The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 319 - Unnecessary Lessons    

Chapter 319: Unnecessary Lessons

His yell jolted Qin Man back to her senses, and she cooled down a bit. Even her eyes, which looked wild and crazy just a few seconds ago, also turned calm.

Although her heart was still hammering inside her chest, she did manage to appear composed.

Yao Yuan gave her a warning glare before addressing the room with an apologetic smile. “Please excuse her behavior. She’s been under a lot of stress lately, and she finds it hard to control her emotions sometimes.”

Jiang Wan smiled faintly while her husband offered a polite bow. Still, she foundQin Man’s reaction toYao Tangbeing a concertmaster a tad too dramatic.

‘Don’t tell me she’s regretting the way she’s been treating her daughter all this time?’ Jiang Wanmused. ‘Just becauseYao Tangturned out to be a concertmaster?’

Yao Ran was deep in thought as well.

She couldn’t help the fear that gripped her the moment she heard the boys’ chatter, thinking that Qin Manmight change her attitude towardYao Tang.

Despite the direction of her thoughts, she was just as taken aback by her mother’s sudden outburst as everyone else.

Yao Ran’s mind was racing. She hung her head and considered the possibilities.

Just as the atmosphere was becoming awkward, Qin Mancleared her throat and askedYao Tangin a much calmer voice, “So you’re a concertmaster?”

Old Madam Yao narrowed her eyes and braced herself for another heated exchange should her daughter-in-law cross the line again.

But Qin Manignored her and fixed her eyes onYao Tang.

Her gaze had an urgency to it, as if she wouldn’t find relief until Yao Tangherself confirmed the matter.

The corner of Yao Tang’s lips lifted ever so slightly. “That’s right.”

“And when did you become a musician, exactly?” Qin Mandemanded, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Perhaps you learned a bit of music theory in that sad, backwater hometown of yours and foolishly thought you could handle the big leagues, huh? I doubt anyone from the industry even knows who you are—”

“Qin Man!” Old Madam Yaointerrupted her before she could finish. She shot theQin Mana menacing look, as though she would beat the younger woman in the next second.

“Watch your mouth! Didn’t you say you’re taking Yao Ranto her music lessons? You’ve stalled long enough. Hurry up and leave!”

Yao Ran grabbed the chance for an escape. She walked over toQin Manand tugged at her arm.

“Let’s go, Mom. If we don’t leave now, we’ll be late.”

But Qin Manshook off her hand and glared at her impatiently. “Why are you acting up? Can’t you see I’m still in the middle of something?”

Yao Ran could only stare at her mother in a daze, unable to process what the woman had just done. This was the mother who had doted on her for almost two decades.

And yet she had flung Yao Ran’s hand away and snapped at her like she was nothing more than a nuisance.

Yao Ran couldn’t maintain her smile anymore. She had initially wanted to do her mother a favor and salvage some of their dignity by taking her out of there, butQin Manonly hadYao Tangin her sights.

It was almost as if she had turned into a different person entirely, a person that Yao Randidn’t know.

Yao Ran felt the room grow smaller around her, and the tips of her fingers turned cold.

Everyone in attendance was related to Yao Tang, with her being the exception. She was an outsider, and she knew it. She didn’t belong here.

But Yao Ranrefused to bow out. She lifted her chin and mustered a tight smile, even as her hands clenched into fists at her sides.

“You aren’t fit to be a concertmaster,” Qin mancontinued, oblivious to her favorite’s anguish. “You’d do well to start from the basics and learn how to master an instrument first.”

She paused and thought for a moment before adding, “Why don’t you try the violin? Ranranhad an excellent violin teacher. I’ll make arrangements so that you can start your lessons with him.”

Yao Ran spiraled into a panic after hearing that, and her breathing grew labored.

‘How can this be?’

Qin Man had always fussed over her—only her.

Now, she was expected to share her former instructors with Yao Tang?

‘I am the beloved daughter of the Yao family! I should be the only one they pay attention to!’

Yao Tang spoke then, her tone light and casual. “There’s no need for that.”

“And why not?” Qin Manhuffed.

“I don’t like the violin, so that won’t be necessary.”

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