The Bloodline System

Chapter 274 Past Event Leading To Current Scenerio

A loud crack resounded in the vicinity after the collision. Gustav's fist penetrated through the rock, followed by a loud explosion.


Gustav had transferred the rest of the energy he absorbed to his fist, so the moment it penetrated the rock-like shell, he detonated the energy.

The rock blasted to pieces from within, and a puddle of thick yellowish substance flew out from within.

The blast affected the rock and the wall behind, causing a wide hole that was more than twenty feet deep to appear on it.


The wall vibrated with intensity as cracks spread all across it, and rocks began to fall to the bottom of the hole.

Greenlight engulfed the entire hole shining a blinding brightness all across the place.

The eyes of the unknown man watching from above widened in surprise as the tremors reached all the way up, making where he was also standing on vibrate.

A few minutes back, Angy and Maltida were on the path that led to the previous location of the rock and noticed the massive number of participants headed there.

They ignored Maltida and Angy totally and focused on heading to that particular place.

Angy and Maltida were unable to tell how many participants were headed there, but they estimated the number to be over three hundred.

Angy lifted Maltida and sped towards the place quickly, arriving on the path that led there in a few seconds.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Sounds of battle were heard from up ahead, along with a crowd of participants in their line of sight.

The entire place was clogged up with participants, and there was hardly any space to move forward.

Two participants were battling this crowd of participants and preventing them from going further.

The one with black and white hair along with black tattoos all over his face and body moved as fast as a phantom, knocking several participants out before they had the chance to attack.

The other, with a bushy afro hair and handsome dark look, would conjure several vortexes at the same time and send them towards the body of the participants being flung in mid-air.

The participants would disappear upon entering the vortexes.

He would also conjure a huge vortex and send it to the area where attacks were being sent out. Those attacks would be transported to the back of the attackers, knocking them out.

The crowd of participants was hardly any match for these two.

However, even though these two were handling the participants right now, it was obvious that they were being worn out due to high numbers.

Sweats could be seen on their foreheads as they ran about the place using their power repeatedly.

Angy cleared up a path with her speed as she dashed towards the front while carrying Maltida.

E.E up ahead thought she was another mind-controlled participant and moved out to attack her when Falco's alter ego stopped him.

"She's an ally of this dweeb," Falco's alter ego said after stopping E.E.

"Maltida let's assist them," Angy voiced out after dropping Maltida.


Angy dashed out towards the participants with Maltida, who transformed into her liquid silver form.

They started helping out in dealing with the mind-controlled participants.

"Where's Gustav?" Angy asked while bringing some knocked-out participants towards E.E.

"He's dealing with that rock creature... He tasked us with preventing the participants under its mind-controlled from going beyond this point. He didn't want to be disturbed while handling it," E.E explained while conjuring and sending out vortexes one after the other.

'I never thought he'd ask for help,' Angy knew Gustav liked to do things on his own, so this came as a kind of surprise to her.

But after thinking about it, she understood that the opponent wasn't the run-of-the-mill kind of opponent. They weren't battling with unintelligent mixedbreed this time.

"Wait, does he know about the sacrifice?" Angy asked.

"What sacrifice?" E.E. voiced out with a look of confusion.

Angy eyes widened as she realized that Gustav was battling with the rock being without being aware of its intention to turn him into a sacrifice.

"Where are they?" Angy asked.

"He said he didn't want to be distracted while handling the rock creature, and I should stop anyone from getting to their battle site... Anyone... So, I can't give you that information," E.E turned down her request as he threw his fist into one of the vortexes he conjured, which ended up slamming into the jaw of a participant, a hundred feet away.

"Tell me where he is! If he doesn't know this, there's a high chance that he would be caught off guard," Angy said with a pleading expression.

"You won't be able to handle the mind attacks of the rock being... According to Gustav, anyone that comes there with the intention of helping him out will only worsen the situation when they fall to its mind control," E.E was adamant about giving in to Angy due to Gustav's instructions.

"I'll manage. You can see how quick I am. His life is in danger," Angy said with a look of urgency.

E.E finally decided to give in after thinking about it.

Gustav and the rock being had been gone for more than an hour, and there was no sign of the participants being released from the mind control, which meant he was still battling with the rock.

E.E opened a vortex for Angy.

"They are within the hole. They should be battling at the bottom now, be careful,"

Angy nodded and told Maltida to keep assisting them with the participants till she was back.

After entering the vortex, Angy found herself a few hundred feet away from the wide hole.

'Didn't Maltida mention something about a hole she saw when she was still under the rock being's mind control?' Angy recalled this and stared at the hole in the front with a look of suspicion.

She suddenly felt a sense of foreboding, and another horn started growing out of her forehead as she dashed forward at full speed.

This previous scenario was what led to the current beneath the hole.

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