The Bloodline System

Chapter 204 Live Broadcast

"That's enough," The one in black voiced out, and everything instantly went back to normal.

"Treat him," The man in black said to the other two, and they immediately went to take care of the green-haired kid.

"You're coming with me," The man voiced out once again before touching Endric's left shoulder.

Before Endric could reply...


They both disappeared.

Aidris stood there for a while and looked around.

He walked towards the blonde girl sitting on the floor with her back against the wall and helped her up.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

She nodded with a look of panic on her face.

The tension in the environment died down, and everyone began to move towards the waiting rooms because, at this moment, the fourth phase had begun.

A few minutes ago, after Gustav arrived in the waiting room, the five supervisors appeared within the room.

They appeared at the exact time after two hours had gone by.

"We will now move to floor 817," Gradier Xanatus voiced out immediately after their arrival.

This time everyone arrived in the waiting room at the right time, so no one was disqualified.

Trrooiinn! Trooinn! Trooinn! Trooinn!

Six glowing doorways suddenly appeared in the middle of the room, and Gradier Xanatus urged everyone to go through it.

The participants did as they were told and arrived in a large stadium-like arena upon going through the doorways.

Everyone was directed towards the sitting area.

The supervisors took their seats on the west side of the large arena, and a large screen appeared behind them.

Zing! Zing! Zing!

Three more holographic screens appeared on the east, south and north of the stadium-like arena.

Now screens appeared on the four corners of the stadium-like arena so everyone could see from every direction.

Zwweeiiii! Zwweeiiii!

Some orb like flying objects dived into the arena through the glowing doorways, and the holographic screens instantly lit up.

The holographic screens started displaying different parts of the stadium like arena.

The orb like flying objects disappeared after entry. It was apparent that they were cameras that could turn invisible.

At this moment, the location of the fourth phase was being broadcasted all across the city.

Every sky scrapper and advert screen in every corner of the city displayed the event, and everyone was watching.

It had been announced earlier that the MBO entrance test would be eventually broadcasted, so the whole city had been waiting on it.

They were informed of the time as well as the phase that was currently ongoing, so everyone was intrigued to see the participants that had made it so far.

People watched from all across the city as the participants picked different spots to take a seat.

It was like a stadium, but the space in the middle was a black colored smooth floor.

The entire space in the middle was as long as one thousand two hundred feet and wide as four hundred feet.

The city's citizens watched as some youngsters in white walked through the glowing gateways and found places to sit.

Some of them already figured that these were the ones with privileges, while the youngsters in the normal outfits were the ones that would be participating in the current phase.

-"That's my son, haha, he made it!"

-"Oh my goodness, my child is there,"

The cameras would sometimes zoom in on the spectator seats, and the screen would display the faces of some participants.

The parents of these kids recognized their children the instant they were displayed on the screen.

Even though they hadn't seen their child home yet, which proved that they probably passed the previous phases, most parents still needed confirmation.

About two hundred participants made it to the current phase and were about to display their abilities.

After the youngsters had stopped streaming in, Gradier Xanatus stood up from his sitting position, and all the cameras focused on him.

"Now, the fourth phase will begin!" He voiced out.

Everyone focused on him as he started speaking.

"According to your badge numbers, you will approach the static floor and display your abilities based on the subcategories," He explained.

From this, everyone already deduced that there will be different categories.

"When your badge number is shown, approach the static floor. Remember your data assessment scores, as well as points, will be based on your performance in this phase. A suit has been designed for this phase to aid in the usage of your bloodline and also ensure that your flow and movement are not restricted in any manner," Gradier Xanatus added before taking his seat.

The participants were feeling tensed now more than ever, while some actually hyped up since the eyes of the whole city were on them.


A robotic voice reverberated across the vicinity.

It turned out that this phase was going to be taken in twos.

Two participants started approaching the floor from the east and west sides, respectively.

One was a male with short black hair and green lines on his neck area, while the other was a female with long purple hair and ram horns.

They both looked fierce as they approached the floor.

Immediately they got to the middle a long black glowing wall extended from the floor in front of them both.


The robotic voice resounded again.

They placed their palm on the wall, and a bright glow covered them from head to toe.

Their clothes were being ripped from their body and slowly replaced by an organic technological suit.

Of course, due to the bright light, no one could see their bodies, so they had no idea what was going on within the light.

By the time the light disappeared, both participants were now clad in full white organic suits with blue and black stripes.

The suits were a bit similar in appearance to full bodysuits but obviously more sophisticated.

Both participants felt more relaxed and flexible wearing it.

The wall descended back into the floor, and the robotic voice instructed them to stand at the edge of the floor.

The boy stood on the far left while the girl stood on the far right.


A long wall suddenly sprouted out of the floor and divided the entire floor into two halves.

The boy, of course, was on the left half while the girl was on the right.

The wall had separated them, giving each their space.

"You have a single task right now which comprises of all the sub-phases," Gradier Xanatus's voice travelled across the place as both participants stare at the wide space ahead.

"Do everything within your capacity to get to the other end of the static floor!"

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