The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 500 - Private Dinner

Chapter 500: Private Dinner

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The atmosphere in the private room was silent and peaceful as if they had already known each other for years.

Just then, there was a knock on the door, interrupting their harmonious atmosphere.

Cheng Yan gestured his waiter to open the door, and a familiar face appeared before them. It was none other than Searle.

A faint smile showed on his face.

“Mr. Cheng, I just saw you when you were entering the restaurant, so I thought I should come over and say hello. I hope I’m not disturbing you.”

Yao Tang seemed unbothered as she continued to play her game.

Cheng Yan smiled faintly. “You don’t have to be so formal,” he said, waving his hand around. “It’s just a private personal dinner, really.”

It was obvious that he didn’t want to be disturbed.

After all, it was a private dinner. There was no room for business talk.

However, Searle acted as if he didn’t understand what he just said. Instead, he grabbed a seat and sat at the other end of the table. “You look like you’re in a great mood, Mr. Cheng!” he exclaimed. “I’m not surprised given how you’re dining next to this beauty.”

Cheng Yan didn’t say a word.

He pursed his lips as he took a step closer.

The atmosphere around them dropped a couple of degrees as the two shared a look. A wave of pressure rattled Searle down, but he acted as if he didn’t care.

Cheng Yan had received news from his subordinates that the richest man of K Country was coming. However, he didn’t expect to meet him here.

Was he still looking for the miracle doctor?

Thinking of their previous confrontation, he slowly turned away.

However, Searle still didn’t seem to notice the change in his appearance. “How should I address you, Miss?”

“Yao Tang.”

Her eyes were still trained on her phone screen. She said her name without any emotions, far too focused on her game to care.

In the private room, she maintained her stiff posture. She paid no one any attention as she crossed her legs.

Cheng Yan smiled just a bit. “She’s just an ordinary high school student,” he said slowly. “She’s not exactly worthy of your attention. Tell me, are you still looking for the miracle doctor?”

Why else would he be here if not for the doctor?

Searle’s eyes immediately lit up. However, he simply shrugged his shoulders in response.

“Could it be that you know something about the doctor?” he asked. “I’m sure you can inform the doctor that I’ll reward him heavily if he chooses to help us.”

His thoughts immediately shifted away from the woman sitting in front of him.

His elder didn’t have much time left. If he still couldn’t find the miracle doctor by then, who knows what would happen?

Cheng Yan, given that his grandmother had benefitted from the miracle doctor, would know a thing or two about his location. If he could tell him even a small piece of information about this doctor, then it might help Searle in finding him.

As they were discussing in the private room, Cheng Wei had just stepped into the restaurant, flipping her hair over her shoulders.

During the last few days, she had actually traveled back and forth between Jing City and City A. While she was no longer Elder Yu’s disciple, the rest of the world didn’t know about it.

That’s why her schedule was still packed with different people paying to see her.

During this time, she also asked Yu Shu to come and visit.

Yu Shu’s father had actually given her a few smaller companies to practice with and to familiarize herself with the family business. After hearing her thoughts, they all supported her decision to stay in City A.

If she could marry into the Cheng Family, then wouldn’t this be good for all of them? It would naturally allow the Yu Family to rise to a much higher level.

It was also why Yu Shu was excited to team up with Cheng Wei.

The older woman obviously had spies all around City A. It’s why she knew that Cheng Yan had gone to this new restaurant.

When they finally arrived, they headed up into the private room and were just about to knock on the door.

Before they could, they heard a strong male voice echoing from the inside. “I’m sure you know that my relative has been critically ill for the past two years. These days, he’s merely hanging on with the medicinal herbs he’s been given.”

“If I can’t find that miracle doctor, then he’d…”

Hearing the familiar voice, Cheng Wei’s eyes flashed in surprise.

This person seemed to be someone she knew from Country K. While she hadn’t spoken to him personally, she has seen him at one of the gatherings she had attended.

From what she remembered, this voice belonged to the richest man in Country K.

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