The Bloodline System

Chapter 298 Causing Disorientation (Side Story 3)

The entire vicinity was suddenly dyed in bright red fire, causing everyone to be dumbfounded as they wondered what was happening.

"What's going on?" The Bald man voiced out with a surprised look.

The whole place became disoriented in an instant.

Some of the gang members in these vehicles that just exploded had been blasted to smithereens due to having no idea that this was about to happen.

The bald man looked around with a suspicious gaze. Little did he know that this wasn't the end.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The rest of the convoy vehicles exploded one after the other leaving no working land vehicle on scene.

The only vehicle left now was the aircraft which was very incapable of transporting everyone, the gang included.

Fortunately for the gang, some of them caught wind of the situation early and left the convoy vehicles before the last explosion, so there was still many of the gang members left.

"Find whoever is responsible!" The bald man shouted out as he looked around with a dark face.

He could already tell that this wasn't the work of the MBO or any authority because they wouldn't risk the lives of the kids just to blow up their vehicles.

He felt they were probably dealing with someone who didn't give a damn and just wanted to cripple their transportation access.

Which he saw as a disadvantage since he couldn't use any of the student's life to threaten the person to back down.

The armed gang moved out and looked around the place for any suspicious figure.

Those with bloodlines related to vision made use of them, but even after searching for minutes, they couldn't find who was responsible for this situation.

The teachers and students wondered who was responsible for this. Just like the gang, they were clueless except for a few of them.

'Where's Gustav?' Angy and Maltida wondered as they looked around the place, observing the faces of the students one after the other.

They had been searching for him since they came out of the hover buses but hadn't spotted him once since that time.

Sweat was already forming on Angy's forehead as she hoped that the thoughts coming to her mind at this moment weren't true.

However, she couldn't help but think about the possibility since she knew just how daring Gustav is.

The gang leader already suspected that there might be someone disguising among them, so he ordered for everyone to open up their helmets so he could see their faces, but even after doing that, there was nothing amiss.

The gang members wore their helmets back and proceeded to keep looking for the culprit.

One of the gang members with a helmet on his head also approached the leader from behind.

"Chief, come see this," He said with an urgent tone. He had a rather raspy voice.

The bald man quickly followed behind him towards the northeastern side of the vicinity.

A small hole could be seen in the ground.

"What am I looking at?" The bald man asked.

"Don't you see it, chief? You have to move closer," The gang member with a raspy voice proposed.

The bald man moved closer just as the gang member proposed; however, just as he did, the gang member came up behind him.


A syringe filled with purplish liquid appeared in his hand, and he stabbed it forward at a fast speed towards the neck of the bald man.

It was extremely fast, however just as it was only a few inches away from penetrating his neck, the bald man suddenly turned around and grabbed the gang member's hand.

His eyes had a hint of cruelty as he stared at the gang member in front of him.

"So you're the one responsible," He said with a solemn tone as he squeezed the wrist of the gang member tightly.

Bone popping sounds began to ring out as he slowly raised the gang member's hand up while squeezing.

"Hnnngggh!" Muffled sounds of pain could be heard from underneath the helmet as the gang member tried freeing himself from the bald's man grip, but it was proving difficult.

He threw out his left fist towards the bald's man face. However, the bald man caught his fist with ease and started twisting his arm towards the side.

The bald man separated both the gang member's arms and raised his leg.


He landed a kick right in the chest area of the gang member sending him flying backwards.

His chest caved in as bone-cracking sounds rang out before he landed on the ground and slid backwards for a few feet.


"Cheif!" "Cheif!" "Cheif!"

Tap! Tap! Tap!

The gang members behind came running and surrounding the gang member that tried revolting in the blink of an eye.

About fifteen of them pointed their weapons at the gang member while three lifted him up forcefully before placing him on his knees before the bald man.

The bald man was currently in possession of the syringe filled with purplish liquid.

He held it up and scrutinized it with a suspicious gaze before walking towards the gang member on his knees.


He slapped the helmet off the gang member's head, revealing the face of a young handsome teenage boy with dirty blonde hair.

Blood was oozing from his nostrils and mouth; however, he didn't have even a slight expression of pain on his face as he stared into the eyes of the bald man with an unbothered expression.

This person was obviously Gustav.

"We have a fierce one here," The bald man voiced out as he squatted before Gustav and placed his finger on the blood oozing down Gustav's face.

He used his finger to brush up a little speck of Gustav's blood and put it in his mouth.

This action shocked the students as they saw his action. Only the rest of the gang members weren't surprised.

"Hmm, seems full of energy and vitality," The bald man muttered with a tone of delight.

"What was that for?" Gustav voiced out with a look of repression.

"Our chief likes to taste the blood of his victims before their death!" One of them voiced out with a loud tone.

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