The Bloodline System

Chapter 154 One Day Left

-Six weeks later

It was early in the morning around nine am. The weather seemed lovely and the entire city looked very lively.

The sun hung on the eastern part of the blue skies shining down upon the beautiful modern city.

The screens on the surfaces of buildings as well as the ones placed in mid-air across several parts of Plankton city all showcased one thing...


A particular building that extended high into the skies, piercing the clouds above was looking particularly glamorous today as it stood tall in the heart of the city.

It also displayed this same announcement.

The MBO entrance test that everyone had been waiting for was going to take place the next day.

The youngsters most especially were excited about it. Some were feeling very tensed while others felt confident in their abilities.

Rumors had been flying around about the test. Some said it was going to be extremely difficult and brutal while others said it would be fun-filled.

Everyone had heard a thing or two about how the past MBO entrance tests were even though the entire process wasn't disclosed to the public.

One thing that was regular among these rumors was the difficulty level of the test. The MBO entrance test took place every two years so everyone was determined to pass it so as not to spend two more years waiting for another chance.

At the moment, over two hundred thousand teenagers and young adults all around the world were said to be interested in participating in the test.

People already had an idea of how the MBO was going to divide the test venues and sessions within every city but no one knew the exact locations where the main test would take place.

The MBO was pretty secretive with their actions but whenever they wanted to do things like this, it would become a public topic.

In every mixed-blood household, there was at least one mixed-blood interested in joining the MBO so it was bound to be packed.


In a luxurious household, a young boy in dark green long hair who looked no older than seventeen stood with his back slightly lowered in front of a man sitting on a chair within the living room.

The atmosphere was a bit tense as the man in a sitting position held onto a small black cube.

"Ceaser, your participation badge has been sent by the MBO, I hope you're prepared for tomorrow," The man spoke with a solemn look.

"Yes father, I am perfectly ready," The teenage boy replied.

"You had better be! You have already shamed me by failing the special test... You had better not disappoint me this time!" The man spoke with a very powerful voice causing the surroundings to vibrate.

The boy flinched back a bit before replying, "Yes father, I won't disappoint you this time," He said in a fidgety manner.


In another luxurious household, a scene similar to the one previously was playing out but the atmosphere here wasn't as tense, instead, it was the opposite.

"Baby, you know father loves you... Tread softly," A man with white hair and golden locks behind sat on the sofa while holding onto the hands of a girl who was seated beside him.

The girl had a Loli-like face with indigo-colored hair.

"Ah, I know that already papa, hmph," The girl replied with a disgruntled expression.

"Hahaha, don't beat anyone half to death this time, remember you failed the special test because of your temper," The man said with a burst of laughter.

"Hmph, they better know their place!" She replied with a pout.


In another household that seemed more humble compared to the other two, a teenage boy was on his knees in front of his mother.

They were both dark-skinned and the boy had bushy afro-styled hair with a handsome look.

"Mother, give me your blessings," The boy said while displaying a wide set of white teeth. His smile looked extremely charming with his caramel-colored skin.

His mother returned his smile with a beautiful smile of her own.

She bowed her head slightly and kissed him on his forehead.

"My boy, I believe you can do it," She said after withdrawing from him.

"Here's your badge," She added while extending a black cube towards him.

The boy reached out both his palms and she placed the cube on it.


Similar scenes played out across the world with slight differences in execution.

Everyone participating in the MBO entrance test, had badges of participation send to their homes. Without these badges, they wouldn't be able to access the tall MBO building in the heart of the city.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

In a small space surrounded by wooden white walls, a battle was going on between two people.

A teenage boy and a young lady clashed repeatedly with different weapons in their grasps.

They were both dressed in Yukatas and as they jumped around the place, their outfits bloated due to their speed and made small flapping sounds.

Their bodies blurred due to their fast movements and small winds were also generated.

"Good thing you're able to contain your attacks to a particular range now instead of spreading destruction to the surroundings," A female voice was heard as both figures blurred across the place.

"It's all thanks to you miss Aimee," A light male voice replied.


A loud collision was made and both figures slide backward separating from each other.

The boy slid back by seventeen feet while the young lady slid back by three feet.

Both of them straightened their bodies and stared at each other with a light smile displayed on their faces.

In both their hand were purple metallic poles with pointy tips.

"Good job, you're able to measure to a tenth of my strength now,"

The female who happened to be miss Aimee was the first to speak up.

"Even though it's just a tenth, I'm glad," The boy who was obviously Gustav replied.

"You've really grown in these past six months," Miss Aimee said while walking towards Gustav, "A truly unbelievable amount of growth," she added.

Gustav at this point was around 5'9 in height, he was now taller than miss Aimee with a slightly buffer look.

"It's all thanks to miss Aimee," Gustav replied while staring into Miss Aimee's eyes with a smile.

"No, it's all due to your hard work and mysterious power which you never revealed to me," Miss Aimee said while placing her right palm on his chest while staring back into his eyes.

"Do you plan on keeping this secret from your mentor forever?"

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