The Bloodline System

Chapter 47 - The Power Of Creation

Chapter 47: The Power Of Creation

Yuhiko stared at the group approaching with a look of shock visible on her face.

"That's...? How could he be the one?" Yuhiko stared at the blonde boy in the middle approaching with an unbothered expression.


Another surprising issue for her was Gustav was staring in her direction but there was no look of adoration and worship visible like before whenever he saw her.

In fact, there was no expression. She couldn't read his thoughts through his expression. Whether he was happy or sad to see her, excited or angry, there was no reaction whatsoever. He was staring at her as if he had never seen her before which made her feel dumbfounded.

"Hey Gustav, over here," Masuba waved at Gustav as he called out.

This confirmed Gustav's identity which Yuhiko was questioning in her heart earlier.

Gustav walked over to the left side, ignoring the glares and words of the crowd.

"My compensation for attending your duel is twenty thousand," Gustav immediately voiced out once he got to Masuba's side.

Masuba had a wry smile on his face as he heard that, "Erm... alright," He nodded after answering.

"And for every two minutes I spend here, the amount increases by five thousand," Gustav added.

Masuba eyes nearly budged out of their sockets but after a second he nodded in defeat.

'I hope you take your time when battling her, although I doubt that will happen,' Gustav said internally.

"Is that the person you lost to, Masuba?" A female who was standing beside Yuhiko questioned with a look of disgust.

"Yes, this is Gustav," Masuba acted as a bridge to introduce Gustav to both Yuhiko and the girl beside her. He had no idea that they already knew Gustav

"Hahahaha! This is truly funny, you lost to trash and you believe you can win Yuhiko? You must be dreaming!" The female besides Yuhiko who was sporting chestnut-colored hair stared at Gustav like he was a fraud.

Gustav returned the stare with a look of unconcern.

"He's just a useless bum who only knows how to take bloodline Enhancement drugs... how is he even here in the first place?" She voiced out again. The question she asked was also what Yuhiko was wondering, 'How is he here? How is he able to gain access to the last floor?'

Masuba was dumbfounded by the statement the girl made, he turned to stare at Gustav before looking back at the girls.

-"Bloodline enhancement drugs? That makes sense,"

-"There's no other way I can see an F-grade defeating a B-grade!"

-"So Masuba was just defeated unfairly?"

The students within the vicinity spoke amongst themselves after hearing that.

Masuba had already realized that they must have known each other before this.

With the place getting chaotic one of the supervisors finally spoke.

"Gustav won the duel with Masuba fair and square! Do not discredit a genuine person's win!" Supervisor Bola disclosed.

He was a supervisor so he would know this much. If a person was to use enhancement drugs he would be able to tell at first glance.

His disclosure made the place quiet down. There was no way anyone would believe the girl over supervisor Bola. Some of them even started giving her weird looks wondering what she was aiming at.

"If he is trash then everyone must be trash too, since I'm pretty sure he would defeat everyone here," Masuba laughed as he spoke causing everyone to turn speechless again. They thought about what he said and realized that most of them here couldn't even defeat Masuba. The strongest spectator here would only tie with him so his words kind of make sense but they still had unwillingness in their hearts.

The chestnut-haired girl gritted her teeth in annoyance, "Yuhiko remember our plan... now that we know who the F-grade is, the plan must be executed with twice the intensity," She whispered in the ears of Yuhiko.

"You don't have to tell me, Keira... that look on his face irks me to no end!" Yuhiko said while staring at Gustav who didn't even try to defend himself when the others were speaking.

"Gustav, do you think I will win?" Masuba asked with a smile. He seemed to have taken Gustav as his friend already with the way he was speaking.

"No, you will lose," Gustav answered bluntly.

Masuba felt like he was shot in the head after hearing that but he didn't back down.

"Let the participants of the duel climb onto the stage now," Supervisor Samsuna spoke while making gestures at the stage.

Yuhiko and Masuba climbed onto the stage after hearing that.

Masuba smiled as he stood in front of Yuhiko.

"To think you can defeat me when you got beat up by trash... just like Keira said, you must be deluded," Yuhiko stated with a dark look.

"Ah you're still calling him that... tsk I hope you don't end up as I did," Masuba shook his head in pity as he spoke.

Supervisor Samsuna questioned if both sides were ready which they reacted to by nodding.

"Let the duel begin," He added.

"Hyyaah!" Masuba was dashed towards Yuhiko immediately after the go-ahead was given.

Black scales suddenly started appearing all over his body as he dashed forward with speed while Yuhiko reacted by removing a strand of hair from her head and stretched it forward.


Masuba swung out his palm at this time towards Yuhiko.

The strand of hair Yuhiko stretched out suddenly turned into a baseball bat which she swung towards the incoming hand.


The bat slammed fiercely into Masuba's right arm but was smashed to pieces upon making contact.

Masuba smiled as his arm kept moving forward towards Yuhiko.


Yuhiko crouched her body downwards dodging the arm as she pushed out her right hand, slamming it onto Masuba's right side.


Contact was made but there was no impact.

This was due to Masuba's bloodline that gave him protective scales which also made him faster and stronger. In his battle with Gustav before, he didn't even have the chance to activate it before he was knocked out.

Masuba smiled, "You will have to do better than that to hurt me," He said while swinging his right leg upward to meet with Yuhiko's arm.


His right leg kicked her arm away. He was about to follow up with another attack when he suddenly felt heavy.


He fell to the ground on his knees with a shocked reaction.

-"Gasp! Did his clothes just get turned into a metal weight jacket?" Someone voiced out from the crowd.

That was when Masuba noticed his upper clothes were now black and metallic in kind of jacket form. Yuhiko had used her ability to change his clothes to this upon making contact earlier. It weighed more than he could handle which affected his mobility.

He wanted to pull it off of himself but before he could do so he noticed a metal bat swinging towards his face while he was still in his kneeling position.


The metal bat crashed directly into the left side of his face, smashing his nose and several of his teeth in the process.

Masuba fell to the ground while spitting out broken pieces of teeth.

Yuhiko was the one holding onto the bat.

Masuba left face was brutally bruised. His eye had swollen up and was looking black like that of a panda but he wasn't ready to give up yet.

'Form two,' he called out in his mind as the scales on his body suddenly increased in number each one becoming smaller than before.

He grabbed onto the metal jacket, ripped them apart, and threw them to the side before jumping up with intensity.

"You should have just stayed down," Immediately he jumped up a soft feminine voice drifted into his ears.

Yuhiko was holding onto a pebble which she was lifting upwards.

Masuba had decided he wouldn't give her the chance to do whatever she was planning and dashed out but, immediately he did, she threw the pebble towards him.


'What sort of dumb joke is this?' Masuba smirked as he dashed forward while watching the pebble travel towards him in mid-air.

All of a sudden his smile started to warp. First from a smile to a look of confusion, to awe and then fear because right before his very eyes the pebble was increasing in size as it traveled towards him.

Masuba wanted to move to the side to dodge but it was already too late as the pebble had already transformed into a huge boulder that covered his entire line of sight.


The boulder slammed into Masuba and kept moving forward without reducing speed till it knocked him off the stage.

"Yuhiko wins this duel," Supervisor Samsuna shouted out.

Supervisor Bola had already dashed towards the boulder and slammed his palm into it, causing it to break to pieces.

Masuba had passed out already on the ground. His scales retracted into his body which was covered with blood.

The crowd stared at Yuhiko with adoration and cheers rang out.

They had already expected this even though Masuba was also a B-grade like her. Yuhiko's bloodline was a unique creation type that gave her the ability to transform matter into whatever she wished. So even the air could be morphed into what she wanted if the right requirements were met.

Supervisor Bola had placed a healing pill in Masuba's mouth and he started healing up at a visible rate.

Yuhiko did not leave the stage after winning she stood there staring at a person in front.

Everyone followed her line of sight and noticed she was staring in Gustav's direction.

"Gustav, I challenge you to a duel!" She voiced out while giving Gustav an intense glare.

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