The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 22 - Do You Go to School Here?

Chapter 22: Do You Go to School Here?

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In the afternoon, at No. 1 High School.

It was the hottest time of the year. The sun’s glare was scorching as everyone tried to find some shade to hide under. Even the pavements were sizzling from the heat.

Yao Tang stood by the tree, shrouded under the dense foliage. Her arms were crossed as she waited for her ride. It wasn’t even this hot in the mountains.

She had just called a taxi, which was about ten meters away from her. Glancing at the road, however, she assumed it’d take the taxi another ten minutes just to get where she was at.

She was too busy staring across the street that she failed to see another car cruising through the intersection.

It was a black Bentley. It drove towards the main gate of No. 1 High School, unaware of the fuzz it had caused by its presence.

While no one could see the passenger, anyone would be able to tell that the owner of the vehicle was no ordinary man.

What they couldn’t see was just how extraordinary this man was. In the back seat, there was a suited man scrolling through his phone. His eyes were fixed on a chat interface.

It was Principal Kong Yao that he was previously talking to.

“Mr. Cheng, it’s rush hour. Do you think we should drive the car in or just stop by the school gate?”

The driver turned around.


Cheng Yan deviated his cold gaze from the phone and looked out the car window. He squinted.

Even with tinted windows, he could see just how bright the sun was.

Even the flowers by the gate appeared as if they were ready to wilt and melt from the sun’s heated glare. Besides the plants were a bunch of people, whose scowls could rival the devils themselves.

However, as he was scanning through the crowd, he couldn’t help but take notice of a slim figure standing by the stop sign.

The girl’s skin was quite dazzling under the sun. While others appeared ghoulish and unpresentable with the unbearable heat, she appeared as though she was glowing.

Her familiar face appeared just as delicate and beautiful as the last time he had seen her.

Even bystanders couldn’t help but glance appreciatively at the girl’s devastatingly good looks.

This girl didn’t have the same naivety and innocence as other girls her age would have had. No. Quite the contrary, there was a sense of coldness in her gaze as if she had already faced against hell’s creatures and gotten to live and tell another story. Interesting.

The school uniform she had on was loose around her body. The buttons at the top were left open, and her sleeves were rolled up to her mid-arm, revealing her porcelain skin.

Others would’ve assumed her to be a troublemaker.

Cheng Yan tilted his head as he gazed at this eye-catching woman hidden under the trees. His fingers drummed against the car door.

A moment later, his lips curled. “Pull the car over.”

His subordinate had already told her that this girl would be studying at No. 1 High School, but he didn’t expect to run into her by the entrance. It seemed that fate had indeed thrown them together.

His eyes glinted.

From the rearview mirror, the driver slowly nodded.

“Yes, Mr. Cheng.”

“Wait, shouldn’t we be entering the school?” Qin Hao, who had been sitting next to the driver, leaned forward in confusion. “Why are we stopping at the entrance?”

He turned to look at Cheng Yan, only to see the man smiling. There was a rare cheerful look painted across his face, and Qin Hao raised his eyebrows in surprise.

On the other side, Yao Tang yanked the phone from her ear and gritted her teeth.

There had been a car accident at the front, so the taxi driver wouldn’t be able to come to pick her up. Just her luck.

She sighed, pressing the cancel button on her phone.

Well, it was time to take the bus.

Glancing at the crowd by the school gate, she took out her phone and glanced at the time. She pursed her lips and walked towards the bus stop.


Just as she was about to step forward, she heard a very pleasant voice sounding from behind her.

There was something so magnetic about the man’s voice. Every word that he had uttered felt so seductive that could make any man or woman fall at his feet.

If she were any other girl, she would’ve already been enchanted. But she just remained indifferent.

“It seems we meet again.” Yao Tang slowly looked up upon hearing the voice.

It was the same man who wouldn’t leave her house!

“So, you go to school here…and your name is Yao Tang?”

Cheng Yan chuckled. Apparently he was in a very good mood at the moment. The minute he saw her name stitched across her shirt, his smile widened even more.

So, her name was Yao Tang.

Although he had been staying at her house, he still didn’t know her name. She had never told him. Now that he knew…he couldn’t stop himself from chuckling. Fate really was interesting.

“We’ve met each other twice this week. Don’t you think it’s fated for us to be friends, or something more?”

Yao Tang turned sharply. “That’s bullshit.” She sneered, thinking of the days when he had annoyed her so much at the mountain.

His smile faltered.

Qin Hao couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

There was something so interesting about this young girl. It was the first time he had ever seen the young master have such a defeated expression on his face.

However, upon being at the receiving end of Cheng Yan’s glare, he covered his mouth and turned away.

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