The Bloodline System

Chapter 133 Using Energy Discharge In A Battle

Both injured solar worms were still headed towards him with animosity.

Gustav turned jumped backward about three times before running towards the left.

Although the worms wondered why he suddenly went defensive they still chased after him.

They were the aggressive type so Gustav inflicting injuries on them, triggered their anguish.

Gustav suddenly came to a pause when he got to the middle of the space.

The worms still bolted towards him crazily even though their speed wasn't as great as before.

Gustav stared at them approaching with a concentrated look.

Immediately they were six meters away from reaching him, he activated a skill.

[Super Jump has been activated]

[-30 EP]

Gustav squatted slightly with speed before jumping into the air.


Six feet crack appeared on the ground surface as his body lifted above the ground with extreme speed.


He arrived at the ceiling of this space in an instant.

The ceiling of the cave was twenty-three meters away from the ground but Gustav crossed that height in a second.

The solar worms got to the spot where Gustav leaped out from, at the same time he grabbed onto the huge crystal with both his palms, using it to suspend himself in mid-air.

He gritted his teeth and called out within his mind, 'Energy discharge 2%'

[Energy discharge has been activated]

[-2% Energy From Gravitational Field]


A red wave of energy suddenly blasted out of Gustav's body.


It covered a circumference of twelve meters causing the ceiling of the cave to shake.

The solar worms looked up in awe only to notice the tip of a large pointy blue crystal headed towards them from above with intense speed. Gustav happened to be at the top and was holding onto the large crystal.


The solar worms tried to escape but before they could move further than two feet, the gigantic crystal tip slammed onto one of them with Intensity, impaling it completely and penetrating deep into the ground.


Blood splattered across the place as the solar worm was blasted open due to the incident that had just occurred.

The entire crystal was more than eight meters long and wider than three human bodies combined but its tip was only palm-sized.

Due to the force at which it fell along with the combined weight of Gustav, it didn't just penetrate the solar worm, instead, it caused it to explode into blood and gore.

[You have killed a level 6 solar worm]

[+20,000 EXP]

The notification rang out in his mind as he jumped down from the glowing crystal.

[High energy crystal has been detected]

[Name: Salitre Pure Crystal]

[Does host wish to absorb energy into the system]


These notifications had already appeared in Gustav's line of sight from the moment he leapt upwards but he ignored it.

The crystal was still looking extremely beautiful and glowing brightly even though its tip was covered in corrosive blood.

Gustav dashed out again towards the other solar worm immediately he jumped down from the crystal.

The solar worm that he just killed was in a much better condition than the one that was alive right now.

They had been taking advantage of their numbers to battle with Gustav earlier but now that one had been annihilated, he would be able to focus on dealing with only this one.

Gustav rained down a massive number of slashes on the last solar worm adding to the grievous amount of injuries it already had.

In another twenty seconds, the solar worm breathed its last and fell to the ground with blood dripping out of its cuts like a fountain.

[You have killed a level 5 solar


[+14,000 EXP]

Gustav didn't dwell on the notifications, he immediately dashed towards the crystal.

Just as he arrived in front of it, he sensed the approach of solar worms in multitudes.

He could hear them dragging their bodies across the ground as they headed towards this location with speed.

Gustav quickly reached out for his pocket with a look of urgency and brought out a button-like storage device.

The solar worms were speeding towards the three holes at the end of the cave as the bloody scent of their kind wafted across the air.

Immediately the solar worms arrived at the entrance of the hole, the large crystal disappeared from its spot.


The space immediately became pitch black.

The Salitre crystal glow always kept the space within the hole bright. Now that Gustav had kept it inside his storage, the place turned dark.

Sqeeuuuee! Sqeeuuuee! Sqeeuuuee!

The solar worms made shrieking sounds as they dashed into the three holes despite the darkness.

They confirmed the death of their leaders and kin and proceeded to start thrashing around the place, looking for the culprit.

They sensed the presence of an intruder earlier but now it had disappeared.

Under the guise of the darkness, Gustav had transformed into a solar worm and used the commotion to leave the cave.

Many other solar worms were still arriving as he was squirming his way through them.

Originally he would have aroused suspicion but the worms arriving didn't try to question him.

The loud voices of the solar worms announcing the death of their leaders and kin had traveled all across the cave.

Gustav kept moving for about five minutes more before arriving at the entrance of the cave.

The entrance of the cave was empty at this moment. Gustav moved further into the forest for several hundred meters more before transforming back into his human form.

He leaped up and landed on a branch before squatting and staring in the direction of the cave.

The cave was several hundred meters from his position.

He activated God eyes and zoomed his sight so he'd be able to see the entrance of the cave clearly in the dark of night.

'They are all in now... I wonder how many it will end up killing,' Gustav said internally as his mind linked with what he kept within the three holes.

Inside the first hole, more than a hundred solar worms had gone in. Inside the second and the third hole were the same.

Those that didn't go in were patrolling the vicinity.

Suddenly a large glowing sky blue circle appeared in mid-air within the three holes.

The glowing blue circles were the size of a human head. Red electrical streaks kept swimming around them.

The worms stared at the glowing circles in awe wondering what it was.

In Gustav's position, his eyes were still focused on the cave entrance.

"Detonate," He muttered with a low tone.

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