The Bloodline System

Chapter 229 The Caskia Ruins

"We shall now head out to the Caskia Ruins!" Gradier Xanatus stated after all the participants had gathered in the hall.

The participants' faces showed confusion upon hearing Gradier Xanatus's words since this was a location they had never heard of. Nevertheless, they obeyed the next instructions of Gradier Xanatus with no questions since they knew they'd be briefed later on.

Gradier Xanatus urged everyone to go through the spatial doorways that appeared in the middle of the room.

After going through those doorways, they arrived inside a hangar where different types of aircraft were kept.

Two large rhombus-shaped aircraft were already waiting for their arrival with engines fired.

These aircraft were the size of a two-storey building, colored green with red and black stripes. They had no rolling fans or anything like that. They had been built in such a way that only powering the engines up were enough to make it lift off.

Over two hundred participants split into two and boarded the aircraft. In a few seconds, another spatial opening large enough to consume an entire three-storey building appeared several hundred feet ahead of them.

Zweeeiiiiii! Zweeeiiiii!

Both aircraft zoomed off into the spatial opening.

After passing through, they appeared tens of thousands of feet above Plankton City.

Lots of participants now understood why the tower didn't have an entrance or exit.

That wouldn't be needed since the MBO had a variety of teleportation devices that transported people in and out and to different places on the floor.

Gustav sat somewhere in the middle of the passengers' seat beside the window areas just so he could look outside.

He stared at the city from their current height as they flew towards the northeast part of the city.

The speed of the flight was insanely fast, and even with the city being very big, in only about five minutes, the various aircraft had already arrived at the edge of the city.

While they were moving, the participants were being briefed about the Caskia Ruins.

A projection of the place they were travelling to appeared on within both aircraft.


The artificial intelligence started with this.


The AI explained how the ruins became overrun by mixedbreeds which prevented energy miners from working and caused some of them to lose their lives in the process since it was practically invaded by a multitude of them.

The MBO was tasked with cleansing the place and wiping out the mixedbreeds that had gathered there.

Although the mission was a success, almost all the energy crystals had been consumed by the mixedbreeds.

The place still attracted a few mixedbreeds after the cleansing because they sensed the remnant of energy left. Nevertheless, since the government couldn't find anything left there, they practically abandoned the facility.

About fifty years later, it was turned into a low-level maximum-security prison for Mixedbloods and Aliens.

A barricade was built around it to fence the mixedbreeds inside along with the rogue Mixedbloods and Aliens.

Once sentenced to imprisonment in the Caskia ruins, the MIxedblood or Alien will be nearly stripped of their powers before being thrown into the place.

They would have to survive for however long their sentence is within the Caskia ruins with whatever amount of strength they were left with.

The mixedbreeds within were also left there, so presently, it was a habitat for rogue mixedbloods, mixedbreeds and Aliens.

It was one of the secluded locations in the world that could be called a mixedblood prison.

The Mixedbloods within were unable to escape the barricade that surrounded the ruins since they had been weakened.

After listening to the information the AI passed across, the participants could more or less understand what the final phase was going to be about.

It terrified some of them when they thought about it, but they put up a brave face.

In about twenty minutes, the aircraft was already flying above a wasteland area.

Nothing but plains and sands could be seen out here. It was like they were in the middle of nowhere.


"We have arrived at the Caskia ruins," A hologram of Gradier Xanatus appeared inside both spacecraft.

The participants looked through the window and noticed a tall barricade in the distance. It was tens of thousands of feet away, but due to the height, it was very noticeable.

The barricade was not just solid, but it was also induced with energy from the crystals that used to be mined hundreds of years ago, which was the reason it was currently glowing up.

The participants also noticed other spacecraft that looked similar to the ones they were currently boarding, heading towards the same direction.

"As you have been given information about the final phase location, I shall now brief you on how the final phase is going to take place," Gradier Xanatus continued.

"All participants will be dropped off inside the barricade from thousands of feet above. When you get in, your primary objective is to survive the next four days."

It was truly similar to what they thought it would be. At this moment, hundreds of spacecraft had arrived before the tall barricade that surrounded the entire ruins.

They hovered above the ruins. From above, it could be seen that the barricade was square-shaped, and the space within the square was almost half of an entire city.

However, the structure that could be seen within was quite small. It was only as big as a small bungalow building.

It was a building, but it only led to the underground ruins. There was no space for living within or anything like that.

The participants could see the large opening held by countless pillars that led underground from their current altitude.

Everyone figured that the underground ruins was probably very vast underground which was the reason for the wide space within the barricades.

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