The Bloodline System

Chapter 252 One On One Battle With The Silhouette

She was also angered and pained by what had gone down here today. She watched her group members get slaughtered like live stocks, and she blamed herself for it.

She wanted to find the teammate that disappeared by all means and ended up dragging the rest of the teammates into the current predicament.

Not only had the teammate who they had been looking for died, some of them that followed her here had also lost their lives to the silhouette.

One of the four teammates who were currently alive had lost his left arm because he had to cut it off the moment it became infected with the blackish web gotten from making contact with the silhouette.

He didn't want to end up attacking anyone due to his body being manipulated, which was why he had to make that decision.

"We're at a disadvantage because we're in a dim vicinity," Angy muttered.

Angy and her teammates had been avoiding areas that had shadows cast over them because the silhouette was capable of manipulating that.

This not only restricted their movement range but also affected their battle performance.

Had the boy who Angy just saved moved a foot further, he would have stepped within the Silhouette range of attack. A single strike was what the silhouette needed to end anyone's life.

The silhouette just stood about three hundred feet ahead, leaning on a pointy rock and munching on a leg while staring at the group in front. It didn't seem bothered, almost like it was sure these kids were incapable of causing it any issues.

"You guys should go get help from other groups... I have a plan," Angy proposed.

The three beside her stared at her with a confused expression.

"Aren't you coming with us?" The kid with white dreadlocks asked.

"No, I have to stay here and stall it, or none of us will be able to leave here successfully," Angy replied.

The boy thought about it and remembered that participants had been avoiding this area, particularly because of the rumors on the silhouette, so he knew it wouldn't be easy to find a group.

Even if they did find a group, he wondered if they'd be willing to assist them in dealing with the silhouette.

"No, that isn't an option. We're going to deal with it together," The kid voiced out.

"If we do that, we'll all die here... Like I said, I have a plan. If you all don't go, I can't execute it," Angy said.

They stared at her with a contemplative expression.

The other girl who had green-colored hair decided to say something, "What are you planning?" She asked.

"Something that will either knock that thing out or damage it severely... Don't worry, I'll be okay. It can't catch up to me, remember?" Angy assured them.

"Hmm, alright, we'll go and get help... Stay safe,"

The rest of the group finally agreed and started moving backward slowly.

This particular area had three to four feet rocks protruding from different parts of the ground, which caused shadows to be cast almost everywhere.

However, one of their teammates blasted apart a lot of them before he was taken down, which gave the participants a place where they could stand and be safe from the silhouette assaults.

For some reason, it was unable to make use of living things' shadows, but it could use that of inanimate things.

Angy fixed her eyes on the silhouette as her teammates moved to the back.

They suddenly started running towards the passageway a thousand feet behind.

Angy kept watching the silhouette without moving. The silhouette didn't even act like they were trying to get away.

It still continued eating body parts.

In a few seconds, Angy teammates were out of sight.

"Now it's just you and me," Angy voiced out with a tone of anguish as her eyebrows creased together.

'I'm going to have to use it... I don't care if I get buried here. I won't let this thing run amok slaughtering more innocents,' Tears rolled down Angy's eyes as she came to this conclusion.

"Hehehe, the most delicious one has stayed behind! Slurp, now that the distractions are gone, I can enjoy you properly,"

The silhouette phased into the ground as those words were uttered.


Angy, too had also dashed out.

When the silhouette phased out of the ground a few feet towards the right from Angy's initial position, she had already disappeared.


Another horn grew out of Angy's forehead as she started running in a circular format around the vicinity.


The silhouette was extremely shocked as it stood in place, staring at the multiple afterimages circulating around it.

It couldn't tell where Angy was at the moment due to her immense speed.

"Slurp even going to be more delicious. I can't wait to feast on him..." The silhouette suddenly sensed something and paused its speech.

Whitish energy started building around the afterimages it was seeing circulating around it.

It could sense immense destructive energy from the whitish energy circulating around Angy.


Angy kept running around it, building up the destructive whitish force of energy surrounding her.

The silhouette started phasing into the ground and appearing in different places trying to catch Angy's figure, but it was of no use.


When it got too close, It was blasted aside by the force gathering around Angy.

'Impossible... This little one,' It stared at Angy afterimages from its position in the middle.

Angy had now gathered energy to the extent that the ground began to quake gently, and the rocks protruding from the ceiling started to crumble.

"Hehehe good, this is good... It will only make you more delicious," The large silhouette set of pointy teeth were revealed as it laughed.

Angy frowned more as she dashed towards the silhouette with the purpose of releasing the gathered energy once she had closed in on it.

The silhouette suddenly grinned again and slapped its hands on the ground.


Dark energy suddenly spread from its position, and shadowy black tendrils shot out of every part of the ground.


Angy's legs were suddenly wrapped by these tendrils.

"Huh?" Due to the tendrils suddenly hindering her movement and all the speed she had gathered, she found herself somersaulting forward.

Angy's body spun severally in mid-air before slamming onto the wall on the side.


The wall vibrated, and a large chunk of rock broke apart before falling on the lower part of her body.

"Kiiaarrhhh!" Angy screamed out in pain as a pointed part of the rock stabbed into her left thigh.

"Hehehe, I will enjoy tasting your meat, slurp!" The silhouette voiced out as it approached Angy.

It squatted and pulled the rock off her before lifting her.

"Let her go!"

A loud voice was heard from behind.

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