The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 20 - Commotion on the School Forum

Chapter 20: Commotion on the School Forum

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No. 1 High School’s forum was unusually rowdy today.

The social media platform had been as good as dead, with only a handful of people posting and commenting here and there. And yet, just because of a few pictures, the forum had suddenly come to life, and its members seemed to have been resurrected from the dead.

Canteen Boss: Holy cow! Where did this fairy goddess come from? The background looks familiar, though. Don’t tell me she’s from our school??

I haven’t been a big brother for many years: Seriously, from our school? No way! Everyone would have noticed her the moment she was enrolled here!

Pattern: She really is from our school. She just got admitted today, so I guess you aren’t wrong about that last sentence. I saw her at the faculty building earlier. I knew you guys will be interested, so I already asked around for you. Fairy sister is a third-year transfer student, and she seems to be related to the campus belle, Yao Ran.

Milkshake without sugar: That’s right, I saw her this morning, too. She’s super beautiful, like out of this world! She’s even better-looking than these photos!

Summer lemon tea: So she’s a relative of the campus belle? I thought I saw some resemblance. Although, in my humble opinion, she’s much more gorgeous than the campus belle. Yes, the school beauty is very pretty, but compared to this goddess, Yao Ran is like a watered-down, low-quality version.

This forum hadn’t been officially recognized by the school, but the whole student body definitely considered it as such. And so, they had no problems using their alternate accounts, since there were no rules to moderate their actions. In effect, they were free to say whatever they wanted online without fearing the consequences.

Once someone compared Yao Ran with the new transfer student, a lot of students were quick to join In agreement. They weren’t shy to make their opinions known, either.

Red bean bun: I completely agree! I did think that Yao Ran was beautiful, but now that I’ve seen Miss Fairy, she just pales in comparison.

Fish cakes for breakfast: Exactly! The goddess’ features are more exquisite and defined. It’s like an artist took their time painting her, while Yao Ran is just a rough sketch.

Ice cream warrior: Wow, that’s really harsh! I feel like we just murdered the campus belle in one go. I don’t disagree with everyone’s comments, though haha!

Flaming wok: Speaking of which, Yao Ran has been the campus belle for five consecutive years, right? It started when we were still in middle school. It looks like she’s going to lose that title before we graduate.

Yao Ran had just finished her lunch and was on her way back to the classroom. Just as she reached the stairs, she spotted a person walking toward her. The young boy was sauntering arrogantly, which was odd enough in such a disciplinarian school. But this wasn’t the most notable thing about him. Rather, it was his short-cropped hair that was dyed silver-gray, as well as the iconic, black diamond piercing on his left ear. He was wearing a black shirt and a black pair of trousers, too, instead of the standard school uniform.

Yao Ran stopped in her tracks, her eyes growing wide with surprise. She bit chewed her lower lip before shyly calling out to him. “Meng Yang!”

No. 1 High School took pride in its century-long history.

Like most old schools, the administration was very strict when it came to regulating their students. They weren’t allowed to dye their hair, wear earrings, or have tattoos. And these were just the basic prerequisites.

However, they had made an exception for one boy—Meng Yang, the young master of the Meng family. Needless to say, the kid had grown up with a silver spoon in his mouth.

The Meng family had played an essential part in the establishment of the school itself, so it wasn’t surprising that they were able to bend the rules at whim. Indeed, not even the principal would have dared to say anything, even if Meng Yang were to openly trample on the school policies for the whole city to see.

After all, the Meng family was the ultimate body of authority behind No. 1 High School.

Yao Ran stared up at the handsome young boy now, her heart racing inside her chest, her face flushed with excitement.

He had his head down, his ears stuffed with wireless air pods. He didn’t see Yao Ran at all, and was about to brush past her.

Yao Ran was undeterred. She raised her voice, and made an effort to make it sound sweeter. “Meng Yang.”

Any ordinary teenage boy wouldn’t have been able to resist such coquetry.

But Meng Yang was in no way ordinary, and he proceeded to ignore her without even sparing her a glance.

The demure expression on Yao Ran’s face froze, and she had to keep her lips from curling into a sneer.

Still, she trotted over and blocked the boy’s path. “Meng Yang,” she whined, looking aggrieved. “I’ve been calling out to you for a while now. Didn’t you hear me?”

Meng Yang finally looked up then. His gaze was cold, and he was sporting a look that told everyone he couldn’t be bothered to waste his time. For some reason, his narrowed eyes were bloodshot, and there were faint shadows underneath them. Perhaps he hadn’t gotten a proper sleep last night.

“Get out of my way,” he barked impatiently as he glared at the girl in front of him.

Yao Ran felt the color drain from her face.

She was the campus belle, for goodness’ sake! She had countless suitors on campus, and even the boys from other schools adored her.

How come Meng Yang…

She had actively pursued him for two years, but he had always remained aloof and uncaring toward her.

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