The Bloodline System

Chapter 117 Engaging Atrihea City High Participants

"Now shall we begin?" Falco voiced out while staring at Zim with a chilly gaze.

"I don't know who you are or why someone as strong as you are would only be arriving at the battlefield now but what I did was necessary and I'm sure you can agree with me... The battlefield is not for softhearted weaklings!" Zim said while trying to put on a righteous look.

"Softhearted weaklings eh... What about hard-hearted weaklings?" Falco asked with a solemn look while taking small steps forward.

"The battlefield is not for weaklings at all, whether softhearted or not!" Zim replied with a look of revulsion.

"Good I'm glad you admit that it's not for weaklings," Falco said as he moved another step forward.

"Ten times of what happened to her should also be inflicted on weaklings don't you think?" Falco asked with a small smirk forming on his face.

"Ten times? Looks like you're edgier than I am for you to say I should have inflicted ten times the pain on her hahaha, I really like you, we should become friends after I send you out of the ring today!" Zim said with a light burst of laughter as his cracked rocky chest started mending.

Three participants from Atrihea city high were already encircling Falco from three separate directions.

"You misunderstood me... You see that girl is a thousand times stronger than you are which means you guys are the true weaklings and since we both agree that weaklings should be dealt with, guess who's next on the menu?" While speaking Falco clenched his fist so tight that popping sounds echoed around the vicinity.

"What...? You idiot even if you're stronger than I am I still have the advantage in number... You..." Before Zim could complete his statement Falco suddenly dashed forward unexpectedly.


He appeared in front of the third student on the right like a phantom.


He jumped high in the air and spun around with his leg swinging forward.


His leg accurately smacked the participant on the left side of his face, sending him flying while spitting out blood.

The other two were shocked once again by the speed and quickly activated their bloodline ability before dashing towards Falco.

Black flames erupted from the body of the one participant on the left while the one on the right turned her arms into green tentacles.

The tentacles elongated and turned into large hammers which she swung towards Falco.

At the same time, a ball of black flames that were as large as half of a human, shot forward with intensity, burning the air and causing the temperature to increase significantly.

Falco turned around to face them and dashed forward once again with speed.

When the tentacles hammers and black fire were about to make contact, he suddenly bent his body backward.

He descended so low that his back was nearly touching the ground as he slid across it.


The fire and tentacle hammers missed his body due to the descent. As his body slid across the ground, he suddenly slapped his left hand on the ground and used it to support the weight of his body before spinning with intensity.


His legs along with his body rotated and swept across the ground in a circular format.

Pah! Pah!

His feet collided with their legs in the process causing their legs to be swept off the ground as their body flipped repeatedly across the air.


Falco used his hand to push his body upwards and while the two participants were still rotating in mid-air.

His body lifted as high as three meters and he proceeded to reach out both his hands to grab the two participants' heads while in mid-air.

He pulled both heads towards him and slammed them together with force.


The sound was similar to two watermelons getting crushed.

Blood squirted out of both their heads as they fell limply to the ground.


The entire audience was in shock.

-"How does Blackrock have a strong participant like this?"

-"Why wasn't he used in the initial round?"

These words circulated around the spectators' seats.

Lim, Elle, and Arianna stared at the battle ring with suspicious gazes.

They recognized Falco but they couldn't understand why the coach would let him on the battlefield when he couldn't control what was within him.

Falco was said to have awakened a bloodline that gave him a powerful but uncontrollable alter ego. Whenever his alter ego was in control, disaster always occurred depending on where he was at that moment.

Most times they would be able to keep it under control since the alter ego's strength didn't surpass the Zulu rank but other times they weren't so lucky.

There was a time it took control of him when he was still in middle school and he ended up killing two of his classmates. This was hidden underneath the wraps since he was from a rich family.

Luckily as he grew he was able to keep his alter ego in check. It only forcefully took over his body when he was in danger.

The difference between him and the alter ego was the opposite personality. Also, unknown black tattoos would suddenly appear all over his skin.

The coach on the other hand stared at the battlefield with an astonished expression.

This was what he wanted after seeing Angy get tortured. He still had a look of suspicion mixed in with astonishment because he hadn't expected Falco to be able to do this without being controlled by his alter ego.

He knew it was impossible for Falco to harm anyone in his normal state due to Falco being a soft-hearted wimp but he couldn't understand why there were no tattoos on his body. The tattoos signified that he had been taken over but right now he couldn't see them on Falco's body yet the way Falco was currently dealing with the oppositions was just as ruthless as the alter ego would be.

Back in the ring after Falco had slammed their heads together he landed on his feet and kicked both participants on their chests sending them flying once again with caved-in chests and blood spilling out of their body parts.

He didn't even mind that one of them was a girl.

Zim had wanted to attack severally when Falco was dealing with them but he decided to activate an advanced bloodline ability before he engaged Falco.

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