The Bloodline System

Chapter 113 Echelon Academy Vs Atrihea City High

The battle went off with the seven students going against each other.

Gustav watched from his seating position with a look of boredom.

Unlike the rest who were intrigued about knowing which school was going to win, Gustav already had a school picked as the winner in his mind.

Even though he watched with a bored look he still analyzed the details of the battle as it played out.

Blast! Blast! Blast! Blast!

The entire vicinity echoed with blasts as the battle continued.

On a side of the battle ring, two students with similar bloodlines were duking it out.

Both of them could enlarge different parts of their bodies.

They would occasionally enlarge their arms before throwing a fist.

When the huge enlarged fists made contact with one another, the sound was like two rocks smashing onto one another.

Although it looked like they were even in terms of strength, Gustav already noticed that the one in red had the upper hand in fighting techniques.

On another side, a girl who materialized a blue energy tank with several mega cannons kept firing a blue blast at a large rocky-looking two-meter-tall creature. That creature was a mixed-blood.

The battles occurring at every part of the ring were fierce.

At this time the captain of Echelon Academy, Andrew, was going against two participants at a time. Surprisingly he was able to hold them off on his own.

One would wonder where the seventh participant of Echelon Academy was located since they couldn't be found on the battlefield but in the next minute an explosion rang out.


Two participants in blue were thrown out of the ring due to the Intense explosion.

Dust spread everywhere from the point of impact.

With that Atrihea city high had lost two participants but since they still had students in the ring they could send one of their substitutes in.

The person who was responsible for the explosion was the seventh student who had been hiding beneath the ground since.

No one saw him enter the ground at the beginning of the match because the girl who could create energy cannons covered his actions up when she did that.

The participants of Atrihea city high had been suspicious when they noticed that someone had disappeared from the ring but they weren't given the chance to think about it since they were attacked fiercely by the opponents.

The attacks of these six were on par with a team of seven so they had no choice but to fight.

The missing participant had a bloodline that enabled him to use his body and create some special bombs that served as a kind of landmine.

Two of the participants that were battling Andrew earlier before being disqualified, stepped on the ground where it was inserted and both of them were blasted out of the ring with hideous-looking injuries on their bodies.

Two substitutes were sent in to replace them after that but even with that, the tide of the battle had turned.

Atrihea city's high participants had to tread the battle ring with caution now.

They had no idea where bombs had been set on the battleground and no one wanted to end up like those two.

Also, Andrew was an example that the bombs wouldn't detonate if a student of Echelon Academy stepped on any part of the land where it was positioned.

The fight continued as the Atrihea city high participants decided to gather together in a particular part of the ring where they wouldn't take a step forward or backward.

They formed a kind of circle at the southeast part of the ring with their backs facing one another.

They wanted to protect themselves from stepping on a landmine hence the reason for this action.

The battle continued and no explosions were heard for several minutes after they made this decision.

All of a sudden one of them who was sensitive to sound, shouted for everyone to move away but before they could respond, another blast rang out.


Three participants who were not able to escape in time were sent flying out of the ring.

One of them was blasted into the air but still within the ring. While he was falling to the ground, captain Andrew leaped upwards and thrust out his leg.


His right feet slammed into the belly of a participant while still in mid-air causing his body to be sent flying out of the ring.


-"Captain Zim was defeated just like that?"

-"Atrihea high is finished!"

The person who had just been kicked out was the captain of the team.

Andrew never engaged him till now. He left the captain to Yuhiko all this time and Yuhiko did a good job of keeping him at bay.

What Atrihea city high participants didn't know from the start was, the bombs underneath the ground could move at will and change their positions if the person responsible for putting them there, wanted that to happen.

This was the major reason behind the disaster that had just happened.

The captain of Atrihea city high glared at the ring furiously upon being sent out of it. He wanted to get back in but the blue force that surrounded the ring held him back.

He still had enough strength to fight because his Bloodline protected him from getting injured by the blast but there was nothing he could do at the moment.

He had a look of frustration as he walked back to where the rest of substitutes and disqualified participants were seated.

It didn't take up to three minutes before the last participants of Atrihea city high were thrown out.

Echelon Academy had won the duel again.

Everyone was surprised again because they expected Echelon Academy participants to really have a hard time.

To their surprise, it wasn't all that too difficult for them.

The principal of Atrihea city school sighed from his seating position.

He had expected this to happen but it was still humiliating nevertheless for a school from another city to defeat them in their own city.

Now that Echelon Academy had won this round again, everyone knew that they had practically won.

Echelon Academy hadn't been crowned winner because Atrihea city high and Blackrock school still had to battle. If Blackrock school won they still had the chance to battle with echelon academy for the first place but if they lost, they'd have to settle for the third spot.

Everyone knew Echelon Academy had practically won since Blackrock school were lower in terms of prowess.

After the battle ended some time was given for the participants to take a break.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

The students in the spectators' seat started talking about how Atrihea city's high school was easily defeated.

-", Yuhiko is a goddess!"

-"Andrew is the best, see the way he planned the tricking of the teammates!"

"I wonder how they were trained to fight with such format and scheming!"

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