they left in groups of two to three people. None of them dared to stand up for Lin Qianchen and did suspect that Lin Qianchen would turn out to be that kind of person.

After Lin Qianchen finished yelling, she slumped onto the group and chuckled. However, there was an endless desolation in her laughter because she never thought that she would be destroyed by Chu Ningyi one day.

“Why?” Lin Qianchen’s voice was now a little hoarse, likely due to her screaming earlier. Her voice sounded similar to the noise of sand and stone rubbing together, it was a gritty sensation.

“Qianchen, I’d entrusted her to you because I’d trusted you, not to grant you an opportunity to set her up. Unfortunately, you’d lost all sense of rationality.” Chu Ningyi remarked in a calm voice before he held Shui Anluo’s hand and left.

“Why must you do this? Is Shui Anluo that important to you?” Lin Qianchen staggered to her feet and screamed at his back. She was still unable to accept this sudden turn of events.

Chu Ningyi paused and Shui Anluo could not stop herself from looking up at him.

She wants to know the answer to this as well but did not have the guts to ask.

Therefore, she had to thank Lin Qianchen for asking the question for her.

Shui Anluo was unable to steady her heartbeat as she stared up at him. There was an anticipatory look in her large eyes which she could not hide.

Chu Ningyi lowered his head and gazed at Shui Anluo. He could feel her heartbeat through the palm of his hand.

“It’s exactly as you’ve said, she holds the most powerful talisman.” Once Chu Ningyi said his piece, he led Shui Anluo out once again.

An earth-shattering disappointment entered her heart. He’s talking about the child, Shui Anluo thought.

This answer was rather saddening.

Not too far away, Yuan Jiayi, who had come for a reexamination on her legs, stepped forward. She had seen everything with her own eyes but she did not approach them. Instead, she mildly curled the corners of her lips. She thought that Lin Qianchen was a smart woman but she never thought that she would end up committing suicide with such idiotic methods. However, she understood one issue — Shui Anluo was not as weak as she had initially imagined.

Yuan Jiayi watched Chu Ningyi and Shui Anluo as they left and a hint of self-mockery appeared on her lips. When was the last time Chu Ningyi had done anything like this for her? He would always send Uncle Chu to solve all her problems and the reason he had given was that he was too busy!

Now, he had personally orchestrated this show for Shui Anluo and beaten Lin Qianchen to the point of eternal damnation.

Yuan Jiayi lowered her head and concealed the peculiar look in her eyes. She then tightened her grip on the wheelchair as she thought about Shui Anluo. Perhaps she should start over and get to know this girl again.

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