The Bloodline System

Chapter 180 Battle Between The Trio

Teemee noticed that he was running out of juice as they traveled further.

The green-skinned girl had now increased the gap between them by about four feet.

He struggled to close the gap, but he couldn't because he was almost out of energy.

At this point, they were only about two hundred feet away from the wall of light, and it would only take a few moments for them to arrive in front of the light barrier.

"Ahhh!" Teemee screamed out as he coated his knuckles in red energy before swinging them towards the back of the green-skinned girl.

She sensed the attack coming from behind and turned around swiftly while placing her sickle in front of her.


Teemee's fist slammed into her sickle, sending her several feet backward as the sickle lost its glow.

Just as she stopped sliding backward, Teemee lunged towards her once again.

"I'm getting there first," he voiced out as he arrived in front of her and swung out his fist again.


The green-skinned girl turned her body towards the side and swung the butt of her sickle upwards.


Her sickle slammed into Teemee's right arm, causing it to flail upwards.

She spun her sickle around and slammed it into Teemee's chest, sending him flying.


Teemee landed on his back several feet away.

The green-skinned girl was about to turn around and continue her journey when Ria arrived in front of her.

He swung the large rocky hammer he created from the ground towards her.

Shing! Shing!

She swung out her sickle twice in response, and the large three feet rock-like hammer was instantly divided into three halves.

Before Ria could regain his senses, the green-skinned girl had already jumped into the air, and her right leg was currently swinging towards his face.

Ria quickly raised his hand up to protect himself. However, immediately her right foot made contact with his arm, he realized that this girl shouldn't be trifled with.


"Argh!" Ria screamed out as the kick sent his hand out of the way, and her legs slammed into his left cheek.

Blood spurted out of his mouth as his body traveled in an arc across the air.

'How is she so strong?' Ria said internally with an expression of pain and disbelief before slamming onto the ground.

"Hmph!" The green-skinned girl exclaimed with a disappointed expression before turning around to start walking towards the wall of light.

"I won't let you," Teemee jumped up after voicing out.

"Neither Cow tail nor Teemee will be the first to get in! I will go in before you both!" Ria shouted out and forcefully pushed himself up also.

The green-skinned girl turned around to face them.

"These little shits think they're so great now, huh?" She said with a repressed look while conjuring another large sickle made of red energy in her left hand.

She raised them and pointed at them both.

The three stared at each other for a few seconds.

However, just as they were about to lunge towards one another, they sensed something in the distance.

"Huh?" Teemee and Ria exclaimed at the same time, but just as they turned around to check what was going on, a silhouette streaked past them.


The green-skinned girl saw only caught sight of silver and pink-colored hair before the person dashed past her.

The speed was too great for any of them to react on time.

Before they could regain their composure, the person had arrived at the light barrier.


The barrier rippled like waves as the person's body pushed through it.

It expanded like rubber before the person finally passed through it.

The three of them stared with looks of disbelief as the person arrived on the other side.

They seemed speechless. All the banter and fight had been for nothing.

'She beat us to it,' Teemee said internally with a conflicted look.

"Damn it! See what you both caused!" Ria shouted out with an annoyed look.

'Just who is she?' Teemee stared at the person who arrived inside the light wall before them.

'Isn't that the girl who was sitting beside that blonde boy?' The green-skinned girl recognized the person.

It was a beautiful and gentle-looking girl with silver and pink colored hair. Two horns protruded from her forehead.

After arriving inside the light barrier, she smiled at them before turning around and walking towards the huge boulder in front.

"Ah, such a weak-looking girl got there before us," Ria said before he started moving, walking forward with a disappointed expression.

The green-skinned girl also had a disappointed expression on her face, but she accepted that what had happened had happened.

Teemee and the green-skinned girl also started walking towards the wall of light.

When they arrived, they tried different methods, and after a minute, the three of them managed to pass through.

The gravitational force returned back to normal the instant they phased through the light barrier.

Ria pulled his feet out of the ground and sighed in relief. The red aura-like energy surrounding the green-skinned girl and Teemee also disappeared.

They looked around the space within the barrier created by the large spherical green ball of light above.

It was large enough to fit thousands of people.

This was when they properly noticed the huge boulder placed in the middle of the space.

'Just how did that get here?' The three of them had similar thoughts as they scrutinized the large boulder in front.

"Who is she talking to?" Ria voiced out with a confused look while staring at the girl who got here before them.

She was currently standing on the right side of the boulder while staring at the ground in front.

Her lips occasionally moved up and down, which signified that she was talking to someone.

The three of them walked over to check what was happening.

"You got here about thirty minutes after I did... Not bad,"

A charming masculine voice drifted into their ears as they approached the girl in front.

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