The Bloodline System

Chapter 1162 The Next Category

Chapter 1162 The Next Category

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"Good job captain, you pulled through for us in this one," Aildris stated while tapping Gustav's shoulder.

"We still came second," Gustav voiced out.

"At the very least we were top three and this is the first challenge so it doesn't matter much," E.E responded while wrapping his right arm around Gustav neck.

"And it was fun too," A smile appeared on Gustav's face as he stated.

"That's the spirit..." E.E chuckled.

"That was the slowest I've had to move in a long time," Angy complained a little from behind but she understood the race left them with no choice.

"Good job captain,"

"Good job captain,"

Everyone still praised Gustav since he did up to 50% of the work.

"Those guys are super strong," Teemee said while staring at the Klaxosapes who were basking in the cheers from the audience as they left the track.

"Oh them... yes... yes they are," A smirk appeared on Gustav's face as stated.

Matilda stared at Gustav's expression with a weird look, "Are you getting excited?" She questioned.

"Of course I am. I won't be worried about going all out now. A lot of opponents here are will make it worthwhile," Gustav replied causing everyone to shake their heads.

'He's crazy,'

They didn't understand Gustav was genuinely excited because none of his peers would be able to contend with him if he went all out.

However, in the race he had contended against another specie with his full strength and lost.

Despite not making use of any abilities, Gustav was still sure he had sensed really powerful beings amongst many others during the Blovan Tree Race.

He was looking forward to other categories where there would be no restrictions. Things were bound to get even crazier.

"Planet Cirus, Fifteenth place,"

"Planet Oxlrk, Sixteenth place,"

The announcements kept going off as more planets arrived at the finish line. Some of them that had just arrived stared at earth candidates with sharp looks.

It was almost like they were throwing a challenge saying, 'Next category will end differently,'

A couple of them even went on to unleash their energy, causing the winds in the vicinity to howl.

Indeed a lot of them were not weak but instead restricted due to the race.

Gustav just smirked in response before walking off with his teammates.

"Don't destroy too much while having fun," Angy said from the side while rubbing Gustav's cheek as they walked away.

"No worries... I'm sure they can handle it... maybe," Gustav replied while grabbing her left palm and giving it a peck.

Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!

The loud voice of the spectators could be heard as earth candidates walked off the tracks as well.

"Weldone," Miss Aimee said to Gustav the instant they arrived in front of their waiting room.

"Thank you master," Gustav voiced in response.

"Do better next time," She added.

" I intend to," Gustav replied with a light chuckle.


Hours Later, the first challenge of IYSOP had ended. The results had been announced and a table of scores had been displayed on screens all across the nine disks.

Over five hundred groups got disqualified while around one thousand three hundred managed to finish the race.

The disqualified parties had no point assigned to them, meanwhile all groups that managed to finish got points accredited to them even if they came last.

The Klaxosapes being placed first received a total of three thousand points, while earth received two thousand. Planet Foheng came third and got a thousand points.

Going further below, the points got a decrease in ten at every next position.

The top two had given every other planet quite the gap. It was also revealed that points varied based on the challenges given in main categories.

However, main categories would always have much higher points accredited compared to sub categories.

Gustav and the others were currently in their accommodation area, as they went through today's challenge again.

Since it was the first day, it was scheduled to have a single main category challenge but from the next day, sub categories would be starting.

The group had prepared their minds as some of them would have to participate in both the main and sub category the next day.

"How long does the competition run?" Teemee questioned from the side.

"Currently unknown but the first stage of disqualification will be after a week," Falco replied.

"How many points are required to not get disqualified though?" Matilda questioned as well.

"Three thousand points... don't you guys pay any attention?" Falco replied again.

"Teehehe," Almost everyone chuckled wryly as they heard this.

It was difficult to take note of everything but it seemed like Falco had done precisely that.

"Oh? I guess we just have to make sure we score extra one thousand points to remain above disqualification," Fildhor stated.


Phinx flicked his forehead from the side.

"Aim higher," She voiced out.


"Anyways... anyone wants to tell me why the Klaxosapes were literally looking to draw blood?" Angy voiced from behind.

"They have bad blood with earth," Falco disclosed.

"No shit sherlock... She's asking why?" Glade stated from the side.

"Long sto..."

"Earth took custody of a resourceful star that appeared in their galaxy and they feel we're thieves," Endric answered before Falco could write them off.

"It's a little more complicated than that," Falco voiced.

"Yeah but that's the short version," Endric replied.

"Hubby is so smart," Sheila jumped into Endric's embrace and began ruffling his cheeks.

"That explanation makes earth look like the bad guy though," Falco stated.

"Then how about explananing it yourself," Matilda rolled her eyes.

"Okay see the..."

"Dinner is here," Gustav voice was heard from the door as he walked in with two Ozious species pushing a floating large two layered disk.

They looked just like the handlers but they were obviously different people.

"Can't anyone let me speak before interrupting," Falco rolled his eyes while voicing out.

"What the hell is this?" Yonda voiced with an irritated look while staring at the disks.

The one above was so wide, it carried some rhombus shaped bowls which in turn had some weird looking foods in them.

Some looked like purple and was heart shaped while some resembled green tentacles with some eyeballs scattered within what looked like a soup.

These foods were like nothing they had ever seen. Everyone had looks of disgust as Yonda picked up an eyeball which was dripping some weird green mucus like liquid.

"Ozious specialty..." One of of the Ozis began to introduce the dish.

"Gustav i think you might have to resume cooking for us like you did in the last few days we arrived here," Aildris voiced from the side.

"Nope. Everyone dig in and listen to tomorrow's main category challenge and sub categories challenges," Gustav instructed.


"Mehn this has gotta be some drainage soup,"

"The smell ughh,"

Everyone kept complaining even after the two who brought it in had left.

Just as Gustav was about to start speaking...


The loud crunch attracted everyone's attention as they turned to face the culprit.

Her jaw paused for a bit as she felt everyone's eyes on her.

"Hey its actually pretty good," Glade voiced after gulping down the eyeball she had just chewed.

-"Hell naw!"

-"What the fugg?"Please visit 𝒇𝒓𝗲eğ”€ğ—²ğš‹ï½ŽoѵℯƖ. c𝑜m


-"How she do that?"

"Guys!" Gustav's loud voice rang out, causing everyone to focus their attention on him again.

"Tomorrow's challenge has been revealed," He stated.

"What is it?" Aildirs inquired.

"It is called the river split," Gustav disclosed.

"What? What does that mean?" E.E asked precisely what everyone thought.

"It is just as the name states, we'll be splitting rivers," Gustav voiced out.

"Huh? But this planet don't have any rivers," Ria stated.

"It doesn't but just like today, they can easily create one I guess," Gustav replied.

"It sounds like an easy challenge," Matilda said with a confounded expression.

"Do not let your guard down. It might sound simple but we still have no idea about whether or not it will be complicated till tomorrow arrives," Aildris voiced out.

"As for the subcategories, only two will be holding tomorrow..." Gustav resumed speaking.

"The Varlin Chase and the Seismic Climb," Gustav disclosed.

"Details?" Angy quickly got interested the instant she heard this.

"The Varlin Chase has a requirement of at least three teammates from a planet. It could be substitutes or from the main group,"

Everyone stared at each other after Gustav said thie, unsure about whether they wanted the substitutes to take care of it.

"Just as the name suggests, Varlin Chase, there will be a chase," Gustav added.

"Yass! Finally I get to chase after something..." Angy rejoiced.

"No the participates don't get to chase... instead they get chased," Angy face dropped as she heard this.

She had rejoiced too quickly.


"Yeah you get chased and if a teammate gets caught, they are disqualified. However, so long as one teammate remains till the game ends, the planet can progress to the next stage," Gustav added.


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