The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 9 - Your Sister!

Chapter 9: Your Sister!

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Yao Tang did not have a good night’s sleep ever since she had been taken from her home. So her temper was nowhere near controllable.

Yet, it seemed that Yao Ran still wasn’t getting it.

In fact, this girl was lucky she didn’t resort to beating her up.

She gazed into Yao Ran’s frightened stare and withdrew her hands. Even if she wasn’t thinking straight, she knew it would cause a scene if she killed her right then and there. She took a deep breath. “Get lost.”

“I…” Her entire body was shaking as she stared up at the looming figure before her. “I…”

Yao Ran didn’t even need to be told twice as she sprinted out of Yao Tang’s bedroom like some prey running away from their predator. She panted, her heart racing in her chest.

Just as she had reached the door, she stumbled, grabbing the railings.

However, before she could even steady her footing, the door behind her shut with a bang. She stumbled to the side, almost bumping her head against the walls.

Her pale face had turned bright red.

How could that country bumpkin treat her like this?

Who the hell was she?

Yao Ran clenched her fists, rubbing her eyes hard enough till they were bloodshot. Remembering that her mother was waiting for her in the living room, she took a shaky breath and plastered a pitiful look on her face. “Mom!”

“She really is going against the Heavens!”

Qin Man took one look at the red marks on Yao Ran’s neck and immediately stomped towards Yao Tang’s room. That wench was going to get it!

Staring at her mother’s threatening figure, Yao Ran hid a small smile and followed her up. the stairs.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Just as Yao Tang had been enjoying the peace and quiet, she heard another round of strong and harsh knocks coming from the door. “Yao Tang! Open the door!” Came the harsh screams of Qin Man, and her face darkened even further. Holding the cup in her hand, she went to the door and pulled it open.

“What are you doing now?”

She gritted her teeth. Could she really not have some peace and quiet in this damned house?

Qin Man took one look at her distasteful features, and all the accumulated rage she held over the last few hours exploded. “What do you mean what we’re doing?!” she shrieked. “What the hell are you doing to your sister? What has she ever done to you?”

She motioned to the bowed figure behind her. “I don’t care if you wouldn’t come down to have lunch with us. Hell, I don’t care if you want to lock yourself in this room for life! But to bully your sister–your only sister–do you have any manners at all? Were you not taught–”

“How could I? I don’t exactly have parents to raise me.”

Yao Tang tilted her head, and her eyes glinted ruthlessly. “Please don’t be merciless enough to insult your own parenting skills–or lack of it, for that matter.”

“I…” Where the hell did this wench have the guts to tell her off like this? Qin Man could feel her mind buzzing as she slammed her fist against the hinges.

“Come out and apologize to your sister!”

Instead of listening to the older woman, she decided to stare at her phone instead. She looked far more invested in her screen than in the people around her.

Upon seeing this, Qin Man could feel her anger boiling in her chest. Unable to take it anymore, she yanked Yao Tang’s phone away from her fingertips and threw it onto the ground. “I’m talking to you,” she snapped as the phone clattered onto the carpets. “Weren’t you listening?”

Yao Tang stared at her phone, and her gaze darkened. “Pick it up.”

“What did you say?”

Qin Man straightened her back. “If you want to pick it up, then do it yourself,” she said, clenching her jaw. “I don’t care where you were brought up. Right now, you’re staying under my roof, so don’t you think of treating me as one of those animals you take care of back in the countryside!”

She didn’t say a word and directly smashed the glass in her hand.


The glass exploded–its shards scattering all over their feet. The two women immediately jumped back, shrieking in fear and surprise. The coldness from their faces had long since faded, replaced by the fear buried in their hearts.

“Y–Yao Tang,” Qin Man stuttered, having come to her senses. “What are you doing?!”

The young girl simply shrugged in reply. “Oh.” She stared at the shards, uninterested. “I’m sorry, I guess I just lost my temper.”

After pondering for around two seconds, she added, “I probably inherited it from you.”

“You…” Qin Man turned as bright as a tomato. If it weren’t for Yao Ran supporting her, she would’ve already fainted at the sight. How could the heavens punish her like this by sending her this miserable brat?

Yao Ran stroked her mother’s hair, before gazing at Yao Tang reproachfully. “Why do you have to anger Mom like this?” she asked. “Why can’t you just apologize to her and tell her that you’ve already learned from your mistakes.”

Yao Tang simply stared at her fallen phone, not saying another word. Upon seeing this, Yao Ran gritted her teeth. She took a deep breath and picked up the small phone. “Here,” she handed it to her.

“Sister, I know you’re angry that Mommy has taken your phone, but…it’s…she only did it because of me,” she slowly said. “I’m sure it wasn’t easy for her to treat you like this. Please, could you just forgive her?”

Yao Tang leaned against the wall. Rolling up her sleeves, she raised her eyebrows. “Since it doesn’t have anything to do with me, why should I forgive her?” Her eyes narrowed. “Whether I forgive her or not, what does it matter to you?”

“You–you…” Qin Man stammered. With a hand clutching her heart, she staggered forward. How could her thoughtful daughter be so disregarded like this? “What does it matter? She’s your sister! Why can’t you learn a thing or two from her and be more sensible?”

“Sister?” The glint in her eyes had a hint of mockery. “You mean, step-sister?”

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