The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 27 - Stock Market God

Chapter 27: Stock Market God

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Yao Tang walked into her bedroom and grabbed the tablet she had bought a bit earlier today from her school bag. A small smile slipped into her lips. There was just something so calming about being alone.

The small bedside lamp illuminated her side of the bed, just enough that she could see her screen. There, she had four tabs opened up–all from different stock market charts. It looked quite messy, but she really did enjoy these types of activities.

She spun her pen rapidly with one of her right hands as her eyes darted from left to right.

The faster her brain worked, the faster her pen would spin.

After a series of brainstorming and studying, she scribbled down a series of stock codes on the white paper. Her face was much more relaxed this time, enjoying the process of deduction.

Taking a deep breath, she grabbed her phone and took a picture.

Tang: [Buy these stocks today.]

1587: [For 2 million shares?]

Tang: [Yes.]

1587 immediately acted on her behalf. After handling everything properly, he sent a message to their chat group–as he’d always do whenever this “stock god” had listed out their stock picks.

1587: [Received a new message from the god himself: these are the stocks he had brought!]

Attached was a screenshot.

Immediately, the entire group followed

[The God is amazing!]

[Who’d have thought that I’d be rich just by entering this chat? Stock God, accept my sacrifices!]

[As long as you follow the Stock God, you wouldn’t have to worry about killing yourself!]

[Guys, it’s a good thing he’s guiding us every step of the way, but he has always stressed the idea of being rational about this. We have to do our own research–don’t throw all our funds in one basket.]

[Yeah, the Stock God always knows when to stop!]

All kinds of flattery were exchanged in the group. After reaching some sort of agreement, they all respectively looked upon the companies the “Stock God” had chosen before buying it themselves.

Those with more money had bought more. Others bought less. Everyone bought according to their own rationality–just as the “Stock God” had advised.

1587 had always been puzzled by Sister Tang. While they had worked side by side many times before, she still couldn’t really understand her thoughts. Hell, she didn’t even know how she had gotten such an ability to tell which is which.

She was smart, wise, and rational.

Sister Tang could accurately calculate the stock’s growth, yet she was never greedy. She’d only buy two million shares each time–no matter what would happen. And every time, she’d make sure to spread the information to the group chat. Could someone really be that generous? Why did she not make herself known?

Was she really that afraid to be recognized?

In the stock group chat.

A member named “Yu Jue” immediately logged into his account after receiving the update, and bought himself 500,000 shares of one of the companies she had listed.

A small smile slipped into his lips.

One of his butlers handed him a glass of iced coke. “Young Master Yang, what are you so happy about?”

Meng Yang waved. “I guess we’ll know in two days.”

He had accidentally entered this group chat, so he didn’t really expect much. All he thought was that these shareholders were only sharing their own perspectives–all lucky guesses.

Last time, he had followed the so-called “Stock God” to buy 200,000 shares. It was just two months of pocket money for him, so he didn’t feel bad about it then.

What he didn’t expect was that in the next two days, he had earned himself around 11 million. He was so surprised that he had almost jumped in his seat. All of them praised his foresight.

It felt amazing.

After that, he looked forward to the reports of this “Stock God” every single time.

“Let’s see if she’s right again,” he mused, shaking his head with a smile.

Monday morning.

Yao Tang wore her high school uniform as she stepped down into the living room. The blue and white clothes hang loose on her skin, making her skin appear whiter and cooler. Even then, she still looked quite good.

Qin Man stared at her, unimpressed. “Breakfast is ready. Eat some.”

When other mothers would ask their children to eat with them, they’d be more gentle. They’d say, “Come and eat.” They would not say, “Eat some” as if they were being forced to hand over the food to them.

For Yao Tang, the offer was merely for formalities.

She really did regard her as some outsider.

Yao Tang pursed her lips as she glanced at Yao Ran, who was too busy drinking her milk. “If I’m really going to eat here, would I even feel welcomed?” she said snidely.

Without another word, she tossed her bag onto her back and strode out of the room.

She looked emotionless, as usual.

“What a minx.” Qin Man slammed the plate in her hand onto the table. “I just asked her to eat breakfast–what the hell is wrong with her?”

“Mom, why don’t we eat?”

Yao Ran observed the scene before her with a smile on her face. She was secretly happy with the continuous spreading gap between her mother and that country bumpkin.

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