The Black Beast’s Useless Concubine

Chapter 434 - Chapter 434: You will die! You will definitely die!(3)

Chapter 434: You will die! You will definitely die!(3)

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“Big brother Zhan …” Gu Changhe cried out in pain!

Ye Guhong clenched his fist, and the veins on his fist were popping. He was not willing to accept this! He wasn’t willing to be in such a situation where he was the meat on the chopping block, but he really had no way to resist!

“Enough! The person you want to deal with is me. Let the child go and I’ll be at your disposal.” Old Huang roared in pain. He had already seen it clearly. He was afraid that he would not be able to break through this trap.


He was afraid that he would never see his talented little disciple again. He didn’t know where she was now. Did that child Jiu Chong find her?

“Yo, you’re speaking as if you, old dog, have a lot of value.” Yuan Wushuang said sarcastically.

At this time, the surrounding crowd all pitied the people from the sky Xuan dynasty. Even the people from the Kunyuan Empire felt that Yuan Wushuang had gone too far.

However, no one would help them. After all, they couldn’t bear the consequences of offending the imperial family of earth.

“What do you want?” Elder Huang, however, was calm. He was no longer angry. After all, he didn’t even care about his life, so what was there to be afraid of?


Yuan Wushuang’s despicableness was still far beyond the scope of what old Huang and the surrounding crowd could imagine!

“What this Princess wants is very simple. Since your cheap disciple doesn’t dare to come, then you, as her master, will kowtow to this Princess a hundred times. ”

Yuan Wushuang’s words stunned everyone!

“Don’t even think about it!” If Gu Changhe had not been seriously injured, he would have jumped up. Senior Huang, hurry up and leave. No matter what, don’t kowtow- ”

This was a great humiliation!

“This is too much, too much. This sky Xuan senior is a half-step sovereign and should be respected. Now that he was poisoned, it is still fine, but to humiliate him like this is too much, Huanhuan.” yeah, the imperial family of earth is really too much!

For a moment, the crowd in the distance started to sympathize with elder


“You let them go first, I’ll kowtow.” Old Huang calmly replied.

He agreed!

He actually agreed!


There was an uproar at the venue again!

Everyone knew that to a powerhouse, dignity was more important than anything! This was especially true for those with a backbone. Sometimes, even if they were afraid of death, they would not lose their dignity. This was the attitude of the strong! It was the pride of the strong!

No… Don’t … Gu Changhe cried bitterly.

At the same time.

roar … ye Guhong was in pain. He let out a roar that was similar to that of-magical beast. His blood-soaked body burst out with-white light! He hated it! They hated him for not being able to escape and being used as bait, causing their dynasty’s strongest representative to be humiliated to such an extent!

Besides, Mr. Qin had told them to be careful when they went out and not to have any conflicts with Kunyuan’s people. However, the three of them were unwilling to give up. In the end, they were still young and full of vigor.

Too late for regrets!

“He’s going to self-destruct!” The elder protecting Yuan Wushuang cried out in shock. He had never thought that this sky Xuan young man would commit suicide to protect the dignity of an elder of the dynasty in such a situation!

this kid’s heart is extraordinary. If he escapes this calamity, he’ll definitely become a great person with this ruthlessness! The old man assessed in his heart, and killing intent flashed in his eyes..

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