The Bloodline System

Chapter 159 Miss Aimee Worries

This had her wondering, 'How is miss Aimee able to ride at such speed without causing any accidents?'

In a few minutes, they were already closing in on the long tower positioned in the heart of the city.

Gustav and Angy stared at the majestic tower that kept getting closer in their line of sight.

The closer they got, the more Angy felt tensed but as for Gustav, the closer they got the more his excitement grew. Of course, being a good actor, Gustav was able to hide this efficiently.

They weren't the only ones headed there so road traffic was already forming the closer they got.

Since Miss Aimee was using a hoverbike she was able to move amid the other vehicles in the vicinity.

A lot of other participants within different vehicles stared at the bike streaking through the road with ease and wondered how a bike could move with so much speed in such a clustered space.

In about two more minutes they closed in on an area barricaded by energy walls similar to that of the border but Gustav could tell that they were on different levels and somehow this area was a lot more secure.

It was no longer a residential area. Not even a single house could be seen around here. different roads linked to the barricaded energy walls.

Within the barricaded walls, the high MBO tower could be seen standing proudly and looking majestic.

Armored vehicles moved in and out of the barricaded area and security operatives in blue and black technologically advanced suits also moved around the place.

Miss Aimee slowed down their speed and came to a stop several hundred meters from the entry point of the barricaded energy walls.

"This is as far as I go kids," Miss Aimee said after stopping the movement of the bike on the side of the road.

Gustav and Angy nodded before getting down from the bike.

They walked forward a bit and turned to face Miss Aimee.

"Good luck you both," Miss Aimee said to them with a smile.

"Thanks, miss Aimee," They both answered and turned around to stare at the facility in front for a bit before moving forward.

"Gustav," Miss Aimee called out to Gustav after he and Angy walked a few feet forward.

"Keep moving, I'll catch up with you," Gustav said to Angy before turning around and walking back towards Miss Aimee.

Other vehicles could be seen moving towards the entry point of the large vicinity ahead.

Lots of them passed by Miss Aimee's and Gustav's position and arrived at the entry points in front. Miss Aimee was the only person with a vehicle that stopped this far from the entry point.

"Hmm? Is something wrong, miss Aimee?" Gustav asked with a look of curiosity.

"Are you sure about Angy? I understand that she's a lovely girl and I also like her but is she really cut out to be your accomplice... Don't you think she might pull you down? You know there's a vast difference between you and her," Miss Aimee voiced out her concerns.

"I understand what you mean, miss Aimee but I can assure you that although she doesn't seem it, she actually is quite special... She might surprise you today," Gustav said with an assuring look.

Gustav speaking up for Angy made miss Aimee reevaluate Angy, 'Maybe he sees some kind of potential in her that I don't,'

"Also, it's an individual test so if she fails we won't be able to partner up in the future so I can't be sure if we will become accomplices in the future," Gustav added.

"Don't jump to conclusions so soon... What makes you think every test is going to be individual?" Miss Aimee said before turning on her hoverbike's engine again.

"Huh?" Gustav exclaimed.

"Just be careful... You're a shining star, I don't want your light to be dimmed," Miss Aimee said before turning her bike around and zooming off into the distance.

Gustav's face returned to normal after miss Aimee's departure. He turned around to stare at the facility with a determined look before starting to move forward.

At this moment, some participants had also gone through the entry point after going through physical examinations and some security protocols.

No vehicle was allowed into the vicinity. The MBO branch in any city was always well guarded and restricted from public entry.

Even a rich and influential mixed-blood wouldn't be allowed in unless for official purposes.

A lot of mixed-bloods that were brought to this place with luxurious vehicles were also denied entry, so every mixed-blood who wanted to participate had to get down at the entry point.

Gustav, Angy, and many other mixed-bloods strutted into the vicinity after passing the examination protocols.

Immediately they got in, what appeared in their line of sight were several small buildings connected to the base of the large tower.

Technological power plants constructed with power crystals could be seen around. These plants were in charge of powering up the large tower that was so tall, it pierced the clouds.

The outer surface of the tower had glowing colors on them that prevented anyone from seeing what was within.

It was structured to look unique and was as wide as a hundred sky scrappers placed together.

No one knew how tall it was since that information wasn't publicly disclosed but a lot of rumors have been spread about how its tip crossed the outer layer of the earth's atmosphere.

The vicinity surrounding the tower was also very wide so the participants would have to walk for up to an hour before they could arrive at the tower.

There were still vehicles moving within the facility.

Mostly armored vehicles but they didn't even bother trying to carry anyone of the participants.

The participants had been told at the entry point that they had to walk towards the tower themselves.

Gustav and Angy were currently moving with a group of sixty.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

Of course, being teenagers, there was no way these kids wouldn't interact with each other.

Although a lot of them were tensed and didn't interact with anyone, the rest weren't bothered.

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