The Bloodline System

Chapter 178 Reaching The Ball Of Light

Other participants that weren't equipped with a bloodline that could assist them in pulling through this region started floating. Since they did not have the power to fly, they lost their balance.

Once a person starts floating and couldn't control their movement in the air or had become incapacitated, once they got to a particular height in the sky, something happened. A mysterious glow of light would surround them, and they would disappear.

The participants who witnessed this could guess that the set of participants that disappeared has been disqualified.

When Angy arrived in this region about thirty minutes ago, she also sensed the change in gravitational force. Still, for reasons known to her, she wasn't bothered.

She only smiled and increased her speed of running.


At the moment she was closing in on the ball of light as she bolted across the path that led to it.

Surprisingly, she wasn't affected by the gravitational force.

At the speed at which she was moving, it wouldn't take long before she caught up with the three closest to the ball of light. She would soon meet up with the others, including Gustav even though they traveled on different routes.

-One hour later

Gustav could already see the ball of light above the ground several thousands of feet away from his position.

The green ball of light was bright and shiny, but it wasn't as big as Gustav expected.

It was comparable to a ten-story building in height, but it was spherical like an egg.

It wasn't very bright, so Gustav wondered why they could see it clearly from their starting point.

With the way it was visible from afar, he had expected that coming close to it would severely damage the retinas due to brightness. Suprisingly, things were somewhat different from what he imagined.

He looked around and noticed that all the paths led to the particular area where the spherical green light was suspended in the air.

Different paths were extending from every direction of the test phase, and they all led towards the green ball of light which happened to be in the middle.

Gustav now understood why he never met anyone at the beginning while traveling towards this place.

This was because everyone was positioned in a circular format at the ends of the test phase, so when travelling forward, they closed in on the green ball of light from every direction.

The green ball of light was in the middle of the space.

There was a barricade of light shining down from the spherical green light that touched the ground's surface.

Gustav instantly realized that within the space of that barricade of green light was where he needed to enter to complete this phase.

He started kept walking towards it casually.

The small marbles in the air at this point were very dense. By contrast, in the area where the spherical green light was located, nothing could be found in the air.

Gustav cautiously walked towards the barricaded light space.

He knew how unpredictable things were when it came to to the MBO.

There had been a lot of surprises since the start of this test phase, so his mind was currently on the alert for any kind of changes around him.

After about ten more minutes of walking, Gustav was only a few feet away from reaching the light shining down from the spherical ball above.

He finally got there in a few seconds and stood in front of it with a surprised expression.

'Looks like I was mistaken,' he said Internally while staring at the light wall.

He thought there would be some last obstacle that he needed to overcome, but to his surprise, there wasn't.

Gustav raised his right foot and moved it forward to enter the space, but he realized that he came to a conclusion too soon when his leg made contact with the wall of light.

His leg couldn't pass through. It turned out that the light was actually a barrier.

He thought he would pass through the light barricade without any obstruction, but it turned out this was the last obstacle that needed to be passed.

Kom! Kom! Kom!

Gustav kicked the light barrier thrice with little force, trying to check its sturdiness.

He still had the boulder on his shoulder at the moment as he contemplated, 'The MBO really thought this out... Due to the gravitational force, everyone's body weight will be inexistent. It would be nearly impossible for a weightless person to generate enough force to break through this... Even when equipped with a bloodline that can easily break through things, the circumstances this time is a bit unnerving,' He thought.

'Anyways... No point dwelling on it,' Gustav turned around while a charming smile hung on his face.

He walked about a hundred feet backwards and turned around to face the light wall.

He squatted slightly while still lifting the boulder on his shoulders.

'This isn't enough to stop me,'

[Dash has been activated]


Gustav's body blurred as he streaked across the ground, arriving in front of the light barrier instantly.

Gustav pushed the boulder in front of himself as he arrived in front of the light barrier.

The boulder made contact with the barrier first while Gustav's body was positioned behind it.

Ripples spread across the surface of the light barrier due to the intense impact.


Several thousand feet away, the three participants closest to Gustav approached the green ball of light. They could now see the different paths ahead that led to the green ball of light.

Since the paths were starting to reduce in width, they could vividly see the different other paths that led to the green ball of light.

The green-skinned girl with a red aura coating her entire body paused her steps as she sensed something and decided to turn around.

On the path on her right about three hundred feet behind, the boy with aqua-colored hair could be seen moving at a fair pace.

The path on her left about four hundred feet away, the boy with spiky orange hair could be seen taking one step at a time while his legs were sunk into the ground.

Both boys suddenly paused their steps as they noticed the girl ahead.

A frown appeared on their faces as they turned to the side and also noticed each other.

The three of them paused their movement as they discovered one another.

Tension suddenly filled the air as they stared at each other warily.

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