The Bloodline System

Chapter 169 Pride Of A Special Class

"Did that candidate just casually deal with a bunch of level six AIs without even activating his bloodline?"

The shock in his voice was evident.

He stared at other holographic screens, trying to see if he missed any other candidate that may have displayed the same prowess Gustav did. However, after checking for a long time, he couldn't find anything of sorts.

Most participants on the screen were struggling to deal with the AIs with their bloodline being activated. Contrary to other participants, Gustav dealt with five AI's by only using brute force.

Level six AIs were comparable to step two Zulu rank mixedbloods. So, it was understandable that the mixedbloods were having problems defeating them.

Although, most mixedbloods participating had surpassed the step two rank. Still, it would be challenging to defeat multiple Level six AIs within a specific period without taking damage.

'According to the scans, his bloodline should be related to transformation... How is he able to use this level of strength without transforming,' Gradier Xanatus thought.

"Bring up the information on that candidate," Gradier Xanatus pointed at the screen that showed Gustav dashing across the forest.


Another holographic screen appeared in front of him that displayed Gustav's personal information.

His name, address, date of birth, and so many other things were displayed.

"Hmm... Gustav Crimson..." Gradier Xanatus muttered with a weird look on his face wondering why something about this name felt familiar to him.

His eyes suddenly widened as he noticed a piece of information.

"His birth parents are the Oslovs?" He voiced out with a look of disbelief and confusion.

'Another prodigy from the Oslov family. Do they have three kids? Because Endric big brother was said to have a low-grade bloodline. I wonder why this one didn't catch the eyes of the inspectors... A mixedblood of this caliber should have passed the special test...' Gradier Xanatus thought while being puzzled at the new information he uncovered.

'Why does he bear the name "Crimson" if his original family is the Oslovs?'

A giant screen was placed in front of a hall, and several young people dressed in pure white uniform-like outfits sat on chairs opposite the screen.

Most of these youngsters gave off a confident and prideful vibe as they all watched the screen in front with contemplative looks.

A glass wall could be seen on the right side of the hall. Through the glass wall, clouds could be seen, which depicted that the current altitude of this location was very high.

On the front seat, a boy with curly black hair dressed like the others sat with his legs crossed.

Among all the others, he seemed to be the youngest because of his looks.

He had a conflicted look on his face as he stared at the screen ahead.

"What's the problem, Endric? You've been acting weird since we arrived at the hall. Are you sick?" A girl with long blonde hair beside him voiced out with a concerned look on her face while stretching out her hand to touch his face.


"Don't touch me," he voiced out with a repressed look while slapping her hand away from his face.

She withdrew her hand immediately but still kept facing him.

Endric kept gritting his teeth as he stared at a particular part of the screen.

She noticed this and followed his line of sight to check out what he was staring at.

On a particular part of the screen, a tall boy with dirty blonde hair had just exited a small forest and was now headed towards the mountain pass up ahead.

"Hmm? Why do you two look so identical?" She asked with a suspicious gaze.

"None of your bus..." Before Endric could complete his sentence, someone interrupted from the side.

"Isn't that your big brother?" A boy sporting short brown hair asked while pointing at the screen.

"Uh? Endric's big brother?" The girl voiced out with a surprised look and turned back to stare at the screen.

'No wonder,' she said internally.

"What do you mean by big brother?!" Endric's face suddenly twisted in rage as he stared at the person on his right-hand side.

The space around Endric suddenly warped and twisted.

"Ugh!" The boy beside him suddenly fell to the ground on his knees.

"Wh-at a-re yo-u doing?" He stuttered while asking as his body trembled.

Other people in the hall were confounded by the sudden turn of events and stared at the front with a dumbfounded look.

"He is no brother of mine!" Endric voiced out loudly, causing the space to twist even more.

The boy felt heavy pressure descend upon him causing his entire body to be forcefully pinned to the ground.


"Endric stop it," The girl on his left voiced out.

"Shut up! Just because you managed to pass the special test doesn't mean you're on the same level with me!" Endric Voiced out with a prideful look causing the girl to flinch back, speechless.

He turned to face the boy who was struggling to move on the ground.

"Watch your words next time, fool!" He said before turning around to leave the hall.

The boy on the ground felt the air return to normal, and his body lightened up again.

He slowly stood up while gasping for breath with a look of embarrassment visible on his face.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

-"Tch, He's so full of pride at such a young age,"

-"He is a special class, that's to be expected,"

-"None of the special class showed up here to watch the test except for him,"

-"I can't believe he has a brother,"

The silent hall became a little noisy after what had happened.

The girl who tried stopping Endric earlier helped the other boy up.

"I can't believe Endric did that to me. I was his senior for years," He voiced out after sitting down.

"Gurg, don't be mad at him," She said with a pleading look.

"You're always supporting him, Paula, yet he treated you like shit," Gurg said with a look of pity.

"I... Don't..." She stuttered, not knowing what to say.

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