The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 4 - No Manners!

Chapter 4: No Manners!

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Yao Tang had refused to leave yesterday to fix her things, and now, she’s carrying such a small bag! This was ridiculous!

Was this some sort of power-tripping wherein she had been trying to assert her dominance? This woman was truly a two-faced scheming rat! Butler Shen clenched his jaw.

The contempt in his gaze couldn’t be hidden anymore. If looks could kill, she would’ve already been ten feet under, but she couldn’t really care any less. Instead, she stepped into the car and took a nap, too lazy to say another word. Her small suitcase was still sitting on the pavement.

Did she expect him to pick it up? “Ms–” However, before he could make out another word, the suitcase sitting on the pavement jumped onto the seat beside her. What the hell?

He gaped at the sight, too stunned to speak.

Butler Shen had never seen such…technology before. It was as if a spirit had taken hold of the suitcase. Was it a ghost? Was something following them? “I…” he stuttered, turning away.

The awkward atmosphere settled in between them, and he gripped the steering wheel even tighter.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Just as he was about to speak, his phone rang out. The silence between them has been broken, and he answered. “Madame?”

As he was speaking on the phone, Yao Tang yawned and curled up in the back seat. Her long eyelashes framed her closed eyes so beautifully, curling right at the tip. Even without makeup, the woman was already quite beautiful in her own right–catching the attention of anyone she’d meet.

“Yes, Madame, understood.” Butler Shen ended the call and glanced at the rearview mirror. “Madame will be the one picking you up by the entrance. You better not mess this up.”

“Hm,” she hummed, too sleepy to even make out what he was trying to say.

Half an hour later, the car finally stopped at the gates of the Yao family’s mansion. Butler Shen glanced back. “Miss Yao Tang, hurry up,” he urged, motioning for her to open the car door. “Madame’s already waiting for you by the entrance!”


Yao Tang shrugged, gazing at the stoic woman by the double-sided doors.

She was about to reunite with the family she had been separated from for more than ten years. Many would believe she’d be excited and joyful, ready to spread her arms and hug the woman in front of her.

Yet, she appeared as calm as an outsider.

The middle-aged woman standing at the door was dressed in head-to-toe designer wear. There was something so fierce and domineering about her features. It was obvious that she wasn’t easy to get along with.

The maid finally pulled open the car door, revealing Yao Tang’s beautiful face.

Seeing her daughter who had been lost for more than ten years, Qin Man should have been jumping up and down, praising the gods above them.

Instead, she gazed at Yao Tang as if she was staring at some object sitting on the rack. “You must be Yao Tang,” she said coldly. “I’m your mother. I’m sure Butler Shen had already informed you of your…situation. As you’re already here, however, I’d like to go over a couple of rules before you settle in.”

Qin Man was quite satisfied with the young woman’s looks.


While she had grown up in the countryside, she obviously didn’t look the part. It was obvious that the Yao family was responsible for this, known for their handsome and aristocratic looks.

However, as soon as she remembered what Butler Shen had informed her, she frowned. Displeasure filled her expression as she regarded the young woman. “I don’t care what you’re like in the past, or where you’ve grown up. What matters is now. You’re a member of the Yao Family, so I’d expect you to act the part.”

“This place is nothing like that Yingxiu Village you grew up in where you can do whatever you want.” She clucked her tongue. “Your sister–she’s been the pride of this family for many years, and many more years to come. While you are nothing compared to her, you should still put an effort in not pulling her down.”

“While you can’t do anything to lift our name, we’d expect you to not disgrace it. Is that understood?”

Yao Tang had listened to her mother’s “teachings”, if she’d like to regard her threats and insults like that. However, her nonchalant expression said otherwise. Her fingers drummed against her thighs, seemingly lost in her own thoughts.

Qin Man scowled.

“Were you even listening to a word I’ve just said?” she snapped. “You’ve been so smart and obedient when you were younger and now…ergh! It’s as if that village family had destroyed you.”

“Do I have to remind you then? If an elder speaks to you, you better listen carefully. When he asks for your opinion, you respond. Has no one taught you this?”

Qin Man observed the way the young woman had moved so disgracefully. Truly, even if she came from such a prominent family, there wasn’t the slightest bit ladylike about her! Disappointment brewed in her heart.

This was nature vs. nurture at its finest.

Her adopted daughter, despite her humble beginnings, had been the star of the household–unlike this sloppy and uneducated village daughter of hers…despite being biologically related to her. At the thought, she couldn’t help but scrunch her face in disgust.

“Oh, I’ve heard you.” Yao Tang slowly raised her head. Her porcelain features still looked unbothered by her mother’s lecture. “May I enter now?”

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