The Bloodline System

Chapter 194 The Unforgiving V-red Wasps

A sea of illusionary wasps was stationed in front, which was why the wasps chasing felt even more confident. However, when Gustav entered into this sea of wasps, to their disappointment, nothing happened to Gustav.

Nevertheless, they kept chasing him even after he went in.

They were relentless in chasing after him. Their numbers hadn't dropped since the start, and they were somehow able to keep up with Gustav's speed since he currently wasn't making use of the Dash.

Gustav didn't want to attack them because of their numbers which were well over a thousand. Their bodies cast a shadow over him from behind.

If he was to attack so many at a time without getting scathed, he would need to use some other bloodline ability and not just brute strength alone.

"Hmm?" Gustav turned his head to the side to stare at the back when he sensed something.

Vrrhh! Brrhh! Vrrhh! Brrhh!

The wasps suddenly started merging with one another.

'They can do this too?' Gustav was surprised at the sudden merging that was happening behind him.

With each merge, the wasp group would become larger.

'looks like I have to increase my speed,' Gustav said internally and activated Dash.

[Dash has been activated]


Gustav's speed instantly increased by thirty points as he moved speedily across the place, increasing the gap between him and the wasps by a lot.

In a few seconds, he had left the swarm in the dust.

He had given them so much distance that they couldn't be seen behind him anymore.


Gustav moved zig zag across the forest, dodging a number of densely packed blazing trees up ahead.

[Dash has been deactivated]

Trrooiinn! Trooinn!

Just after Dash was deactivated, a flash of bright light suddenly appeared on Gustav's west.

It was several hundred meters away from his current position.

Just as Gustav turned to the side to start moving in that direction, he sensed something headed for him with super speed.


He instantly jumped backward as a red silhouette streak past his front.

Sweei! Bang!

A gigantic-looking red wasp slammed into the trees in front of Gustav, bringing them down in the process.


It screeched loudly and came to a slight pause after slamming into those trees.

It was as large as a small pick-up truck, and its wings were wider than a tree full of branches and leaves.

In the next second, it started beating its wings furiously again, stirring up an immense amount of wind.


It dashed towards Gustav on the side while opening its mouth wide in a bid to swallow him whole.

"What the..?" Gustav had already activated Dash, but the wasp's sudden acceleration came as a surprise, and he couldn't get away in time.

Gustav crossed his arms while swinging the right one up and the left one down.


The creature slammed into him, and both of them went flying several hundred feet backward, smashing into numerous trees on the path.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A trail of destruction was left due to the collisions.

The large wasp looked like it was struggling with something as it kept wriggling and beating its wings.

On a closer look, the wasps' upper and lower mouth had been grabbed by Gustav, and he happened to be pushing them upwards and downwards, causing a separation.

The mouth of the creature was left open due to Gustav's intense grip.

There was a trail of his legs on the ground, which proved that he had been sliding backward since the collision between him and the wasp. However, now his legs were firmly pinned to the ground. There was a small heap of sand behind both feet.

The wasps tried pulling itself from Gustav's grip by beating its wings, but its efforts were futile.

His muscles bulged intensely, causing his sleeves to tear.


Gustav groaned as he forcefully lifted the massive creature and threw it behind him.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The wasps screeched in pain as they kept slamming into the trees. Its body traveled backward with intensity due to Gustav's throw.

Gustav didn't wait for a second more before dashing in the direction of the bright lights that appeared earlier.

He couldn't help but think that it was more important than dealing with the meddlesome and large wasp.

'Why did it seem so weak... Shouldn't the combination of thousands of them be stronger than that,' Gustav wondered.

The moment he crossed a thousand feet, he understood why.

He could already see two silver glowing gateways in the distance. Gustav instantly figured out that one of them must be a gateway. However, he felt two fast objects approaching from behind.

Zwwoooonn! Zwwoooonn!

In the next second, they caught up to him, and Gustav saw that they looked exactly like the large wasp that he faced a few moments back.

'Of course, there was more than one,' Gustav said internally while jumping towards the right to dodge the first one that lunged at him.

The second one also came after him from behind.

Swoooshhh! Thooom!

Gustav did a flip in mid-air and landed on the back of the second one after it lunged forward.

He reached out both his hands to grab onto both wings and pulled them with intensity.

Schhrrrhhh! Splurt!


The wasps screeched in pain as both wings were uprooted from its back, and black blood came spurting out like a fountain.

Due to the loss of its wings, the wasp descended towards some trees in front.

Gustav leaped off the wasp as its head slammed into the trees.

While his body was still in mid-air, the other wasp lunged towards his descending body.

[Gravitational displacement has been activated]

Gustav's body suddenly descended with speed, causing the humongous wasp to miss him.

Gustav landed on his feet, and the wasp came to a stop after moving several hundred feet forward.

Just as Gustav wanted to engage it again, he noticed that the gateways that appeared on his west were dimming.

They had been dimming for a while now, but since he was engaging the wasps, he didn't realize it until now.

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