The Bloodline System

Chapter 149 Miss Aimee's Refusal

"Hmm," Gustav turned to the side and noticed a beautiful girl with white long hair and a tall figure headed for him.

"Maltida," Gustav voiced out in a low tone.

"I'm also heading in, let's go together," Maltida said as she arrived in front of Gustav.

Gustav took another weird glance at her before proceeding to walk into the cafeteria.

They entered together and walked side by side causing the students within the cafeteria to stare at them with surprised looks.

-"Hey isn't that Maltida or are my eyes deceiving me?"

-"She's the one,"

-"Then what is she and Gustav doing together, I must be dreaming,"

_"They look so comfortable walking together, how is this even possible? Why would she move with someone like him?"

-"Have you forgotten that he became more popular after winning the exchange of knowledge event for the school,"

-"Still even with that we all know that a mixed-blood like him doesn't have a future so it makes no sense that Maltida will keep moving with him,"

The students discussed among themselves as Maltida and Gustav walked towards the stairs.

They climbed up to the second floor which happened to be less rowdy than the lower one but immediately the students within this floor saw Gustav and Maltida moving together, the environment became noisy.

The students here were also surprised to see Maltida and Gustav moving together for the second time and wondered if this was going to become a normal thing from now on.

Both of them walked towards the counter on the right side of the floor.

"Gustav have you considered my proposal," Maltida broke the silence between them as they arrived at the counter.

"Oh, that... I haven't made a decision yet," Gustav replied before proceeding to make orders for himself.

Maltida also made ordered her desired food before turning around with Gustav to get a seat.

Both of them sat around the back which happened to be Gustav's favorite spot.

Maltida had to seat here because Gustav would definitely not agree to sit elsewhere and since she wanted to be with him during break period she had to compromise.

The students within the Cafeteria had to turn their heads around several times to glance at the both of them.

"Why do you keep hesitating? The time of our graduation is close already," Maltida asked after downing a full spoon of food.

"Yeah one month away, I'll give you a reply when I'm ready to... Till then don't bother me about it," Gustav replied with a calm look and proceeded to shove food into his mouth again.

Maltida stared at Gustav's face with a confounded expression as he gobbled down his foot gracefully.

'Why doesn't he agree to my proposal... Does he have someone else to rely on within the camp... He shouldn't be thinking of turning me down or even taking this long to respond, he should have jumped at it right away... I can't see through him at all, I have no idea what he's thinking,'


A low sigh escaped Maltida's mouth as she reluctantly continued eating.

She was starting to get desperate due to the attitude Gustav was giving her.

They ate for a few minutes without another word exchanged between them.

After the meal, Gustav was about to stand up when Maltida placed her palm on his.

"I heard about the fire... Are you okay?" Maltida asked with a look of concern.

Gustav gazed at her with a contemplative expression for a few seconds before replying, "I'm fine thanks for asking," He said while withdrawing his hand from her grip.

He was about to turn around and leave when Maltida spoke again.

"You never exchanged device contact with me, how will I be able to communicate with you in the future after graduation?" Maltida asked.

"We might not need to contact each other," Gustav replied before turning around.

Maltida stared at his back with a look of conflict as he walked away.

Gustav got outside the cafeteria someone called out to him again.


It was a familiar voice. Gustav stared at the path ahead and walked towards the person.

"Boss Danzo," He voiced out as he arrived in front of the short and stout middle-aged-looking man.

After the school activities for the day ended, Gustav headed towards miss Aimee's office.

He got to the door and was about to knock when it opened up on its own.

"Come in," A firm feminine voice was heard from within.

From the wide-open doorway miss Aimee could already be seen seating on her couch which was placed against the wall in an elegant position.

She crossed her leg and held a book in her left hand and a glass cup of tea in her right.

Dressed in a purple tight fitted shirt and a dark red skirt miss Aimee looked elegant as usual.

Gustav walked towards miss Aimee and stood in front of her.

"Miss Aimee," Gustav muttered with a low tone.

"I need your he..." Before he could complete his sentence miss Aimee cut him short.

"He was fired, I know about it already," Miss Aimee muttered with her eyes still on the pages of the book she was reading.

"Em..." Miss Aimee interrupted him before he could get to say anything again.

"The answer is no," She voiced out before casually taking another sip from the glass cup she was holding onto.

'She didn't even let me ask before turning me down,' Gustav's face squeezed up as he thought internally but he immediately calmed down after remembering that miss Aimee was always like this normally.

"Why?" Gustav asked with a calm look.

"Because I don't want to get involved," Miss Aimee replied while her eyes were still focused on the book she was reading.

"Miss Aimee, please... I can't just let him get fired for unjustifiable reasons," Gustav said with a crestfallen look.

"My decision is final... I will not get involved," Miss Aimee replied once again.

"I'll be happy to indulge you if you want to train but something like this is none of my business... I don't go out of my way to help everyone," Miss Aimee sounded like her cold and usual self when she was teaching in class at this moment which really surprised Gustav.

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