The Bloodline System

Chapter 110 Ending Of First Rounds

Andrew's claws had a certain kind of burning effect. Once his claws made contact with any hard surface, that hard surface was guaranteed to melt from the high temperature of his claws.

Romeru's feathered swords had been destroyed repeatedly due to the high temperature that could easily burn through a metal plate but the temperature wasn't high enough to burn through his wings.

Seeing that his claws were not able to cut through the wings, Andrew slashed downwards towards his Romeru's leg.


Romeru reacted by flapping his wings and dashing upwards with speed causing the claws to miss him.

Andrew didn't wait for a second after noticing that his claws didn't connect.

He leaped upwards immediately.


His body traveled across the air, crossing a height of more than five meters in a few seconds.

As he was catching up with Romeru in mid-air he slashed out again from underneath.

At this time Romeru had finished recreating the feathered swords and dragged them out of his wings to clash with Andrew.


The sword and the claws clashed just as they crossed the twelve meters mark above the ground.


Seeing that his attack was blocked, he kept slash out severally but Romeru also returned the attacks by swinging at Andrew's claws repeatedly.

Bam! Slash! Bam! Slash! Bam! Slash! Bam!

Andrew was still able to slash out a few more times in mid-air before the law of gravity started pulling him downwards.

As he descended Romeru flapped his wings again and followed his descent while swinging out the feathered swords in his left hand.

The sword headed for Andrew's neck with Intense speed.

It was only a few inches from making contact with his neck as they closed in on the ground.

Andrew raised his right arm to block the Sword and also threw out his left arm.

Slash! Skrryhh!

Romeru's sword cut three inches deep into Andrew's right arm while Andrew's left hand cut three long slashes across Romeru's chest.


They both landed on the ground with their bodies bleeding.

Andrew landed on his back while Romeru landed on his front.

Both of them Immediately jumped back up to their feet after landing in that manner and dashed towards each other again.

It was as if they didn't feel any pain with the way they stood up and dashed towards each other again with their bodies bleeding profusely.

Just when they were several inches away from making contact with each other again a blue beam suddenly appeared from the right side.


It slammed into Romeru's side catapulting his entire body several hundred feet towards the side.

His wings had blocked a part of the beam due to reflex action but the remaining power was enough to still send him flying.

He stabilized himself after flying towards the side for a few more seconds while blood leaked out of his nose.

He hovered above the ground while checking out the source of the attack.

A blue cannon made of light was standing on the left side of the battle ring.

The attack shot out earlier had come from his blind spot. He was focusing on his battle with Andrew so he didn't notice it until it was too late.

A long blue-haired beauty sat on the cannon which was currently pointing at him.

"You didn't think I was the only powerful mixed-blood here did you?" Andrew said with a strong voice.

"Even your impenetrable wings will not be able to stop her cannons from ripping you apart," Andrew said before dashing towards Romeru again.

Romeru figured that one of his teammates was had already been disqualified which was the reason for his current predicament.


Another beam shot out as he dashed forward also.


He was able to easily dodge the beams now that he knew about them.

Swwoosshh! Ptoi! Swoooshhh! Ptoi!

He dodged the cannon several times as he flew across the air before arriving in front of Andrew.

Another battle commenced but Romeru was not able to fight effectively like before.

He would have to dodge the deadly beams which for some reason couldn't hurt Andrew even when it made contact with his body.

This made Romeru go from attack to defense.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

After trading blows repeatedly one of Andrew's attacks finally connected with Romeru's body, blowing him back but before Romeru could stabilize himself, the blue beam slammed into him again while he was still in mid-air.


He was once again catapulted towards the left while spitting out blood.

His body was still spiraling in mid-air when he noticed a monstrous-looking green foot suddenly appear from his right side and kicked forward forcefully.

The large foot slammed into his ribs with intensity.


He spat out a mouthful of blood as his ribcage collapse with his body sent flying towards the right.

'Another one,' Romeru's eyes were currently spinning with his face showing an expression of pain yet he was still able to analyze a bulky-looking beast with green skin standing on the side.

'Another one of my teammates has lost?' Romeru said internally as he flapped his wings causing his body to suddenly ascend with speed.



A loud explosion rocked the air around him when he reached the height of twenty meters and the strong blast it created sent him tumbling down.


Even when his body slammed to the ground he still didn't know what hit him.

Romeru was also unaware that at this moment all his teammates had been kicked out of the ring and he was the only one left.

Right now it was seven against one.

Romeru was only able to hold on for a few seconds more before he was also sent crashing out of the ring with a battered body full of diverse injuries.

"All teammates of Redemption high have been evicted from the ring!"

"Echelon Academy wins!"

A loud voice that announced the defeat of Redemption high and the win of Echelon Academy reverberated across the training ground.

Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!

The students erupted in cheers.

Echelon Academy was the first to defeat their opponents but after a few minutes, other schools were also starting to finish up.

"Atrihea city high wins!"

"Salvation Academy wins!"

As time passes more and more announcements were heard.

"Black Rock schools wins!"

Gustav only clapped when the announcement for Black rock school winning was made.

When Echelon Academy's win was announced earlier he didn't even react.

From the spectators' seat on the east side, he stared at Black rock participants coming out of the battle ring.

"Good job Angy," He muttered with a smile.

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