The Bloodline System

Chapter 16 - Miss Aimee Suspicions

Chapter 16: Miss Aimee Suspicions

After school hours Gustav was heading towards the teachers' block c to go clean their offices.

In his hand was a rectangular-looking technological device. It was black and had two circular holes on both sides. ​​

This was a cleaning device. It weighed about two hundred and twenty kilograms.

Normally the device had a wheel to allow easy movement but the one given to Gustav had the wheels purposely removed by the head cleaner of the school.

They had expected Gustav to have a hard time lifting it but were disappointed when Gustav lifted it with ease.

Gustav was currently using his right hand to hold onto it while it was placed on his right side.

After walking for about ten minutes and passing through several blocks Gustav finally arrived at the teachers' block c.

It was a two-story luxurious looking academic building. It was painted cream and had designs of different sorts on it.

At this time teachers were already leaving the school to their homes which made it easier for Gustav to go from office to office while cleaning.

This was the first time Gustav was tasked to clean the teachers' offices located in block c.

Gustav found it easy to clean most of these offices because they were neat most of the time.

He started from downstairs, going from office to office.

When he entered an office, he would place the device on the ground and press a button underneath it.


"Scanning environment for pollution!"

A robotic-like voice would be heard and after a few seconds, it would be heard again.

"Pollution found! Commencing cleansing!"

The machine would emit an aqua-colored light that filled the entire office.

Every form of dirt right to the last particles would be incinerated by the light.

It was around five pm in the evening at this time and Gustav had cleaned about three other buildings before coming here. This was the last building he was meant to clean for the day.

After about thirty minutes, Gustav was almost done cleaning every office on this block.

He was currently walking through a corridor on the first floor headed towards the office at the end.

He got to the door after a few seconds and looked at the top.

At the top corner, there was a rectangular tag that where the name of the teacher to whom the office belonged was written.

"Hmm? This is miss Aimee's office?" Gustav noticed the name on the tag at the top of the door.

Gustav brought out a small metal square and placed it before the door.


Immediately Gustav opened the door and walked in his eyes widened.



What appeared in his line of sight was a beautiful female sporting long grey hair standing in front of a brown leather sofa.

She was currently in tightly fitted sky blue jeans while trying to put on a white T-shirt.

The reason for Gustav's shocked reaction was, the female standing in front had half of her body exposed. Her belly button along with her smooth and flat tummy was visible. Gustav could also see her green Lacy bra which did not do well to hide the cups underneath.

The female who was obviously changing into another wear before He came in, paused and glared at him.

"Mi-ss Ai-mee?" Gustav exclaimed as he turned around quickly and closed the door while dropping the equipment in his hand.


"Huff! Huff! Huff! I'm dead!" Gustav started running towards the stairs.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

"You think you can just run after peeking at my body like that?" Gustav heard the cold voice of miss Aimee from behind.

Gustav's speed was currently very fast enough to outrun the fastest of athletes yet miss Aimee caught up with him immediately.

Gustav felt a hand try to grab onto him from behind.

He quickly moved his body to the left, dodging the hand by a hair breath but before he could move further, the same hand suddenly moved swiftly toward the right.

Gustav was fast but he wasn't fast enough to dodge this and before he could even activate dash, the hand grabbed onto his neck and lifted him.

Gustav was like a little chick who was incapable of doing anything once he was grabbed.

-A few moments later

Inside Miss Aimee's office, Gustav was kneeling in front of the sofa with miss Aimee sitting on it while her legs were crossed.

"So you came to clean my office and didn't even bother to knock before pushing the doors open!" Miss Aimee stated with a fierce look.

"Miss Aimee it wasn't my intention... Other teachers have left the school, I didn't know that you would still be around." Gustav explained without hurry.

Now that he was calm he felt that running might have been a little too extreme, he felt he should have just explained the to her first since Miss Aimee wasn't as unreasonable as most of the staff in the school.

"So you weren't told?" Miss Aimee asked with an intense glare.

"Told... told what, miss Aimee?" Gustav asked with an obvious look of confusion.

Miss Aimee stared at Gustav's expression with a straight look.

"I take care of cleaning my office by myself," Miss Aimee stated.

Gustav finally understood why the head cleaner was smiling at him after telling him to go clean block c.

"I wasn't told," Gustav replied honestly while raging in his heart, 'That old man set me up,'

Miss Aimee's gaze softened up a little after reading Gustav's expression and realizing he was saying the truth.

"Still that's no reason for you to just barge in, learn how to knock next time," Miss Aimee added.

"Yes I apologize once again," Gustav said.

Originally he was just excited since this was the last place he was supposed to clean for the day which was why he forgot to knock.

"Hnm, now you can go," Miss Aimee decided to release him.

Gustav stood up and bowed slightly before walking towards the door.

Miss Aimee watched him leave with a contemplative gaze showing on her face.

'His demeanor has changed,' She stared intently at Gustav's movement.

She had noticed that his manner of speaking, walking and even his outward appearance was now different from before.

'Something is going on with this kid,' Miss Aimee noted after scrutinizing him properly.

Gustav pulled the door open and walked out. Just as he wanted to close it Miss Aimee called out to him.

"Gustav come here!"

Gustav heard her call and went back in.

"Hmm? what is it, Miss Aimee?" He questioned with a slightly baffled look.

"Return this book to library D for me!" She picked up a red-covered book beside her and threw it towards Gustav who was still standing at the door.


The book moved across the air with a fast speed, headed towards Gustav's face.


Gustav caught the book just as it was three inches away from making contact with his face.

"Alright," Gustav nodded with a slight smile and walked out.


The door closed up and Gustav's figure was no longer visible but miss Aimee was Still staring at the door.

"Something is definitely up with that kid... he even smiled," Miss Aimee noticed some things that weren't present before.


Gustav picked up the equipment he dropped outside miss Aimee's office and pushed the button beneath it.


"Scanning environment for pollution!" The robotic voice sounded out again.

Gustav sighed in relief after seeing that the machine was still functioning and pressed the button again to switch it off.

He dropped it earlier due to shock. While miss Aimee was reprimanding him earlier his mind was on the machine, hoping it wouldn't experience any kind of fault so he wouldn't have to spend his stolen... compensation money on buying new cleaning equipment for the school.

He held the red-covered book in his left hand and proceeded to walk out of the building.

A slight frown hung on his face as he walked.

"Miss Aimee was testing me," Gustav said in a low voice.

This was something he noticed when she threw the book towards him.

The speed at which she threw it was enough to knock a full-grown man out upon contact.

If this was Gustav's former self, he would have been knocked out cold since his eyes wouldn't even be able to follow the speed of the book. His head would have nearly been uprooted from his neck.

"I need to avoid her," Gustav came to this conclusion.

Gustav thought about the consequences of someone finding out about him having the system and it scared him to imagine the horrors that would befall him.

This didn't mean he was going to hide like a coward and pretend like he didn't have strength, but he planned to tread with caution until he finally made it into the MBO training camp.

Gustav walked towards the cleaners lounge to go drop the equipment before heading towards library D.

Gustav held the book up and stared at the cover.

"History of year 2076!" Gustav squinted his eyes as he saw the name.

"Isn't that the same year the Slarkovs were said to descend upon the earth?"

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