The Bloodline System

Chapter 1161 Race Winners

Chapter 1161 Race Winners

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Gustav raised the tree with everyone at this instant and quickly swerved fifty feet towards the left.

At the same instant he left his initial position, a massive figure landed there.

Cracks spread across the icy path, causing Gustav to look down.

"Mixedbloods... Hmph!" The rocky captain voiced out as he held the massive tree like a stick with his subordinates latching onto it.

One of his teammates yelled from the top of the tree.

They of course were speaking in a different language but the language transmitting device interpreted it to Gustav and the others.

"It's the Klaxosapes..." Falco stated.

"Rrriiaahhh!" The Klaxosapes captain yelled as it charged at Gustav while swinging the massive tree.


'The ice can give way at anytime,' Gustav said internally while the cracks spread.


At this same instant, a charge was set off on the surface. Gustav had activated the device.

-"Koorrhh! Korrhh!"

The rest of the leaders coughed intensely as they voiced out with tones of regret.

"Too bad the rest of you wont be here to witness it," He clicked his tongue with a tone of disappointment.


"Any minute now," Gustav muttered with a smile as he waited.

"So they have no choice but to exit the other frequency from the vicinity... looks like I have nothing to worry about," Gustav replied with a look of understanding.

After a couple of minutes, a circular beam of light appeared on the ground several feet away.

Two figures clad in whitish cloak appeared within the circular beam an instant later.

Before Gustav could check them out, another circular beam appeared a couple of feet behind.

Fwwwhoommm~ Fwwwhhooomm~

This was activated the instant they arrived on the surface. The suit gave them increased movement speed and agility which they were currently using to try to get away.

With a single leap, both figures had crossed up to five hundred feet and they headed in seperate directions.

Fwwhiii~ Fwwhiiii~

They all headed, north, south, east and west respectively, arriving at the top of the hole in only a few momemts.


"Cosmic Superiority... Parallel Domain," Gustav whispered.

An outburst of golden and pink energy was sent forth from his figure.

Gustav had controlled the wave of his Parallel Domain, limiting it to only a small.range. Had he let it run wild, the entire city as well as the neighboring ones would be affected.

This power was a combination of Yarki and another ability he unlocked after becoming a parallel being.

Their figures were lifted into the air and they found their bodies floating back to the same place they fled from.

They were completely incapacitated by this strange and unknown goldy power. Only their thoughts were their own but their bodies at this point didn't even belong to them anymore.

-'Just as suspected, he is indeed a dangerous man,'

"Did you lots thing you could actually escape from me like that?" A smirk appeared on Gustav's face as he voiced out.


Gustav moved to the next one and deactivated the suit as well. This time it was a female face. She looked pretty human but had a pointy ear with unknown markings behind them.

'All slarkovs... I thought as much,' Gustav said internally after uncovering their identities.

"Now that I have you all in the palm of my hand, tell me why I shouldn't slaughter you one after the other," Gustav stated.

"Oh," He snapped his fingers after exclaiming.

He proceeded to sit with his legs crossed as the floating figures in front of him drew a little closer.

-"We are valuable to the MBO,"

-"You are a slave to the MBO, you must keep we the leaders alive for questioning,"

"Am I now?" Gustav gobbled down another mouthful of snack before nonchalantly staring at the fourth leader who had just spoken.

A popping sound rang out in the next instant, causing the leaders eyes to widened in shock and fright.



Gustav watched the blood flow with an unbothered expression before snapping his fingers.

The headless corpse fell to the ground and was soon covered in a pool of its own blood.

Gustav resumed gnawing on the snack bar in his hand while watching the frightened reactions of the other leaders.

Despite the stench of blood in the vicinity, he was not bothered in the slightest.

The leaders began pleading for their lives.

-"Please, please we will tell you everything you want to know,"

"Hmm, well it depends on if you give me enough valuable information... then I can let the rest of you live... if not, I'll just kill all three of you and tell the MBO there was no way to save you lots," After saying this, Gustav drank a bottle full of water.

"Hmm?" Gustav's face beamed with a look of interest upon hearing the female leader say this.


"Contact them again,"

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