The Bloodline System

Chapter 239 Battling The Kilapisole

He figured that his claws piercing into the icicle-like rock repeatedly had slowly brought the creature out of its slumber.


The creature made a weird noise as it flipped its body over on the tip of the icicle-like rocks.

'Oh well, I still wanna find out if I can take on the ability of aliens. So, this might not be so bad after all,' Gustav said internally as he prepared to engage the creature.

Guuuuurrrruu! Guuhhhbbbb!

"It's been long since I tasted flesh. So, you're finished, earthling!"

Although the creature was still making that weird sound, Gustav could understand it clearly.

'Looks like the system will interpret every alien language to me no matter where they come from,' Gustav thought.


The massive circular creature suddenly leaped up and curled itself into a perfect circle where its head and legs couldn't be seen.

It suddenly descended upon Gustav's location with speed.

Obviously, it was trying to crush him with its body.

Gustav practically had nowhere to run to since they were in mid-air, and he was currently standing on the top of a pointy rock with just one foot.

The next rock in front was a few feet away, and so were the rest. Because of the way they were spaced and the size of the creature's body, he would need to move to the other end of the area in less than two seconds. However, it was currently impossible for him.

Gustav turned towards the side and leaped towards the wall about fifty feet away from his left.

Fwooommm! Tuush!

The instant his feet touched the wall, he pushed himself upwards with force.


Gustav's body ascended with speed, but due to that action, the body of the creature missed him by a hairbreadth.


The creature landed its body on the area where Gustav was a while ago. However, i's body was so large that part of it was even touching the wall that Gustav had just used to push himself upwards.

Gustav landed on the body of the creature and used its bounciness to catapult himself upwards again.


It was like rubber, so it was quite easy for Gustav to reach the ceiling area of the area.

Gustav arched his arm back punched the ceiling area with force.

Bang! Crumble! Crumble! Crumble!

Pieces of rocks started falling from the ceiling area after Gustav landed a massive hit on the ceiling.

Grab! Grab! Grab! Grab!

While falling through the air, Gustav reached out his hand with super speed multiple times and grabbed onto four grand stones falling along with him.

The creature below hadn't been expecting this action. It was unable to attack Gustav immediately after landing because of the rocks falling from the ceiling area.

Although they were unable to harm it, Gustav had broken the surface of the ceiling with his fist. The resultant effect was a cloud of powder-like dust that disturbed the vision of the creature.

Gustav quickly kept the stones as he landed on the tip of another icicle-like rock a few feet from the front of the creature.

'Six more to go,' Gustav stared at the ceiling area on the east and could see some more grandstones embedded into its surface.


Gustav's body started swelling as he transformed.

The creature in front still had a poor vision of the environment due to the dust particles still floating in the air. Still, it could pinpoint Gustav's particular direction.

However, it didn't attack him immediately when he sensed the energy his body exuded but the moment the dust cleared up...


It noticed that Gustav had already appeared at its front, looking extremely menacing due to his transformation with his fist outstretched.


Gustav's right fist slammed into the body of the creature, but surprisingly, something else happened.


Gustav's fist sank into the body of the creature and bounced back.

'Just as I thought, that's why it's able to sleep on the pointed tips of these rocks without suffering any issues,' Gustav said internally before jumping backwards.


As his body travelled backwards through the air, the large creature also leaped forward.

Even with its body mass, it arrived in front of Gustav instantly.


Its massive body collided with that of Gustav, sending him flying towards the far end of the space.


Gustav's back slammed hard into the wall. Still, as he was traveling backwards earlier, the creature didn't let up and was already following him.

The moment he slammed into the wall, the creature had arrived in front of him again, using its massive body to cover Gustav's entire line of sight.


Gustav pushed himself forward quickly and arrived in front of the creature's body with his arms outstretched.

He grabbed onto the body of the fast-moving creature and used it to push himself further upwards.


Gustav's body scaled over it due to that, dodging the creature, who still kept travelling forward with full force.


It ended up slamming into the wall.

As Gustav landed on the tip of another icicle-like rock in front. He raised his right arm, which was coated in silver-like energy, including the long, sharp claws.

[Sprint Has Been Activated]

Gustav leaped from tip to tip, unafraid of the height or falling to the ground, which happened to be a hundred feet below.


Before the creature could reposition itself, Gustav had already leaped forward and arrived in its front almost in an instant.

[Slash Has Been Activated]


Gustav's claws slashed out with intensity towards the body of the creature.

The creature who hadn't balanced itself felt a sense of crisis, and something unexpected happened next.


Diamond-like coverings suddenly appeared across its body-like scales.


The instant Gustav's claws collided with it, they got bounced back.

'What?' Gustav noticed that the hard covering that appeared on its body was similar to the icicle-like rocks protruding from the ground.

It also looked similar to the layer of diamond-like silk covering the walls of this particular area.

'Not even atomic disintegration could pierce through... Huh?'

Gustav suddenly felt movement from behind him just as he was about to slash at the body of the creature again.

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