The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 498 - The Whereabouts of the Miracle Doctor

Chapter 498: The Whereabouts of the Miracle Doctor

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At that moment, in a luxurious office in the middle of the city, the atmosphere was peaceful and quiet.

A man in an expensive suit was seated behind his desk. His gaze was fixed on the documents he had been holding as he scanned them over for any details he might need.

Just then, a man in glasses pushed the door open and went inside.

He stood in front of his boss, bowing his head in greeting.

“President, Miss Yao has already settled this matter herself. It looks like you don’t have to do anything to Flight 397 after all. She already has that handled.”

Hearing this, Cheng Yan finally raised his head. A small smile grew on his lips. “She did well.”

The secretary nodded.

“That man—is he from the Yang Family?”

“His name is Yang Nian—the sole heir of the Yang Family.”

“Ah.” He slowly nodded. “And there seems to be another member of the Yan Family, I believe?”

“I heard that she’s simply an illegitimate daughter. Only after Young Master Yan Yu’s accident did she take his place to be the successor and heiress of the Yan Family. Her relatives favored her a lot.”

Cheng Yan’s face remained expressionless, but his pen did stop moving. “From today onwards, our company would cancel all dealings with both the Yang and Yan families,” he stated.

The secretary’s eyes widened in surprise.

He had initially wanted to dissuade him from this idea, but upon hearing his boss’s serious tone, he didn’t know what else to say.

“Also…” He pursed his lips. “Did you find out about the man who had delivered the tombstone to her?”

“Ah, yes.” While the secretary was about to tell him everything he knew about the man, he couldn’t help but feel sorry for Xiao Jing.

“The man’s the nephew of the head of the Xiao Family. From what I’ve understood, he happens to be the concertmaster of China’s No. 1 Orchestra. He seems to have a good relationship with Yao Tang, but as to how he had gotten to know her—that matter is still being investigated thoroughly.”

He was actually quite confused as to what their relationship was.

If they were on good terms, why would Xiao Jing deliver the tombstone to her? Wasn’t that like promising her death?

Then again, if he had meant badly by it, it wouldn’t be easy for him to bring that over either.

He just couldn’t tell what their relationship was like.


Suddenly, the secretary’s phone rang out, and he quickly picked it up. In a few seconds, he glanced up at Cheng Yan. “President, the tombstone we’ve decided on has already arrived. Do we still need it? If we don’t, I can have someone destroy it right away.”

Now that the problem has been solved, they would have no need for the tombstone, right?

However, as soon as the secretary caught sight of his boss’s dark eyes, he could tell that this might not be the end of that tombstone.

“Send this tombstone to Xiao Jing. Let him bring it back.”

The atmosphere around them was getting chilly.

The secretary couldn’t help but bring his attention somewhere else. “A few new restaurants have opened up recently. Would you want to take a look? I could arrange it for you.”

He took out a folder from his sleeves and handed it over to him.

Cheng Yan pointed at the Chinese restaurant. “Book a private room here for tomorrow.”

“Of course. I’ll arrange it right now.”

Without another word, the secretary had already left the President’s office.

Cheng Yan opened his phone and sent someone a message. “Thank you.”

In his previous messages was a screenshot sent by Qin Rui. It was the message Qin Jing had sent him. A small smile slid into his lips as he shoved the phone back into his pockets.


“Boss, we followed Cheng Yan’s secretary just now and found that he had booked a room in this new restaurant.”

The man in black knelt in front of Searle, lowering his head in respect.

People from Country K had actually been observing Cheng Yan’s every move, wanting to know who he was contacting.

They were following all the clues, hoping that they would lead them to the miracle doctor.

Cheng Yan had done nothing but work in the past few days. In fact, this was the first time he had actually reserved a restaurant for two. Searlecouldn’t help but frown.

Could he be meeting the godly doctor who had healed his grandmother?

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