The Bloodline System

Chapter 223 Touring The Test areas


The instant this command was voiced out, the purplish beam shot out with intensity from the chest area of the large humanoid machine.


In an instant it arrived before the square shaped metallic structure and slammed into it.

The mighty purplish beam consumed the entire square shaped structure in a manner of seconds.

'Such immense power,' Gustav was awed by what he had just witnessed. He stood there and kept watching, focusing his attention on the appearance of the beam.

The entire metallic square shaped structure was as large as a bungalow building yet the purplish beam was large enough to cover it.

'Hmm?' After the power of the purplish beam died down Gustav noticed that there was still something left from the square shaped metallic structure.

Although what was left wasn't very large compared to the initial size, Gustav was still surprised to see that there was something left.


The robotic voice from before announced once again.

At first, Gustav was dumbfounded and wondered how that performance would be considered a failure but in the next second he figured it out.


What was left of the metallic square shaped device started increasing in size and in just a few seconds it had become as large as it was before.

Gustav realized that the test was probably based on the destruction of that regenerative square structure in one go.

Although the structure had taken quite the damage and was nearly totally obliterated, the part of it that was still left was enough for the entire thing to regenerate.

"It was a failure again huh?'

"The fire power isn't strong enough to obliterate a level 98 cubic spe-nanite in one go,"

"Send a report to Jo industries,"

Gustav could hear the voices of the officials that had been observing from his standing position.

He saw a person dressed in a kind of pilot uniform come out of the large humanoid machine as some officials also went up to meet him.

Gustav who had been standing at the entrance area finally decided to move to other areas and check them out.

The moment he took a step forward an alarm rang out.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!


A robotic voice announced.

The instant that announcement was made everyone turned around to stare at the entrance area.

Gustav noticed that their eyes were focused on him.

'Oh I'm the unprotected lifeform,' He realized.

Some of the officials started heading towards him.

"Kid to go further in you'll need a protective suit," The first to get to him was a fat looking middle aged man with black goatee.

"The testing floors are always very dangerous especially for a youngster such as yourself so please before proceeding, put on a protective suit," Another male official with a bulky build explained

After hearing that Gustav understood the reason for the alarm and stares.

The officials obviously noticed him when he first arrived and also knew that he was among the participants of the entrance test.

However they had thought Gustav was only checking the place out and wouldn't go passed the entrance area which was also a safe zone so they ignored him.

"Where do I get the suit?" Gustav inquired.

The officials pointed behind him towards his left. There was a silver colored booth there. Gustav didn't miss this booth upon his entry into this test area but he had totally ignored it thinking it was some kind of storage room or something.

Gustav did as he was told and moved towards the booth. The booth had no door but the moment he arrived in front of it, an opening appeared and he proceeded to go in.

After getting in, a bright light engulfed his entire being and Gustav was reminded of the time he arrived on the static floor to undergo the test sub phases.

In a few seconds the light went out and Gustav found his entire body clad in a bulky white and black suit with a large helmet.

His entire body had been covered from head to toe.

Because of the helmet his vision had been dyed red however it didn't hinder his visuality instead it kinda helped in improving it.

The helmet was a computerized type that gave him a 270 degrees vision and also read energy so it could alarm him when a situation was dangerous.

Gustav could read energy using God Eyes but he was didn't have a 270 degrees vision unless he transformed into a solar worm. Also the suit was extremely sturdy. From feeling the texture Gustav could tell that it would be very difficult to break through its defenses.

Gustav walked out of the booth and the officials in the vicinity nodded before some of them went back to their activities.

The fat official with a black goatee walked towards Gustav and asked, "Would you like a tour of test floor 012,"

Gustav nodded in affirmation and proceeded to follow behind the man.

By the way I'm official Glanus, from the HMR warfare department," The man decided to strike a conversation with Gustav as they moved about the place.

"I'm Gus…" Gustav was about to reply with his own name when officer Glanus interrupted.

"Gustav Crimson haha you don't need to tell me your name, you're popular all across the tower right now," He said with a burst of light laughter.

"Oh," Gustav muttered with a wry smile.

"Honestly we're all proud that we have such a genius in our city… Be sure to represent us well in the global final phase," Officer Glanus stated.

"Hmm," Gustav nodded slightly but within himself he said, 'I don't really care about representing the city, I'm here for my own reasons but I will make sure I don't soil the name of the teacher who trained me by performing badly,'

"Officer Glanus," Gustav called out to him as the passed through another area where a large humanoid machine was initiating combat with another towards their south west.

"Yes?" Officer Glanus responded.

"You mentioned being from the HMR warfare department… what is that all about?" Gustav asked.

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