The Bloodline System

Chapter 18 - Rumors Of Violence

Chapter 18: Rumors Of Violence

"Hey what are you doing here?"

A female voice questioned, bringing him out of his reverie.


Gustav turned towards the right.

Three columns to the right a lady sporting black hair, in a pink tight fitted gown, was walking toward him. She wore a monocle on her right eye. She looked to be in her mid twenties only a little bit older than miss Aimee. Difference was she was married and not as beautiful.

"I have never seen you here before! Who let you in?" The female questioned with a glare.

Surprisingly she didn't recognize Gustav's face. This was because she was the Librarian of Library D, Mrs. Poturie. She stayed in the library all of the time.

"Miss Aimee asked me to return this," Gustav raised the book as he replied.

"Miss Aimee sent you?" Mrs. Poturie scrutinized Gustav from head to toe as she asked with a look of disbelief.

Gustav nodded in affirmation.

"Let me see that," She said and took the book from Gustav.

"Yes, she did borrow this," Mrs. Poturie said after checking out the book.

She lowered the book down and noticed that Gustav was no longer in front of her.

He was had already walked further and was currently checking out a shelf ahead.

"Yes, why are you still here?" Mrs. Poturie questioned with a glare again.

"You have completed your errand, now you can leave!" She stated as she walked towards Gustav.

Gustav who was currently checking out the books on the shelf in front of him with a serious look didn't even bother to give her a reply.

'Hmm... not here... not there...' Gustav's eyes roamed across the shelf as his fingers moved swiftly pulling books forward and pushing them back once he found out that they weren't what he was searching for.

"Hey did..." Mrs. Poturie was about to say something when she was interrupted by Gustav.

"I need the other volume of that book!" Gustav voiced with an urgent look after realizing he couldn't check every single shelf here without spending hours.

There were more than a thousand bookshelves and each one was able to hold more than a thousand books, both thick and thin.

"You are not allowed to take any book from here!" Mrs. Poturie stated with a fierce look.

Gustav withdrew his hand from the shelf and turned to stare at Mrs. Poturie.

All of a sudden he started walking towards her. Mrs. Poturie had a look of bafflement seeing him approach her.

To her surprise, Gustav passed by her side and kept walking.

She turned around to stare at his back as he moved further ahead.

"I'll be sure to tell miss Aimee that you, Mrs. Poturie, stopped me from retrieving the book she wanted,"

She heard Gustav speak as he kept walking.

Her eyes widened in fear after he said that.

"Wait..." She called out to Gustav causing him to pause in his steps.

"I apologize for that, please let me get the next volume for you," Her tone suddenly turned respectful.

Gustav who still had his back facing her grinned.

"It worked,'


Thirty minutes later the skies were darkening and Gustav was already on his way home. In fact, he was almost home. His current skin tone was a brown one and his hair color right now was black.

He smiled as he recalled the last day's events.

The Librarian had given him not just the next volume of the book but the rest of the volumes that came after that.

There were five volumes in total. He already read the first volume so he was given the other four volumes and they were currently placed in the technological storage device he took from Hung Jo.

"Hmm? This proves that some of the things I heard about miss Aimee might be true," Gustav wondered as he recalled the rumors that were always flying around about Miss Aimee.

A lot of students said she hated mixed-bloods. He also heard a rumor about how she was formerly in the MBO before deciding to leave of her own accord. Which made him wonder why she would ever think of leaving.

He also heard about a time when Miss Aimee came to school dressed in a casual outfit. She wasn't recognized due to that and the security guard tried stopping her entry. It didn't end well for him since he was said to end up in the hospital with grievous injuries. She was also rumored to beat the Librarian, Mrs. Poturie, up. Mrs. Poturie called her a vulgar and vile mixed-blood.

Due to both of them being mixed-bloods and having the pride that came with being one, a fight ensued. Mrs. Poturie ended up being on the receiving end of miss Aimee's furious barrages. Miss Aimee kicked, slapped, and smacked the living daylights out of Mrs. Poturie.

Rumors said Mrs. Poturie wasn't able to touch a strand of Miss Aimee's hair even though Mrs. Poturie was said to possess a B-grade bloodline and belong to an affluent family.

Miss Aimee was the type who didn't care about any background, she would deal with anyone who dared to cause her trouble. She always got away with it, since she had the strength to back it up.

'The fear on Mrs. Poturie's face was real... I should use this to my advantage but I also have to make sure that miss Aimee doesn't find out,' Gustav came to this conclusion as he finally got home.

'Hmm? No one's around again,' Gustav noticed that the house was empty once again.

He walked into his room and sat on the edge of his bed tub.

"Open system interface!" Gustav called out.


[Host Attributes] [Skills and Abilities] [Bloodlines] [Quests] [Shop]


The red panel appeared in his line of sight.

Gustav stared at it for a little while.

''I wonder what level I have to get to before I can access shop... I can't wait to see what this shop function has to offer,'' Gustav stated with a look of anticipation.

The first time he tried to access the shop a notification popped up.

[Host hasn't reached the level required to access shop]

Every time he leveled up, he always tried to access it.

"Host attributes," Gustav called out.


[Host Attributes]

-Name: Gustav Oslov

-Level: 4

-Class: ?

-Exp: 250/9500

-Hp: 170/170

-Energy: 40/80


»Strength - 23

»Perception - 21

»Agility - 20

»Speed - 22

»Bravery - 19

»Intelligence - 22

»Charm - null

{Attributes point - 0}


Three weeks had passed since Gustav started his punishment and he would say it was going pretty well for him.

What Gustav didn't know was his strength right now was higher than the average Zulu ranked mixed-blood even though he wasn't a Zulu ranked mixed-blood yet.

His intelligence had already outstripped those of his peers and normal adults. It was now comparable to that of scientists.

He could analyze and recollect things with ease now. His thinking faculty was so fast right now that even in normal classes he answered technical science questions in seconds. The science teacher would always stare at him like he was a monster and sigh, 'If only he was a high graded mixed-blood,'

Even before Gustav was able to raise his intelligence with the system, the science teacher always had his eye on him but just like the rest, he had to always ignore Gustav's achievements due to his low-grade Bloodline.


Gustav had completed today's task and also distributed the attribute points in the school.

Right now he wanted to check his progress with the quest he received on the day he started his punishment.

He closed the attributes panel and opened the quest panel.








After the quest panel appeared in his line of sight he called out, "Monthly."


[One month Quest]

[Change your hair color and skin tone every time you leave your abode and when outside of the school premises]

{Duration - 15/30 days}

{Rewards }

»1000 exp

»15 attributes points

»Bloodline upgrade

»Random skill unlock


Gustav stared at the completion rate of the quest.

"Fifteen days more, hmm," Gustav was still baffled by the unique quest that made him use the morph ability when he was leaving home and school.

Whenever he was outside the school he wouldn't be recognized by any of his peers that saw him because of this.

He felt maybe the system was trying to make him train his morph ability because he noticed that the morph ability could level up without the input of the system.

He felt it was probably because it is tied to his bloodline and not one of the system-based abilities.

Gustav decided to close the system interface and brought out the four books he got from the library.

He held them together on top of one another.

They were all red covers like the first volume but the difference was the years placed on each front cover.

"History of the years 2077 - 2087!"

"History of the years 2088 - 2098!"

"History of the years 2099 - 2109!"

"History of the years 2110 - 2120!"

Gustav read the characters on each cover with a contemplative look.

"Looks like I'm not gonna get any sleep this night," Gustav exclaimed as he placed three out of the four books in his tub and held onto the last one.

"History of the years 2077 - 2087!"

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