The Bloodline System

Chapter 213 Unfazed

She wanted to surpass her limit here and now.

"Grrrhh!" Angy groaned as her body started vibrating with intensity.


At first, it looked like she was trembling, but when some spectators stared properly, they noticed that this wasn't the case.

Angy was vibrating at superspeed, making her body look like it was a computer glitch.

As she kept vibrating, the large cylindrical structure above her was slowly being bounced upwards.

Her body started straightening as she pushed her knees up.

"Arrrgghhhhh!" Angy screamed as she kept it up for a few more seconds.


She finally managed to lift the entire structure up again, straightening her body completely.

"Huff! Huff! Huff! Huff!" She started breathing in and out while her hands were still holding up the structure.

A smile appeared on her face as she felt her body get lighter.

"Finally, I got to the second step," Angy muttered.

Just a while ago, when Angy was vibrating intensely with the determination to go past her limit along with the pressure of the large cylindrical structure pressing down on her, she broke through to the second step Zulu rank.

Since the beginning, Angy had been channeling her bloodline, making use of the pressure to push herself further.

Now she had successfully channeled it past the first step. Angy felt like her body was floating, and energy started circulating inside her.

Her bloodline increased in saturation, pumping more strength into her body.


The robotic voice announced, and Angy felt the weight of the structure above her increase.

Unlike the last time where her body had been vibrating, this time, she pushed the structure upwards slowly with a smile on her face.

'I can do this,' She stared internally as she pushed it upwards completely.

Glistening sweat was still dripping from her body. However, this time it made her look ravishing, giving her a certain kind of charm, most especially because of the look of determination displayed on her face.


On the other side, Gustav was done with the aptitude/intelligence sub-phase. He had gotten a '9.9', which was higher than anyone's score.

The next sub-phase was the same sub-phase Angy was undergoing right now.

The strength sub-phase.

Gustav walked towards the cylindrical structure that was extending from the ceiling above.

By the time he got under it, Angy had already reached her limit, and the test ended for her.

She managed to lift six thousand seven hundred pounds worth of matter which was her limit.

Normally, she would be getting a lot of recognition from this feat since mixedbloods with speed-related abilities were always physically weak. She managed to lift up to seven thousand when the highest was ten thousand, which was quite unique.

However, Gustav had completely stolen the spotlight. Everyone was eager to see how his performance would be till the end, so; they weren't really noticing Angy.

Only the supervisors had eyes on both of them and were constantly taking notes.

Angy had gotten a score of '7.8' in the strength phase, which was a lot high for a speedster.

She proceeded onto the fifth sub-phase, which was based on speed.

This was Angy's forte, so she wasn't in any way tensed about this.

All she needed to do was run, something she had been doing all her life.

Immediately after Angy went into the next space, she sensed a weird feeling.

This space was only about four hundred feet in length, but it felt longer and broader.



Immediately after the go-ahead was given, Angy squatted and dashed forward with speed.

The instant her legs started moving across the floor, she understood why the space felt that way.

For some reason, she had crossed over two hundred feet in a second, but it looked like she had only crossed ten feet. This was because the space was larger on the inside than it seemed on the outside.


Every step she took felt like the road ahead was expanding, giving her more room to increase her speed.

Now she understood why the other participants took longer to finish when there the space was only as large as four hundred feet.

From the outside, it would only be seen that the participants were running with the highest speed they could muster, which sometimes made their bodies look a bit blurry. However, those participants would only move a few feet forward even though their body looked like it was in fast motion.

Only those that were undergoing the test phase would be able to tell that the space around them was expanding as they moved forward, making it look like they hadn't taken a single step forward.

Nobody had been able to get to the other end of the room in less than five minutes.

Angy smiled as she came to an understanding and increased her speed.


She dashed forward intensely, causing an air rippling effect as her body pushed against the space enlargement.

Angy speed increased to more than five hundred feet per second, and it could be seen from above that she was advancing towards the end of the space in a few seconds.

On the other side of the floor, Gustav had his hand placed underneath the large cylindrical structure.


Even when that amount of mass came bearing down on his hands, Gustav was still placing them on the bottom of the large cylindrical structure with a casual look.

It was almost like it weighed nothing to him.

-"He didn't even budge?"

-"Did the weight truly increase?"

-"I can see any sign of discomfort on his face,"

Gustav's casual expression was displayed on the screens for everyone to see.

He was in his normal form, yet he was lifting two thousand pounds like it was nothing.


The robotic voice announced, and the structure descended more.

Still, just like before, Gustav did not even change his posture.

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