The Bloodline System

Chapter 182 Angy's True Speed

Angy stood up from her sitting position and started taking off her green sweater.

She looked pretty shy, but she had enough covering underneath, so she wasn't feeling disturbed.

Immediately after Angy pulled off her sweater, a short blue singlet covering her chest down to her ribs area could be seen. Her singlet wasn't what was attractive. Instead, it was what was beneath her singlet as well as on her two arms that looked intriguing.

A black metallic-looking flexible strap was wrapped around her belly. Her biceps were also wrapped by a miniature version of this strap.

Angy proceeded to tap seven buttons on the strap wrapped around her right arm.


A loud clicking sound echoed across the place as the strap opened up and fell to the ground.


It made a loud thudding sound as it fell to the ground.


The trio that arrived earlier was alarmed when they heard the thudding sound.

They turned around to look in Gustav and Angy's direction and were surprised at what they saw.

Angy was already tapping on the buttons of the strap wrapped around her left hand.

When she was done, another strap fell to the ground making a similar thudding sound.

'Are those what I think they are?' Teemee stared at Angy with a bewildered expression as he wondered.

Angy squatted next and rolled up the hem of her trousers, revealing the same straps as before wrapped around her ankles.

She did the same thing and unbuckled the straps.

After she was done, she proceeded to stand up and unlock the biggest strap wrapped around her stomach.


This time it sounded like a mini-explosion as the largest one made contact with the ground.

A small cloud of dust was formed due to its mass.

'She had weight straps on all these times, yet she was still able to move about at such a high speed,'

The green-skinned girl, Ria, and Teemee were once again shocked by what had just happened.

Gustav smiled at her and asked, "How do you feel now?"

"I don't know how to describe it... It feels like my body is weightless," Angy moved as she spoke, trying to get used to her current body mass.

Gustav had made her wear these straps about six weeks ago when he started training her.

At first, he started with two straps on her arms which nearly caused them to fracture since Angy was very weak. However, as time passed, she got used to it and was able to get back to her normal speed while running after a week.

Gustav began to increase the weight of the straps on her body.

These straps altogether weighed about eight thousand kilograms. Angy would not lift something as heavy as that normally. Still, since they were placed on different parts of her body, there was enough distribution.

Also, she was lifting them with her body, so she was able to pull them off after intense hours and weeks of training.

"Try running around," Gustav proposed.

Angy nodded and dashed forward.


It was like cutting through the air. After images were created as Angy ran around the space.

Thwwi! Thwwii! Thwii! Swoooshhh!

She had returned to her previous position, but it still looked as if she was running in a circular format around the space.

A single movement made her appear close to a thousand feet away from her initial position and back.

Without activating God eyes, Gustav's eyes were barely able to follow her speed. In a fight, he would still be able to predict her movements and react accordingly, but her speed had already far outstripped his.

The trio that arrived earlier had their mouths wide open again.

Unlike Gustav, they saw Angy everywhere at the same time. They couldn't pinpoint where her exact body was when she was running in a circular format.

'Isn't this literally cheating? How can a person have that kind of speed?'

'Maybe they aren't Zulu ranked,' This thought roamed their minds as they stared at Angy and Gustav.

Gustav was currently praising Angy while the trio was having ridiculous thoughts.

"I have decided!"

They suddenly heard a loud voice and turned to stare at Ria.

"I will not let you both surpass me in the next phase! Hahaha!" Ria shouted out while pointing in Gustav's direction and laughing.

Gustav stared at him for a few seconds before sitting down once again.

"Okay, good luck with that," he said and proceeded to close his eyes.

"Eh? You little! What's with that uncaring expression? You better accept me as your rival from now on!" Ria shouted out once again, but Gustav ignored him.

"Teemee, you're no longer worthy of being my rival! As from now on, he is my rival!" Ria shouted out again.

"Tch! He's my rival. You're the unworthy one here," Teemee said with a muttered.

That was how an argument began between the both of them.


The green-skinned girl shook her head with a look of disappointment.

"What is he doing?" She muttered with a low voice while staring at Gustav, who happened to be closing his eyes.

"Let's not disturb him right now. He was at a crucial point, channeling his bloodline before we all arrived here," Angy answered and proceeded to walk forward to sit in front of the boulder.

"Oh," The green-skinned girl exclaimed with a surprised look, 'He can channel his bloodline in such an environment?'

The green-skinned girl was surprised because while channeling bloodline, a mixedblood needed a place with no disturbance for it to go smoothly. The room temperature must be at a particular point.

This environment was lacking in all the compulsory aspects. However, it didn't seem like Gustav was experiencing any form of discomfort, unlike how it was supposed to be.

The green girl proceeded to sit down beside Angy.

"I'm Angy... what's your name?" Angy initiated a conversation with the green-skinned girl.

"I'm Glade," she said while stretching out her hand towards Angy.

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