The Bloodline System

Chapter 296 End Of Side Story 2

Gustav found himself outside the border after being thrown into the light and landed before a massive tree.

A small cut had appeared on his forehead, and blood was oozing down his nostrils.

Gustav jumped to his feet and looked around him. He noticed he was back in the sparse forest behind the neighborhood.

The border was thousands of meters behind him.

He quickly grabbed the device and started running in the opposite direction of the border.

"Miss Aimee, I need your help," Gustav quickly got in touch with Miss Aimee through a call while running towards the neighborhood area.

In several minutes Miss Aimee arrived before Gustav, who hid in a particular area close to the neighborhood area.

Gustav narrated the current predicament in a few seconds, and Miss Aimee got a small gist of the situation.

They went through the border to look for the masked man known as the red shadow.

Miss Aimee took Gustav along with her. She didn't think he would be a bother because she was confident in dealing with the situation even with his presence.

Unfortunately, even though they searched far and wide across the border, they couldn't find Red shadow and the one known as Vamp witch.

There were obvious signs of battle in the place Gustav and Red shadow found the device, but both their presences were nowhere to be found within the border.

Trees were snapped in half and uprooted. Massive craters and crumbled highlands showed visible signs of battle, yet no presence of mixedbloods could be found.

Miss Aimee searched the other side of the border also, but it ended up making no difference.

Even after rounding up the place for hours, it was still the same result.

Miss Aimee and Gustav settled at the location of the battle and checked out the device.

Miss Aimee scrutinized the device properly, "I can't say I know what this thing is precisely, but it does look like a key," Miss Aimee said to Gustav as she held onto the three feet long cylindrical shaped devices.

"A key to what?" Gustav asked.

"No idea... But it seems pretty powerful to have been powering up whatever was responsible for the opening of the border," Miss Aimee said as she walked towards the hole created from blasting away the tree, disguising the device earlier.

She squatted in front of it and stared at the unknown platform underneath the ground.

"Hmm... Just what is this thing?" Miss Aimee muttered underneath her breath.

She dropped the device in her hand to the ground and started making some calls.

'Doesn't this mean I've solved the neighborhood issue?' Gustav said internally.

He would have been celebrating this since it was good news, but he was bothered about the fact that the red shadow might have sacrificed his life for this.

He felt no one or nothing was worth sacrificing life over, especially not in this shitty world.

'I shouldn't jump to conclusions... If I ever see him again, I'll repay today's favor,' Gustav said internally.

Miss Aimee called in a squad who proceeded to take the device away with the purpose of investigation.

Some part of the squad stayed behind to dig open the ground and reveal what was underneath.

Miss Aimee later returned Gustav back home and promised to give him feedback on the situation as well as updates about red shadow if she figured anything out later.

The days went by in a flash, and Miss Aimee gave Gustav some information.

The structure found underneath the ground was a kind of machine that had run out of power some months back.

It was the cause of the border opening up at specific times, but when it ran out of power, the T67 device fell to that area by coincidence and ended up powering the device back up again.

Miss Aimee said they hadn't still discovered how the machine got there or the purpose of the T67 device, but they were still investigating.

Also, there was still no information on the red shadow.

It wasn't until a week later that Miss Aimee finally discovered the location of the red shadow agent.

He was found to be alive but in a crippling condition. Gustav figured it was because of the battle, but it was said that he would be okay in a bit, so Gustav later stopped worrying.

After the red shadow recovery, the whole situation was no longer in Gustav's hands.

It was now the red shadow and miss Aimee's business, i.e., how they would handle the T67 device.

Gustav decided to focus on his own situation.

He had gotten feedbacks from the ads he placed on the internet about a job, but then the neighborhood situation had been solved.

Mixedbreeds would no longer appear in the neighborhood, so Gustav had to think of a new purpose for the agency he was going to create.

'The labs and restaurants still need the flesh of mixedbreeds, and there are still lots of them within the border,' A smile appeared on Gustav's face as a new idea came to his mind.

Gustav thought of creating a hunting agency first off.

'I only need to get weapons and some drugs for safety assurance since I already have the means to get through the border,' Gustav thought.

He still had the map that marked out dangerous spots within the border. Nevertheless, he remembered that some dangerous places might not be marked out, just like how he had encountered that massive serpentine mixedbreed.

Gustav decided to task himself with marking out such dangerous and unknown spots himself with the help of Miss Aimee before creating the agency.

The border was massive, and at least fifty thousand mixedbreeds lived within, so Gustav doubted that they would run out of mixedbreeds to hunt.

The next weeks before the start of the MBO entrance test were spent training, and preparations were made for the starting of this hunting agency.

Gustav decided to name it 'THE CRIMSON HUNTING AGENCY.'

This was the first place he inputted the money he had been gathering all this time.

*End Of Side Story 2*

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