The Bloodline System

Chapter 1 - How It All Began

Chapter 1: How It All Began

In a large arena, sounds of cheers could be heard coming from the audience. Some were cheering while others were chanting the name of a person who had just arrived on the battlefield that was displayed on huge screens.

Large square-shaped screens projected a battlefield that was riddled with destruction at different corners.


A group of five backed away in fear as a young man approached them. The group of five were laced in green upper battle vests while the young man approaching was in red.

He was about six feet tall with dirty blond short hair and a slightly built body. He wasn't too buff, neither was he too slim. He seemed to have a perfectly toned body.

He slowly walked towards the group that was backing away elegantly as his hands glowed crimson. His eyes had a look of coldness and aloofness as he spoke,

"Your Journey ends here!"

He stretched out his right palm after saying this.


Crimson! Crimson! Crimson! Crimson!

Chants of the young man's name who had just appeared could be heard from the audience as a battle ensued between the young man and the group.


'Yes, that's me... I'm Gustav Crimson. My journey to this moment had been nothing short of painful, disastrous, and dangerous but also adventurous.

I was nothing but useless trash at the beginning, so

how did I become powerful enough for people to chant my name in adoration and for opponents to back away in fear upon my arrival? We will have to take a trip down Memory Lane for you all to understand....let's start from where it all began,'



-Three years ago

In a mountain area surrounded by a dense forest of tall trees, mild winds blew, giving the atmosphere a serene vibe. At the top of the mountain, a modern city glowing in the dark night could be seen towards the north.

It was extremely enchanting from the view up here, and the lights looked like clusters of fireflies.

A particularly brightly lit tall tower could be seen far ahead within the heart of the city, extending straight into the skies above.

A teenage boy in a maroon-colored school uniform stood at the edge of a cliff with a lifeless look in his eyes. His hair kept changing color. It changed from red to blue, blue to green, and now it was currently blond.

There were tears in his eyes as he stared at the city in front, "What is the point of being born into this world when I cannot pursue my dreams?" He spoke in a devastated tone, "hahaha, what am I saying? people like me don't even have the right to dream," he laughed in self-ridicule as he answered his question.

"I sure have lived a shitty life. I hope I get reborn into a better one," He added as he reminisced...

Gustav was born in an age where bloodline was everything. His parents were also mixedblood who could use their bloodlines to perform superhuman feats. However, their bloodline was a low-ranked one which solidified their status as average in society.

When Gustav was born, his parents believed he would awaken a high-ranking bloodline due to the fact that mixbloods coming together to reproduce always brought about an evolved bloodline. Evolved bloodlines were always high-ranked and very powerful. Since bloodlines determined your fate and status in society, they had high hopes for their child.

Unfortunately, Gustav awakened an evolved bloodline that was the most useless in the history of evolved bloodlines. He could only manipulate his hair to change color.

Gustav's parents were extremely disappointed when he awakened his bloodline. Gustav, who was only six years at that time, noticed his parents' attitude towards him changed for the worse. All the love and care that they had been displaying since his birth disappeared. Sometimes they would not remember to feed him throughout the day, and whenever he complained of hunger, "USELESS TRASH! YOU ONLY KNOW HOW TO EAT!" His parents would shout at him with contempt.

It was hard for him to understand at that age, but he noticed that he was treated the same way in society as he grew. He couldn't make friends in school and was always bullied repeatedly. His peers and teachers would always point fingers and laugh at him. No one gave a care about him because his bloodline was the trashiest. It got so bad that others that were considered trash thanked their stars for the bloodline they awakened.

Gustav's dream of joining the MBO federation and exploring the stars and different parts of the galaxy died with his bloodline awakening.

Gustav's mother took in and conceived another boy when he was close to being eight years old. The same boy was only two when he awakened a high-grade bloodline. Gustav's parents were so joyful that they totally ignored Gustav and gave all their love and attention to his junior brother. He loved his brother, so he never hated, but it wasn't the other way around, "Why do I have trash like you as my big brother?"

As his little brother grew, he displayed the same contemptible attitude society showed to him. His brother became more appreciated in society, especially in school, where he was known as a genius, while Gustav was shown the exact opposite.

Gustav was hated, treated unfairly, and bullied day by day. He would always come to the mountain located west of Plankton City and try to commit suicide, but he was still scared of death no matter how he tried. He could never go through with the suicide even if he knew that no one would notice that he was gone. Whenever he stared at the bottom of the cliff, he would gulp down saliva as he imagined how his bones would be broken to pieces after making contact with the hard ground, "My head will be turned into mashed potatoes,"

He would always back away and come back the next day with a newfound zeal for committing suicide, but the same situation would repeat itself. He e would back away after his imagination went wild again.

Today he had decided that he would definitely jump down. He stood a few centimeters from the edge of the cliff and stared down at the forest and the ground below. The ground was more than a thousand feet away from the cliff.


"This is where the journey of Gustav Oslov ends!" He raised his head to the sky and shouted out. His voice echoed across the vicinity as a star in the sky glowed brighter as if it was replying to him.

"Eh?" Gustav noticed something and gazed at the sky intently.

The star that glowed brighter was increasing in size.

"What's wrong with that star? Why does it keep getting bigger?"

For someone who was about to die, Gustav was very observant.

The stars in the skies were countless, but this particular one located at the northwest kept increasing in size.

Gustav's eyes widened as he realized something, "Fuck, it's not increasing in size. It's headed towards my location!"

Gustav turned around to run after realizing this, "I don't want this kind of death. My body will be blasted to pieces!"

He screamed in fear as he turned his neck to stare at the projectile headed towards the cliff.


The glowing projectile slammed into the side of the cliff.

Crumble! Crumble! Crumble!

The impact caused cracks that surrounded a space of more than fifty feet. Gustav had only moved about seven feet away from his initial position, so he was still within the range of the impact when it started crumbling.


Gustav screamed like a pig being slaughtered as he fell along with the pieces of the crumbling cliff towards the bottom of the mountain.

Gustav fainted in mid-air due to fear and shock in the process of falling and screaming like a pregnant woman in labor. That was the reason he didn't notice a small crimson glow fly into his mouth that was wide open from all the screaming.

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