The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 6 - A Sour Personality

Chapter 6: A Sour Personality

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Yao Tang didn’t look the slightest bit intimidated by the woman’s snappy response. Some may say that she even looked indifferent still. However, looking closer, one would see the liquid fire burning in her eyes. “Is she even related to me?”

Tilting her head at the other woman, she started, “Isn’t she the daughter of Yao Bin and Liu Hong–the supposed…actual country bumpkin?”

They were the couple who had abandoned Yao Tang in the village.

If there really was a switch, then that meant that this woman was their biological daughter.

As soon as she heard the words “country bumpkin”, Yao Ran trembled. Struggling to steady herself, she took a deep breath. “Mom, I’m fine.” She held her back. “I’m sure we’ve just had some misunderstandings…”

Seeing her daughter force a smile, Qin Man winced.

She didn’t raise her daughter for nearly twenty years just to be called a country bumpkin! “Yao Tang! I didn’t bring you all the way here just to insult my daughter!” she shrieked, almost fainting from anger. “A woman like you shouldn’t have been brought back at all.”

“We will not stand for this!”

Yao Tang shrugged, far too distracted by her nails than at the mother-and-daughter tandem. “I’m tired,” she stated.  “Do you mind taking me to my room?”

Qin Man stared at her biological daughter for a long time before taking a deep breath. She might as well just get rid of her for now. Out of sight, out of mind. “Miss Zhang! Take her to the guest room to rest!”

Without another word, she patted her daughter’s back and led her straight into the corridor.

Miss Zhang brought Yao Tang up the stairs. Even then, she couldn’t hide her pursed lips and furrowed eyebrows.

Miss Yao Tang, who had just been brought back, was simply too unlikable. With her fiery temper and loose words, she probably wouldn’t last very long in the Yao Family.

Madame always had a strong personality, and Miss Yao Ran was no different. Being an only child for so long, it was only expected that she’d be doted upon by the couple. And now, she had offended them both in the first few minutes of her arrival.

As soon as she was gone, Yao Ran finally let her tears fall as she sniffled. “Did I do something wrong to make her that angry?” she stuttered through her sobs.

If looks could kill, Yao Tang would’ve already fallen down the staircase a long time ago. As soon as she heard her daughter’s cries, she immediately reverted her attention back to the woman in front of her.

Her heart ached in her chest as she reached out to wipe her tears. “Ranran, you did nothing wrong, sweetie,” she said softly. “Please don’t cry.”

“But…Yao Tang, she…” she stuttered. “Am I really that bad? I–I know that I’ve taken everything from her, but she…well, if she really did blame me, who’d blame her? I could understand. If I were in her position, I’d…”

She couldn’t even finish her sentence with all the tears streaming down her cheeks. With her reddish nose and flushed cheeks, she looked like a kid who’d just been told Christmas had been stolen.

“Ranran, it’s really not your fault.” Qin Man sighed. “We’re the ones at fault here. You were young–so young. It’s normal that you didn’t remember the things that had happened. You’re here with us now. Isn’t that what matters?”

Seeing her daughter being sent to tears, she gritted her teeth. Her impression of Yao Tang had deeply soured from their initial interaction.

Compared to Ranran’s kindness, Yao Tang was simply the annoying devil she had to get rid of.

No wonder Yao Bin and Liu Hong had left her at the entrance of the village. If she were them, she would’ve done the same thing! Rude little fish!

Yao Ran raised her head. “But Yao Tang–”

“She’s just jealous.”

Qin Man could feel her blood boiling inside of her. Clenching her jaw, she drew Yao Ran into her arms. “It’s going to be okay,” she comforted. “It doesn’t matter if she’s my biological daughter or not. If she does anything to you, she wouldn’t be let off lightly! I don’t care what anyone says. She says another word towards you, and she’s out of the house. Do you hear me?”


On the other side of the mansion, Miss Zhang had already led Yao Tang into her quarters. “You’d find the closet over there beside the bathroom. Your study desk. Master and Madame have brought all the top-line Apple products for you, said that it would be more convenient for you in the future.”

Leading her to the other end of the room, she added, “If you’re hungry, you can easily head downstairs or have someone bring up a plate to your room–any will do. I have something else I need to get to, all right?” She smiled. “Don’t hesitate to call out if you need anything.”

“Of course. Thank you, Miss Zhang.”

Yao Tang lowered her gaze as she stood by the sidelines. From afar, she really looked like she had descended from a very noble family.

She was beautiful–no one can deny that. From her heart-shaped face to her sweet, spirited eyes, she had the looks that could make just about anyone fall for her.

While Miss Yao Ran was beautiful herself, there was something about her beauty that seemed far too exaggerated and flat

She was nowhere compared to the Yao Family’s biological daughter.

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