The Bloodline System

Chapter 261 Bumping Into An Unexpected Figure

The huge participant headed for him again from the midst of the participants.

His blazing fists were headed for Gustav's head.

Gustav swerved to the side and threw out fast jabs towards the rib area of the participants causing loud cracking sounds to ring out.

The instant the participant fell to his knees, Gustav's body had already done a 360° spin slamming his right leg into the face of the participant.


Gustav jumped back again dodging some more attacks before engaging the others.

Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah!

He never stopped sending out fists and kicks and the participants were never-ending, they came after him like a flood.

There were even friendly fires from some of the participants due to the multitude surrounding him.

Their attacks hit one another decreasing the amount of participants he had to battle with.

[Sprint has been activated]

[Dash has been activated]

[Palm Strike has been activated]

[Chop has been activated]

Gustav moved across the place dodging fires, electricity, energy blasts, shockwaves, toxic breath, spikes, and all sorts of attacks while also dishing out his.

This was the first time he was fighting so many opponents. Due to his perception, he was able to dodge almost every attack but he was still getting injured every two minutes.

However, that was enough time for him to heal.


A large boulder was sent hurling towards him from behind clearing participants that stood between him and it, out of the way.


Gustav did a flip and landed on the boulder before turning around and leaping forward with all his might.

He already knew who was responsible for this without even seeing the person.

'Even while being mind-controlled, you still feel the need to crush others,' Gustav said internally with a scoff as he landed in front of a beautiful girl with long black hair and massive front busts.

She looked like a real-life doll and anyone would be mesmerized the moment they laid eyes on her but not Gustav because at this moment his right palm was headed for her face.

Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah!

Gustav smacked her hard about five times in a row with immense speed causing her to blank out after taking the fifth one.



She fell to the floor but Gustav didn't wait a second before dashing out towards another participant and landing a hit on them before they could send out another attack.

Bodies fell to the ground unconscious as Gustav rampaged across the area brandishing his fists.

He didn't make use of any powerful attack to reserve energy so he had to repeatedly bash a lot of participants before they passed out.

"Huff! Huff! Huff! Huff!"

After fighting for about thirty minutes, Gustav was currently breathing in and out heavily.

He stared at the number of participants left in the surroundings that were still conscious.

There were only around twelve of them left.

Bodies were all over the place but Gustav didn't kill anyone. The entire area had been flattened due to the attacks from every direction. Large holes in the walls, cracked grounds, mini craters, and all that could be seen.

Gustav's face was smeared in blood. Even though he was still naked, it didn't really look that way because of the bloodstains all over his body that covered him like a robe.

If this had been a normal battle and the participants had been in their right senses they would have noticed he was fighting naked and think twice before engaging him but since that wasn't the case, they all fought mindlessly without taking note of this.

-Energy: 270/ 2125

Gustav checked out his energy and noticed that he was already running low.

'Time to go,' Gustav had decided not to engage the rest so he wouldn't run out of energy.

[Sprint has been activated]

Gustav dashed into their midst dodging all their attacks and kept running till he was out of range.

'Phew that was close... So many issues since the beginning of the final phase... Good thing tomorrow is the last day,' Gustav said internally with a look of relief as he dashed into one of the passageways.

At this time, it was already late in the night. Gustav still had around two hours left before his stats would return to normal.

He planned to hide out till then.

His energy points were also halved as well as his level and EXP. If not for his battle experiences, he would have been beaten up by the mob and taken away already.


As Gustav closed in on the exit of the passageway he suddenly sensed something.

A very sinister and dark presence coming from the distance ahead.


The next instant after he sensed that was also when he noticed a silhouette appear in front of him.

It looked like it appeared but it was actually just too fast for Gustav to fully follow it with his eyes.

By the time Gustav properly saw the figure, a palm was already headed for his chest.

It sounded like the air was being ripped apart as the palm headed with full force towards Gustav's chest.

It was way too fast and at his current speed, Gustav could only see a blur, however, due to reflex action he still placed his arms in front of his chest in an 'X' format.


The instant the palm collided with his arms Gustav felt like he was hit with the force of two moving trains.

His figure was sent flying across the air as a light bone-cracking sound rang out.

Gustav felt a metallic liquid rushing up his throat but he instantly gulped it down and spun in the air before landing on his feet after traveling across the air for about thirty feet.


Due to the remnant force, he still slid back by a few feet more before his body stabilized.

Gustav's arms felt a bit numb due to the strength behind the attack so he rotated his arms to get rid of the numbness.

A trail of blood trickled down the side of his lips but he casually cleaned it and stared at the opponent in front.

It was a youngster with white and a touch of black hair in different spots. He had dim eyes but the darkness within them was visible.

He had black tattoos that resembled runes on his face, neck, and some of his other exposed body parts.

Gustav stared at the participant with a look of contemplative look.

'I know this kid... He's the same person's whose form I took to deal with Atrihea city high school representatives,' Gustav eyebrows creased as he thought, 'What was his name again... Falco,' Gustav remembered the name of this kid who happened to be Angy's former classmate in Black rocks schools.

'This must be his alter ego that I knocked out the other time, I don't remember him being this powerful... Is he also being controlled by the rock?' Gustav prepared for a difficult fight as he stared at Falco who was slowly walking towards him.

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