The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 316 - : More Important  

Chapter 316: More Important

Memories of the past flashed in Old Madam’s mind. A helpless sigh escaped her lips. “I am at fault as well. At the time, I insisted on going to a nearby pagoda to offer incense. This wouldn’t have happened if I had only stayed.”

She reached out and rubbed Yao Tang’s back in a comforting gesture.

Meanwhile, Yao Ranwas stewing in her seat. She had effectively become an outsider to this family. No one thought to extend her some consideration, despite the multiple times they had brought up her name in the conversation.

Every word that was spoken felt like another layer of her ideal life was being stripped off of her, revealing her despicable origins.

“Grandma, Dad, Mom,” Yao Ransaid, her voice tight, her fists clenched at her sides. “I still have band practice to attend. I’ll take my leave first.”

Qin Man instantly perked up, and her expression eased somewhat.

“All right, all right. Go prepare your purse and we’ll go.”

Old Madam Yao only glanced at them and said nothing.Yao Ranwasn’t the star of this gathering anyway, and it might be better for everyone ifQin Manwasn’t around, either.

She watched them gather their things and hike up their bags on their shoulders.

Just before walking out of the room, however, Qin Manturned to her husband and said, “Yao Yuan,Ranranwill be going out with her friends next week. She’ll have to bring her instructor gifts, too. Give her some pocket money to cover everything.”

Yao Yuan nodded and gave the matter some thought before adding, “Then I’ll transfer one million yuan later. Make sure you get the instructor something nice.”

“Of course,” Qin Mangrinned in satisfaction.

Yao Ran, who was already at the door, turned and shot Yao Tanga smug smirk. ‘Who cares that she’s the biological child? I’m still my parents’ favorite, the only daughter they dote on.’

But her silent gloating was cut short as Old Madam Yaocleared her throat and gestured atYao Yuan.

Her son nodded and immediately whipped out a check from his wallet. “Here, Yao Tang. This is our allowance. Study hard, okay? If you need more money, don’t hesitate to tell me.”

It was Old Madam Yao’s turn to sit back and smile in approval.

Yao Ran promptly froze in place, feeling cold all over.

No sooner had she thought that she was the only one to receive special treatment than she was proven wrong.

She was utterly embarrassed, if only to herself.

Yao Ran came to her senses just in time to seeQin Manstride over and snatch the check out ofYao Tang’s hands.

“What are you doing?” Yao Yuanfrowned.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” his wife screeched, clearly outraged. “What the hell are you giving her money for? And a million at that! It’s not as if we grow cash on trees, and our Ranran will need a sizable fund for when she goes to university. Shouldn’t you save up our money for Ranran’s future, instead of randomly giving it away to someone else?”

She looked at Yao Yuanlike he had gone insane.

“Now, I’ve really seen everything!” Old Madam Yaothundered. “You don’t even think twice about giving that fake daughter of yours a million yuan for some trivial rubbish, yet you begrudge your own flesh and blood for her living expenses? It is your duty as her mother! Do you even have a conscience? I know you’re biased, but I never thought you would go as far as to shirk your responsibilities!”

Perhaps it was because of her position as the matriarch, but the old lady no longer bothered with the family’s finances. As such, she had no knowledge of the comings and goings of money in Yao Yuan’s family.

What she did know, though, was that Yao Ranwas given a monthly allowance amounting to several hundred thousand yuan.

The girl would then use this pocket money to buy luxury clothes and bags on a regular basis. Even her shoes were custom-made.

She also owned piles of jewelry that she rarely used twice, which were worth more than one million in total.

So why couldn’t they provide Yao Tangwith the barest necessities?

Old Madam Yao glared atQin Man. She was livid! She began to question herself why she had agreed for her son to marry this imbecile of a woman. Had she put a stop to the union, they might not have had to endure misfortune in the years that followed.

‘It’s a good thing that Yao Tangwas registered underYao Rong’s house,’ the old lady mused. GivenQin Man’s attitude, she couldn’t even begin to imagine what her poor granddaughter would suffer inYao Yuan’s household.

Qin Man was visibly upset at this point. The way she saw it, the old woman was willfully meddling with other people’s business.

The money belonged to her family; she could spend it however she wanted. And when it came down to it, Ranranwas definitely more important than that country bumpkin!

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