The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 29 - Beware of the Cunning Girl

Chapter 29: Beware of the Cunning Girl

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“So your parents took her out of the countryside, and now she’s staying at your house?”

“Yes, that’s more or less it.”

Another loud gasp ensued.

“Ranran, your parents are too kind for their own good. How could they bring home some bumpkin from some poor village just like that? Aren’t they afraid that she might turn out to be someone with a dark and indecent past? Who knows what she might do to your family?”

“Exactly! It’s too disgusting to even think about.”

“That girl looked cunning, too. She probably tricked your parents into adopting her. What a scary talent.”

Yao Ran heaved a dramatic sigh. “There’s no way of knowing if she has a dark past, but… Well, I heard that she would often hang out with the boys in her previous school. She also smokes and drinks, and got into a lot of fights.

She doesn’t study much, either. She was always at the bottom of the rankings after exams. My parents enrolled her here in hopes that her grades will improve, but it really seems like their efforts will all come down to nothing.”

After speaking, Yao Ran sighed again.

“Oh, my God, that girl is just vile! Ranran, you need to stay away from her, or she might rub off her rotten nature on you.”

“She must be so pleased with herself, having gone from a nobody to a member of a prominent family. Mark my words, after a taste of luxury, she’s only going to want more. She might be targeting your family’s assets even now. You should warn your parents.”

“Yes, Ranran, you need to have a serious talk with them. Don’t let them be fooled by that girl any longer. And make sure you keep a close eye on her, or she might take advantage of you without you knowing.”

In all fairness to these girls, their friendship was a sincere one, and they all felt deeply for Yao Ran.

Not that the person in question cared about their concern, since she knew the truth of the matter.


Yao Ran looked back at the faculty building. Qin Yan had just gone inside, and Meng Yang was there as well.

More importantly, Meng Yang also belonged to Class 12.

How could she have forgotten about this crucial detail before?

Yao Ran tried to calm herself down. ‘There’s nothing to worry about. Meng Yang has very high standards, after all.’

As the young master of such a wealthy and influential family, he had surely seen all kinds of beautiful women the society had to offer. She herself had pursued the boy for two whole years, to no avail.

If Meng Yang couldn’t be charmed by someone of her caliber, then he’s practically immune to a bumpkin like Yao Tang. Or at least, that was what Yao Ran told herself.

Yao Ran took comfort in the thought and instantly felt better.

The girls chatted for a while longer before going to her classroom before classes started. When they arrived there, however, Yao Ran realized that her classmates no longer paid her the same amount of attention they used to. In particular, most of the boys were burying their heads in their phones.

In the past, they would wait for her by the door or come over to her desk to flirt with her. Now, it was as if they hadn’t even noticed her presence.

No, in fact, everyone in the class was acting strange.

“What are they doing? Why are they all staring at their phones?”

A member of Yao Ran’s clique walked up to a boy and asked, “What are you all looking at, Xu Jie? Is there something going on online?”

This Xu Jie had declared himself to be Yao Ran’s number one fan, and was known to be proud of the self-appointed title.

He had lived up to it, too, keeping Yao Ran in his sights at all times. But today, he was nothing more than a blind bat. Yao Ran had already approached his desk, but he had yet to acknowledge her.

As expected, she didn’t take this well, and her lips began to twitch as she tried not to sneer.

The question seemed to have shaken Xu Jie out of his reverie, though, and he finally looked up. When he saw his goddess standing right beside him, a wave of guilt came over his face, like a thief caught in the act of stealing. To make matters worse, he quickly hid his phone under his desk.

“Wait, why did you hide your phone the moment you saw Ranran? You’re looking at something vulgar, aren’t you?” Without warning, Yao Ran’s friend snatched Xu Jie’s phone from his hands.

“Chen Lu!” the boy burst out anxiously. “Give me back my phone!”

But the girl called Chen Lu ignored him and wasted no time inspecting his screen. She looked up almost immediately and lashed out at him. “Wow, Xu Jie! I was wondering why you didn’t even see us come in. You were looking at your phone like it was sucking your soul out of your body! It turns out that you already have a new target.”

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