The Bloodline System

Chapter 293 Following The Residual Energy (Side Story 2)

Gustav shared the map with the masked man, and the masked man shared the holographic projection of the device.

From that day, they started working together to investigate the border.

They shared communication devices so when something happened, they'd be able to inform each other.

At the end of the day, they'd compile observations.

Gustav didn't inform miss Aimee about this collaboration. Instead, he investigated the mercenary agency the masked man was sent from himself.

The agency was called, Cloudbeaks and they were pretty popular in the southern lanterns city, which was on another continent.

This broadened Gustav's horizons as he was able to figure out that there were also private agencies that dealt with the situation of mixedbloods and mixedbreeds apart from the MBO.

These agencies were mostly sought out by those who could not contact the MBO for their issues and those who had illegal issues to deal with.

Gustav also figured out that it wasn't only through the MBO that a person could leave the planet. There were other means, too, involving these private agencies.

In the next three days, they were starting to make progress on Gustav's part but not so much on the masked man's side of the investigation.

Gustav was able to trace residual energy that caused the opening of one side of the border, which gave another mixedbreed the opportunity to escape.

Gustav asked the masked man to deal with the Mixedbreed that was given a chance to escape while he traced the energy.

The problem was the energy disappeared without a trace before he was able to pinpoint the exact location.

However, he was able to pinpoint a part of the border that the energy came from.

This part was where he had to investigate to find out what exactly was causing these occurrences.

Gustav investigated that particular environment for almost an entire day and found nothing out of the ordinary.

It was only a small forest area with a pointy mountain in between.

The mountain wasn't very tall, but it was very pointy and couldn't be climbed due to that.

The trees in the area surrounded it like they were guarding it.

Even the masked man had to show up and assist him in the investigation since he didn't make any progress, but he also didn't find anything out of the ordinary.

'I just have to wait till it opens up the border again,' Gustav said internally as he sat beside the pointy rock.

"Another part of the border has been opened again," The masked man voiced out the instant Gustav sat down.

"What? I didn't even sense anything," Gustav voiced out as he jumped to his feet.

The border was about seven hundred kilometers from this area which would still take Gustav a significant amount of time to travel.


A dark red glow appeared around the masked man as he grabbed hold of Gustav and leaped up.


They immediately found themselves several hundred meters in the air, dashing towards the border with immense speed in mid-air.

In a few seconds, they were closing in on the border in the air, and Gustav could already see twelve feet large greenish-looking scorpion going through a hole that had been created within the border.

[God Eyes Have Been Activated]

Gustav immediately activated God Eyes and stared at that part of the border.

His line of sight suddenly changed color as living things around him turned purple and red.

"Hmm? I can see it," Gustav voiced out as he noticed some blue line streaks retracting at fast speed away from the border.

These steaks were moving underground, which was why the masked man couldn't see it.

He stared at Gustav's green and scarlet glowing eyes and understood that he was using one of his powers to see something that he couldn't.

"It's moving very fast. I won't be able to chase after it with my current speed," Gustav voiced out as he watched the energy move at a very fast speed.

Normally the masked man would go after the mixedbreed so Gustav would chase the energy and see where it's headed before all traces of it were erased again. However, the problem was Gustav wouldn't be able to give a proper chase.

"Are you ready?" The masked man asked.

"Ready for what?" Gustav responded with a confused tone, but there was no response.

The masked man used his left hand to shoot out red streams of energy which formed a long line ahead.

At this point, their momentum was coming to an end, and they were already descending from the air.

The masked man held Gustav with both hands and flung him towards the line he conjured in mid-air.


Gustav's body ascended once again while that of the masked man descended.

The instant Gustav's body made contact with the red line, his body pulled the red line backwards for about a second like it was made of rubber before he was catapulted forward with intense speed.

Vrrghiinn! Swing!

Gustav's body was propelled forward by the red line, which later disappeared from mid-air after sending him forward.

The masked man had gone after the mixedbreed that escaped through the opening at this moment. At the same time, Gustav kept his eyes on the ground to watch the streaks of energy as his body travelled across the air.

His body flying through the air was keeping up with the speed at which the energy was retracting, but he hadn't thought about how he was going to land.


In a few more seconds, they arrived back at the suspected area again, and the streaks of energy slowed down a bit as it moved underneath the ground in between the roots of the trees.

Gustav's body was already descending at this point, but the steak of energy was still moving fast towards the east side of the large pointy mountain in between.


Gustav activated Enlargement and grabbed hold of the branch of a tree as he descended.

The branch of the tree snapped in half due to his fast-descending speed, but Gustav was able to land without causing himself any form of injury after breaking the fall.


He dashed forward with immense speed after combining both dash and sprint to chase after the residual energy.

However, in a few seconds of moving, the energy disappeared once again without any trace.


Gustav paused his movement as he arrived on the east side of the pointy rock, where trees could be seen everywhere.

Gustav stared forward, 'This time, I will get you,' He stated as he moved forward.

He stopped in front of a line up of six trees and started circling around them.

Although Gustav was unable to compete with the speed of retraction, he still used God Eyes to zoom in his sight, so he was able to see where the residual energy had disappeared without a trace.

And that just happened to be beneath the ground around where these six trees were located.

"You need to get over here," Gustav touched the small button on the side of his ear as he spoke.

A blasting sound rang in Gustav's ears before he got a response, "I'm on my way,"

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